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Dr. Jeremy Weisz is the Co-founder of Rise25 Media, a company that helps B2B business owners connect with their ideal prospects, referral partners, and strategic partners through a done-for-you podcast service.

Dr. Weisz has been involved in podcasting for 11 years and was a senior producer for early business podcasts. He helped put all of their systems in place and helped them add volume, feature, and edify various business leaders.

Dr. Weisz has also been running his podcast, Inspired Insider, since 2011. He has featured top entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs of companies such as P90X, Atari, Einstein Bagels, Mattel, the Orlando Magic, and many more through video interviews on Inspired Insider. He also continues to run his chiropractic and massage facility in downtown Chicago and is the founder of a nutritional supplement business.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks about what makes his conversations with Dr. Scot Gray, Ed Clay, Craig Weiss, Chris Martinez, Mitch Russo, Richard Rossi, and Mitch Kahn’s interesting
  • Why the interviews with Robert Hartline and David Long are helpful for entrepreneurs
  • A look back on conversations with Joey Gilkey and Mois Navon from 2019
  • The highlights of Dr. Weisz’s conversations with Jason Swenk, Oren Klaff, Dave Woodward, Johnathan Dane, Ian Garlic, Nick Araco
  • The highlights of some episodes in the Top Giver Series
  • The insightful conversations Dr. Weisz had with Josh Fonger, Paul Jarrett, James Thomson, Chris Mursau, David Dulany, and Wayne Deehring
  • How do you deliver value to your guests on the podcast?
  • Dr. Weisz shares snippets of his interviews with Ed O’Keefe, Chris Snyder, Ian Wyatt, and Chris Dreyer
  • The highlights of some of the episodes in the Sweet Process Series and the Israel Business Series
  • Why it’s great to feature people you admire in your podcast
  • What stood out in Dr. Weisz’s conversations with Dave Durocher, Andrea Heuston, Steve Adams, and his Rise25 co-founder, John Corcoran
  • Dr. Weisz discusses the impact of his conversation with Chris Gandy, Dr. Hoby Wedler, and Robert Wallace

In this episode…

Despite all the challenges, 2020 was an insightful year. Dr. Jeremy Weisz was able to have incredible conversations with amazing guests during the past year where they touched on a plethora of topics from thought leadership and strategic partnerships, challenges and triumphs, to remarkable stories and incredible innovations.

In this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz looks back on some of the most compelling and unforgettable conversations he had in 2020. Chatting with his friend and Rise25 co-founder, John Corcoran, Dr. Weisz talks about some of the fantastic guests he’s had on the podcast, the various and exclusive series he ran, the privileges and benefits of having a podcast, and more. Stay tuned.

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Cofounders Dr. Jeremy Weisz and John Corcoran credit podcasting as the best thing they have ever done for their businesses. Podcasting connected them with the founders/CEOs of P90xAtariEinstein BagelsMattelRx Bars, YPO, EO, Lending Tree, Freshdesk, and many more.

The relationships you form through podcasting run deep. Jeremy and John became business partners through podcasting. They have even gone on family vacations and attended weddings of guests who have been on the podcast.

Podcast production has a lot of moving parts and is a big commitment on our end; we only want to work with people who are committed to their business and cultivating amazing relationships.

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Rise25 was co-founded by Dr. Jeremy Weisz and John Corcoran who have been podcasting and advising about podcasting since 2008.


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Episode Transcript

Unknown Speaker  0:17

insider with your host,

Jeremy Weisz  0:19

Dr. Jeremy Weiss here, I am the host of the InspiredInsider podcast where I feature entrepreneurs and founders is a little bit different episode than normal. I have my business partner Rise25 John Corcoran here. And we decided to do look past the past year to see what lessons what guests we’ve had on and I’ve had on that would be interesting to talk about. And before we do that, I am going to put the give the reins to john. And but before we do that, this is brought to you by Rise25. And what we do is we help businesses connect to their dream 100 relationships. And we do that by helping you run your podcast. And John is you you know you’re like this as well. The number one thing in our life is relationships. And we’re always looking at ways to give to our best relationships. So we have not I’ve not found anything better over the past over 10 years to give to my relationships and to profile them and have them on my podcast talk about what they’re working on. And their thought leadership and shout from the rooftops what they’re working on to the world. So if you have a question about it, you’re like, this podcast thing. sounds really good. Well, it’s more than just a podcast, right? It is relationship building, it is content marketing, it’s all of those things. So check it out at you can email us anytime. We’ve been doing it for over a decade at this point. So let us know how we can help. JOHN, how do you want to start this?

John Corcoran  1:55

Yes, Dr. Weisz, thank you for having me. And it’s an honor and a privilege to be your guest interviewer here today? Well, you know, I’m always struck with my podcast, I’m sure you feel the same way when you take the time to go back and look over the list of people who you had a conversation with over the last year by the amazing individuals from Kim Walsh Philips to Dr. Erica Miller, Ian Garlic, so many great friends and referral partners, strategic partners, peers, people who respect Chris Marsua of Top Grading, as you look back over the list, who sticks out who’s any particular interviews that come to mind that were really impactful for you? And yeah,

Jeremy Weisz  2:35

I’m gonna, I’m gonna go through the list and just pick out I mean, obviously, they’re all interesting in their own respects, but I’m gonna pick out highlight a couple of them. And if you’re watching the video, I’m just doing a screen share of a load about this past year and who was interesting, and I’ll just do a brief, you know, just introduce briefly what was interesting, maybe a story or something like that for each but, um, you know, we have just get we see on the screen, Dr. Scott Gray and Ed Clay, both in the healthcare space, and they’re doing some innovative things as far as alternative health, regenerative medicine and all that. So those are really interesting conversations about what they’re doing in the health space. And as we’ve seen, whenever you’re listening to this over the past year, a health is in the front of everyone’s mind every time they step out the door every time they get near someone. So check that out. a mutual friend, Craig Weiss, who actually had he basically grew a company to a billion dollar valuation, I had some time to three years. Yeah, a very short period of time and they’re innovating and disrupting the some in the orthodontic space is retainer club as a subscription for healthcare. So I always love listening to innovation disruption, he’s one of those people. Same thing. Chris Martinez, kind of disrupting a model he talks about his efforts to use amazing talent other countries like Mexico, and that’s a lesson to be learned Mitch Russo also about the power of tribes and his book in streamlining processes. We talked about John Janssen Duct Tape Marketing, just he’s been doing it forever. jahmene like several decades been teaching businesses about this. I remember seeing his book on the shelf, like a Barnes and Noble I’m like that is the best cover ever. It has like duct tape on it. I’m like, I want my book one day to have something with duct tape. I don’t know why he he does.