Hi, I am Dr. Jeremy Weisz,

Founder of InspiredInsider.com
CEO of Rise25.com

I am going to share with you a story that I kept close to my chest for my whole life.

There were only a few close family and friends who knew this.

Below is the inspiration behind inspiredinsider and a big driver in life for me.

***Warning*** Video & Details below are GRAPHIC in nature. View at your own discretion.

Before I tell you more details of my personal story here is how this site will benefit you.

The goal with each interview is to bring YOU the BEST stories from the journey of each successful and inspirational entrepreneur & leader.

As you see, the story and legacy of my grandfather lives on and now I am able to watch that video every few months even though he is not alive

Inspirational Stories you will find on the site

Listen to how one guest fought and beat cancer. He then started an organization to match others to help battle cancer by providing one on one mentorship with someone who has already battled and beat cancer. Jonny Imerman with Imerman Angels

How did the CEO and founder of a multimillion dollar company handle both personally and professionally being diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma. He said it was the best thing that ever happened to him. May Jordan Rest in Peace.
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Listen to Creator of P90X Tony Horton and what he did early on to survive when he moved cross country and had very little.
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There are many Inspiring Interviews of people overcoming big challenges and persevering.

The video above is my personal story and the inspiration behind InspiredInsider.
I still remember when I was young hearing my grandfather talk about his survival of the Holocaust and the atrocities he endured when he was in Poland as a young child. His entire family was taken into concentration camps. I thought to myself, “What would I do if all of my family and belongings were stripped from me?”

Without going into too many of the gruesome details I remember one moment in particular that he spoke about…

He was in a concentration camp and was marching for long hours to do work for the Nazis. He was tired, hungry (weighed about 70lbs and not eaten in days), separated from his family (most of them were sent to the gas chambers) and he just collapsed on the ground out of exhaustion.

He was lying there not intending to move and had given up on life at that moment. A friend came over and urged him to get up for fear he would be shot or beaten. Luckily, his friend got him up and was  eventually brought to an area for the weak and regained some strength. He decided right then that he was going to survive. I am here because he decided to survive.

His story haunts my thoughts and it allows me to truly appreciate my life and journey. If he can survive horrific events then there is no excuse for me to not persevere and find the strength within. I know I am here to make a dent in the universe.

This is the place where I interview founders and entrepreneurs to help them tell  their personal stories of overcoming obstacles and lessons learned so we can learn, grow and be inspired to make our mark. Essentially the interview with my grandfather allowed his stories and legacy to live on and that is the goal for the Interviewees I invite to be a part of InspiredInsider.

On a lighter note here are some of my many quirks…

Here’s What I Do and Who I Help

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Strange Quirks:

I wear basketball shorts under everything. I am prepared in case a game of basketball breaks out and I will be ready. Yes, I even wore mesh shorts under my tuxedo at my wedding.

I can eat about 7 or more bowls of soup at a time and still be hungry for more. Any type of soup will do but definitely mom’s chicken soup is at the top of the list.

I am up until all hours of the night working on various projects. It is not uncommon to get emails from me at 2, 3, or 4am.

I am obsessed with audio books and listen to about 3-6 books per week on audible and computer. Some of my all time favorites include Tell to Win, Made to Stick, Predictably Irrational, The Four Agreements, Just Listen, Any John Wooden Book, and many more.

Multi Passionate Professional

Founder of Chiropractical Solutions:
I own and operate a Chiropractic and Massage facility. I have wanted to be a Chiropractor since high school from the time I saw my father suffer with neck pain and radiating arm pain. The only thing that helped him was the Chiropractor. I have a passion for natural health.

Mixergy Producer:
I speak with founders and CEO’s before they are featured on Mixergy to help structure their interview.

It is an absolute joy working with Andrew Warner and team as I consider him a friend, colleague and mentor.
Past founders who have been on the site include the founders of Wikipedia, Groupon, LivingSocial, Linkedin, Gary V, Barbara Corcoran from Sharktank, and over 1000 others.

Founder of Chiropracticjobfinder.com :
I started a chiropractic classifieds website in 2006 to help people in the profession find and fill jobs and it is one of the most popular in its arena. It is the site I wish existed when I graduated so I created it.

I am constantly creating and experimenting with websites, apps, software, etc. so I stay sharp.

Email me anytime and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Jeremy Weisz

(Some call me Dr. J, Dr. Weisz, Jeremy or simply Jer)

Here is Full Version of Video:

“About Me” from my wife’s perspective:

I would not be able to do or be who I am without my loving and supportive wife.
She wrote this to me on one of my birthdays.

-gives everything he has to others, from business connections to his kiddos to helping me with my business, including not sleeping, selflessly and out of generosity, good spirit, kindness and caring.
-is incredibly smart
-is determined to the nth power to achieve in this life
-cooks healthy garlic sauce for spaghetti to ensure his family stays healthy
cuddles and kisses all of us every day, despite protest 🙂 and never takes us for granted
-makes sure to stay physically fit with sports in order to be around as Dad and husband as long as he possibly can!
-has 12 jobs and always a 13th project in the works
-understands me and accepts me including when I’m a nag, when I’m emotional, or when I vent at him (when its not his fault)
-has the cutest laugh and appreciates comedy and humor, despite being on the quieter side 🙂
-loves food more than anyone else I know and gives others enjoyment when they watch him eat! (Italy video in the works)?
-is sentimental and documents all of our family events in video and takes care to make each one special, preserving all our memories
-is interesting, never boring, always learning and teaching me something new
-has a pure wonderful heart
-connects with people from all walks of life
-is playful with his girls and makes them feel special
-cooks eggs almost daily for his family and requested for his birthday a larger pan to cook eggs for everyone all at once! (rather than anything else!)
-works hard to achieve a better balance at work life and family life, and has achieved that to a degree so far (taking more vacations, days off, driving Juliana to school each week)
-is able to have deep conversations and always analyze what we can do differently to have the most fulfilled lives and marriage
-brings happiness to me daily
-takes the time to text and let me know how special I am to him
-I am so proud of each and every day.