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Dan Kuschell is an accomplished entrepreneur, business coach, and former CEO of Genius Network. He’s run 11 companies since 1992 and built many of these businesses to revenues exceeding eight-figures with one of them growing to a 170-strong team before Dan sold it.

Dan currently runs Breakthrough3x, and he helps founders and entrepreneurs triple their profits and impact without multiplying their stress levels. He’s coached over 5000 business owners, had over 200,000 clients, and has allowed over a million people to enjoy his educational resources.

Dan also hosts Growth to Freedom Show where he discusses how people can transform their lives, business, and relationships using a fresh mix of strategy, resources, entertainment, and survival guide that creates the personal and business breakthrough they need for greater clarity, confidence, and direction.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dan Kuschell talks about the value of cultivating relationships
  • What is the ROI square formula and how can you boost it?
  • How can you measure ROI from the relationships you have?
  • Dan discusses why following up and asking people, “why not?” can lead to success.
  • What are the components of a good and irresistible offer?
  • What makes a person decide whether to buy a product or not?
  • Dan’s tips on how to get your business noticed

In this episode…

One main reason people aren’t buying from you or aren’t buying enough is because of the uncertainty that your offer conveys. It could also be that you failed to follow up on your offer and that one last nudge could have been the tipping point to their decision to purchase your product. And Dan Kuschell says that by following the ROI squared formula the right way, you can triple your profits and impact with no added stress on your end.

So what is this ROI squared formula and how can you create an offer so irresistible that people just can’t help but say yes?

Find out on this episode of INspired INsider as Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks with Dan Kuschell of Breakthrough3x about how he helps people navigate their business in such a way that they enjoy triple the profit and triple the impact without multiplying stress. Listen as they discuss the principle of giving and cultivating relationships and how these relate to growing your profits, tips on how to get people to notice your business, and what really makes people decide to purchase something. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz
Dr. Jeremy Weisz here Founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders. Some of you’ve heard of something you’ve never heard of. You know, Dan, I love hearing about the challenge stories. People listen, hear over and over. You know, I had someone on Maurice Navone of Mobileye, they ended up selling their company, they’re feeling the autonomous fuel, autonomous car revolution. They got acquired by Intel for $13.2 billion. And what was cool about a story though, is when you know in this journey, this up and down journey, that he had to go home to his kitty day to cut his salary. It just takes much longer to reach where they wanted to go. They’d kind of salary multiple times. And he had to go home to his wife and kids and basically like, oh, we’re pulling you out of all extracurricular activities. There’s no niceties. There’s no eating out, there’s no nothing, we’re gonna have to survive off what we need to survive off of now, you know, and that was reality. And that’s what we only hear like sometimes the success and other side we don’t hear about those crazy times, up and down journey. So I love hearing those stories. So you can check out more of those at so the real stories along the journey, right, and and this episode is brought to you by Rise25, which I co founded with my business partner, John Corcoran, and we help people reach their dream 100 clients and referral partners with a podcast with actually generating ROI with the podcast and giving to people giving your best relationships with the podcast and you can check it out. We’ve been doing it for over 10 years ourselves helping other people and it’s led to tremendous relationships. And really Dan and I’s relationship here today. And so if you have questions or if you could check out more and I’m gonna introduce today’s guest, who I consider a really good friend and colleague and a mentor to me and I’ve gotten to know him over the past many years. And I’ve had him on the podcast previously. And like I always tell people Dan, the podcast, I’ve gone to people’s weddings, I’ve gone on family vacations, I’ve whatever in this the case of you whenever we’re in the same city, we will get together and hang out and Dan Kuschell is an accomplished entrepreneur and business coach and formally CEO of Genius Network. He’s running 11 companies since 1992. He’s built up multiple businesses to revenues exceeding eight figures. He ran one of his businesses to a staff of over 170 people before selling it. He runs Breakthrough3x and he helps founders and entrepreneurs 3x your profits and impact, but not your stress, which is a key component. Yeah, Dan He’s coached over 5000 business owners and had over 200,000 clients and over a million people have enjoyed his educational resources. You can also check out his podcast which is amazing at, and you can check out more, and his Fun fact is he played college baseball. Yeah, thanks for joining me I totally appreciate it.

Dan Kuschell
Brother. It’s amazing to be with you again today.

Jeremy Weisz
You know, I want to do something lately of kind of a series of people I consider when I think of the biggest givers in the universe, who just value relationships, who are amazing at giving to people. And you’re one of those people I think they know but besides everything I just read, that doesn’t matter to me. Okay? What matters is someone’s an amazing human being and they give to other people with relationships and that’s what you are just amazing at and I want to start off talking about that the value of relationships and maybe, you know, we met through you know, a Way, and you’ve done many, many interviews yourself. Okay? And there’s several ways you are really good at building and maintaining relationships. And one I see is you send out regular, actual physical things in the mail. Yes. Do you want to talk about that for a second? Yeah, people think direct mail is dead.

Dan Kuschell
Direct Mail is dead. I’m glad people think it is because it allows those of us using it to actually do well from it. It’s not as crowded as other places. So that’s, that’s a little insect right there. I mean, at the end of the day, we all love to feel special. Right? And so, you know, years ago, this would have been back in like, nine in the night, early 1990s. I read a book about a guy named Joe Girard, and he was the top salesperson in the world at the time. And there was like a five year stretch with no fleet sales and car sales that he had, you know, made like 11,000 sales in five years, which if you do the math is pretty incredible in and of itself, so he exponentially outperformed everybody in the book, it talks about they essentially asked him the question like what was a couple of the key things that you did. And he said, what I did is for my potential clients, and my clients is once a month, I would send out or once a month or once a quarter, I would send out physical cards to them. And then he would put something like PS I love you, right? Or your special or some kind of motivating message to stay connected to them, right? Because there there is an ROI squared, that gives you an ROI cubed, right. Now, you might ask, Well, what is ROI squared equals ROI cube? See, it’s not the ROI you think. See, number one, its return on interaction. Like what is the interaction you have with the with the with a colleague computer or a potential client? A question client, past client alumni, whatever you want to call it, right? There’s an our return on interaction. Right? Lots of people will do like Christmas cards, right? You know, but I got a lot from Joe Gerard and his idea where he said once a month now, I’m not as good as Joe, but I try to be very thoughtful and have, you know, for many, many years of doing this historically and with regularity, and with consistency, where about four, maybe five maybe even is up up to six times a year we send out, you know, we get, you know, think about it, you send out probably a Christmas version of a Christmas card, and we all kind of get in this ritual and habit of doing that. You know, and many people today have opted for the family photo, where it’s kind of showing some, you know, things that have happened in the last, you know, few months or whatever the case might be, well, what if you extended that annually, and every quarter or so just maybe in four times a year you put your photo card together, then you may get useful for that. So you go one step beyond just showing you because, you know, people don’t care about you and I that much they care about themselves. So what we do is we because we interview a lot of people, but you can go research these and just find them and put valuable quotes on the back of the card. So now they get the back of the card, it’s valuable to them, it gives them an inspiration, a thought we typically will put like nine, minimum of nine quotes on the back. Now typically, these are interviews we’ve done. On top of that we’ve got another layer, which is putting together usually can be anywhere from a half a page a page to sometimes it’s been as many as eight pages of insights we’ve gotten from what we have done in the last quarter. And we put that in there. And so we send it out to the people that have come into our world and you know that regularly when we send this out, Jeremy, what ends up happening is all end up getting texts, you know, all kinds of many of these people I’ve never physically even met before, but I’ll get texts Oh my God, this really struck me right people go man, I’ve got this pasted up on my wall, and I use it as my guide and I’m using it as my guide for the next quarter. These are sometimes not even clients as well and then we have clients who go man, that one thing You share, just reinforce something that we would have been doing together. Thank you. Right? So we get emails like that texts like that. So it’s a great multiplier and it keeps you in front of people in a non crowded place, which is the mail. Right? So ROI, the first part of ROI squared is return on interaction, creating interactions in unique ways that no one else is likely doing in your market. So physical mail is unique than what most because most people are too lazy and cheap to do it. And I don’t mean that offensively, but it is what it is, right? Just get outside the box a little bit and create interactions. That’s number one. Number two, ROI squared is return on implementation. Like chances are as you’re listening or you’re watching, right, you probably need a new idea. Like you need a damn hole in your head. Right? Right. Well, I have lots of ideas, creative entrepreneurs have thousands of ideas, return on implementation, right? You get an idea. What’s your method to implement? Right now there’s all kinds of ways to implement but there’s a lot Other ways to get in the way of implementing, and whatever reminds me of is, Jeremy is, you know, this recent example of a client that’s coming into our world really blessed to work with this guy, but like he’s an unusual case, because he’s in an industry that most people look at that industry where they would not want to serve this industry, they would not want to have planes in this industry. And you’ll understand why in a second when I describe it, his name is Bruce. And Bruce is in the art industry. And you know, if you think of that industry historically, it’s like, you know, starving artists, right? starving artists. And guess how

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