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John Corcoran  4:33

He does. He’s got a great system for small businesses to implement better and more effective marketing systems.

Jeremy Weisz  4:40

And Richard Rossi basically in the health niche, I mean, he’s, he’s done some amazing things and taking high achieving individuals, high school students and teaching them and he has 10s of 1000s of high school students that they help. As far as you know, they watch a surgery on Stage live in a surgeon talking through it. So

John Corcoran  5:03

I believe his his thing is about taking kids that are into the sciences into math into engineering, that sort of thing. And, you know, giving them some excitement around it and you

Jeremy Weisz  5:15

know, their tribe bright. I mean, I hope one day I could take my kids to one of his large events, and then

John Corcoran  5:23

one of his more recent projects the DaVinci 50 is around longevity and anti aging, I believe.

Jeremy Weisz  5:29

Exactly, exactly. And then Mitch Kahn, actually local in Chicago has grown these cannabis company, and it really innovated in that space and mutual friend also Robert Hartline. Actually, this year, we met him, I think his business was around $10 million, and in several years grew to over $100 million dollars because of our event. No, I’m just kidding. Robert is just as pure just grit and drive and everything like that. I mean, he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to

John Corcoran  6:03

Amazing, amazing guys started selling wireless phones out of the back of the trunk of his car, I think it concerts or something like that, and eventually built this huge chain of I want to say 50 or 60 or more sprint stores, physical brick and mortar stores. Yeah, he

Jeremy Weisz  6:19

just sold the company recently. And so I’m sure he’s on to his next big thing. He mean, he already has a software company CallProof that he’s you know, has been working on for a long time. And then David Long about my employees on how do you appreciate and deliver value to some of the most important people in your life, which are your staff that basically make everything work and we know what like Rise25 what really makes everything run is our team behind the scenes that probably hopefully we give them credit behind the scenes but they don’t get the outward credit

John Corcoran  6:55

they deserve deserve so much credit. Yeah, we really are so grateful to them. They do such a great job for ourselves and for our clients as well. Yeah, and

Jeremy Weisz  7:03

all I remember you know Alon talking to him and these are going into the other year. So I’m gonna, you know, skip over some of these but these are all interesting Joey Gilkey talking about sales and Mois Navon talking about um, you know, Mobileye, in the journey of Mobileye. So I’m gonna go forward, since we’re going forward, oranges leftover

John Corcoran  7:25

Jason Swank there, of course is, you know, it’s amazing because he has had such a big impact for ourselves, for us on our business. And to think that you interviewed him in this past year. And then he’s become such a great mentor and referral partner. And we’ve participated in his communities belong to his mastermind, so many different things. There’s

Jeremy Weisz  7:48

another one coming up, by the way, I mean, this is like one of them. I have them coming up again, because I featured him again because they’ve been buying agencies. So Oren Klaff Pitch Anything. I mean, this guy’s intense. If you watch this interview, I encourage anyone to watch for the first five minutes of the interview where he I’ll just leave it at that. It’s it’s super intense, and just listen to us look

John Corcoran  8:15

contentious right from the get go.

Jeremy Weisz  8:16

I mean, it was just I didn’t find it. contentious in the fact that he just challenged some of the previous guests that I’ve had on on my intro, which was interesting. Dave Woodward this, this interview was amazing, because he walked through the book funnel, if anyone’s heard of Clickfunnels You know, he is the chief revenue officer and partner of Clickfunnels and he walked through their funnel, he walked through one of their funnels actually, and it was fascinating to see what they do. And then Jonathan Dane again a marketing agency talking about growing from zero to eight figures. Ian Garlic another friend talked about storytelling. You know, that’s the heart of you know, the podcast is the heart of even marketing is storytelling. So I encourage you to listen to that interview with Ian and we talked about how his dad started a restaurant where they had live dolphins in it in an Annapolis Nola in Wisconsin. Yeah, Wisconsin. Yeah. But yeah, I mean, talk about a story to tell about your business. You come and see the live dolphins while you eat dinner or something, you know, so it was inside a bath houses, they bought out a bath house, turned it into a restaurant and live dolphins. You’ll have to listen to the story. We have Nick Araco have achieved next who, you know I joke around with with Nick like he’s one person connected to pretty much anyone in North America because they help. They have this amazing network of C suite executives, you know, from CEOs to chro to CFOs. You name it and they Do some amazing work with executives.

John Corcoran  10:02

And that was part of your top giver series. You did a number of great series in the last year top agencies. Yeah, you did an Israeli, the C Series talk a little bit about, you know, the approach behind

Jeremy Weisz  10:14

Yeah, you could see it, you know, that’s a good point. Thanks for bringing that up top agencies series. And there was a top giver series, which we’ll get to and I did a lot of really interesting series, it’s really been, you know, combined with what topics Am I really interested in? What topics do I really want to go deeper in? And what kind of category do I want to learn more and be connected with on a deeper level? And, you know, I did a top Israel series leader series, as you can see, Dr. Erica Miller, who survived the Holocaust, and was in Israeli Air Force, and had an amazing and she opened a chain of 40, you know, health clinics with 40 clinicians. And she is I can’t remember how old she is now. But she’s a force to be reckoned with, no matter how old she is, you know, she could probably run circles around a 21 year old. And David Gonzales, also in the giver series, talking about what he has been working on and about his we have we had him at one of our events years ago, john and i still watch that. And it’s, it was about how do you give someone how do you get someone to give them the keys to your Phantom car? I’m not a car, please remember what it was?

John Corcoran  11:30

Yeah, it was he was, you know, if you walk up to someone, and you ask them, can I have the keys here? Rolls Royce, of course, they’re not going to do it. But he kind of laid out how to convince people to essentially give you something of tremendous value by leading with delivering value to them. Yeah,

Jeremy Weisz  11:48

it was such a good talk. And so you could find that I believe you if you go to Rise25 and search it, it’s on there. And Josh Fonger, you know, part of the podcast is like, what do you want to learn from and when the kids go virtual schooling, I go, who’s an amazing business owner, who knows how to homeschool their kids, because in this day and age, whenever you’re listening as a guy like you are forced during during the COVID time to homeschool your kids, I’m like, who’s done this? Who knows what the heck they’re doing with this? And he actually if you listen to that the first 15 minutes is I’m asking him questions about how do you educate your kid? How do you homeschool your kids because that’s actually what they do even pre COVID that’s, you know how they actually school their kids.

John Corcoran  12:35

It brings up a great point. We’re always telling people to not underestimate the power of using a podcast to educate yourself. You know, it’s really professional development in many ways, personally, professional development, which doubles as content marketing.

Jeremy Weisz  12:49

Yeah. And we go into his business and he’s like, work the system. He’s taken over from Sam carpenter and I followed his work, even back to when we had Sam Carpenter Mixergy years and years ago, and Josh has kind of taken and run with the work the system in the next is Paul Jarrett. Paul Jarrett, we met at a conference. You actually met him first. Yeah,

John Corcoran  13:11

yeah. We met him at the retail conference. Yeah, yeah. And huge guy used to play football for University of Nebraska. And then somehow, he ended up in the subscription box business, doing subscription boxes, and then started a white label service and worked with companies like Disney and other large companies to manage, like hundreds of 1000s of boxes being shipped out each week,

Jeremy Weisz  13:40

he talked about growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, and not having a lot and, and how it’s affected him and how his work ethic is and what he did today. So that was really interesting. James Thomson. James is another force to be reckoned with, actually, you know, like, I don’t know how he gets so much done in a day. Okay. And we talked about, you know, how the crisis, the logistics, you know, were affected with Coronavirus and how it affected Amazon sellers. And he talked about how they help businesses to establish their brand and become unbeatable on Amazon. And he was actually, you know, he was actually worked for Amazon. And he developed the initial Fulfillment by Amazon the initial FBA help develop that,

Unknown Speaker  14:29

actually, which, you know, multi

Jeremy Weisz  14:31

Amazon sellers helped Amazon sellers generate an extra, you know, billion dollars in annual sales for Amazon or whatever. So,

John Corcoran  14:38

that’s great example. I mean, James has been such a great advocate of ours, collaborative partner, we have worked with him to, you know, when we did in person events, we did them collect collaboratively with him. We help them with their podcast. So there’s so many different ways that we have that has been such a powerful, valuable relationship for us and for him.

Jeremy Weisz  14:59

Yeah. Chris Mursau out of Top Grading, you know, in some analyst circles considered the gold standard for hiring. And I remember listening to that book years ago, and I didn’t even realize he’s in my backyard. And so he had some really great advice around hiring top talent and keeping top talent.

John Corcoran  15:22

Yep. And, and, again, another example of taking him further because I just booked him to be a speaker on a panel that I’m moderating for EO Accelerator. event coming up in a few weeks.

Jeremy Weisz  15:34

Yeah, always looking at a way to give to our guests. You know, you just booked him on a panel, I just actually this morning introduced him to another podcast that he could be featured on just to get his message out to more people. So always look at a way to how to deliver value to your guests when they have when you have him on, Bill. So I’ve been following his work for decades. In the chiropractic space, actually, he’s a pioneer in the in the patient education space. So he was really interesting to talk to about what they’re doing lately. And then David Dulany of TenBound, same thing. He has a research advisory. And he was talking about all the different tools and software and services that companies can be using, whether it’s an agency or software and so it was interesting to hear the resources and get his take on that. Wayne Deehring also talked about fulfillment, and working with some of the big companies. I’m always impressed by Ed O’Keefe, you know, besides running you know, his company Wake Up foods. You know, he has seven kids. Okay, that’s enough said, right. How do you do just do that? alone, but he’s got us okay, I you know, wake up waffles. They’re a healthy version of, of waffles. And he’s, you know, taught me a lot his book Time Collapsing, I read and, and he really goes through a lot of amazing strategies there. And Chris Snyder started, and the Snyder showed on podcast. He’s also kind of a no BS type of guy. So I was like talking to Chris because he just delivers it straight. He’s like, no BS. Here’s how it is. If you like it, fine. If you don’t find I don’t care.

John Corcoran  17:26

I just checked out the other days really build out that site site nicely is becoming quite a resource.

Jeremy Weisz  17:31

Mm hmm. Oh, totally. I it’s total street credit to your Yeah. Ian Wyatt. This guy’s a wealth of knowledge in, you know, a wealth of information. This guy he does. He does investment research. And when he presents a case for investing in a stock, and they only talk about high growth. Every time I talk, I feel like I’m buying a different stock because he’s so convincing, because he brings in the research. Yeah, right. And so I definitely listen to that because I asked him about stock tips. And Chris Dreyer, also, this is an example of premium. You know, is a premium service that he serves, and his mission is serving elite personal injury law firms. And it’s also a lesson in messaging, because he’s very clear on who he works with, like, there’s some sites you go to john, you know, I’ve experienced this. I’ve no idea what they do.

John Corcoran  18:33

I don’t know who they serve and guilty of it, Chris. Yeah.

Jeremy Weisz  18:36

Yeah. Chris, it’s like, it slaps you in the face. He’s so good at messaging because he’s niched down I think, I don’t know when his books coming out, but he’s got he kind of goes contrary and he goes right to the niche, like you need to niche down as much as humanly possible. Yeah. Don Hauptman. Donald is alive. He’s retired. I keep bringing him out of retirement to keep asking him questions about copywriting direct response, but he actually helped us when we, if you aren’t emails, you’re interested in hearing more about our physical, as John says pen and ink, what’s not off its pen but it’s ink newsletter. It’s a physical newsletter that actually you receive in the mail. They actually you can touch and feel it’s not a digital newsletter. Don has been doing that for decades, like a long time. And he started speak Spanish like a diplomat that sold 10s of millions of dollars that program based on you know, his copywriting and his ads and this interview is if you are into messaging and direct response, which we all should be Don’s interview will not disappoint. Getting Things Done. This is part of the Sweet Process series. You know, oh in it sweet process has also been an amazing advocate and they basically help you systemize your business with a software that helps you, you know, make sure you have something that can all your whole staff can use and implement checklists. And, you know, so you can onboard staff, existing staff, hire staff, and train people in a very efficient fashion to save you time.

John Corcoran  20:23

And I just have to say, That’s such a great example of getting to speak with someone who you admire or whose book you’ve read, or speaker or a thought leader, using the podcast, because, you know, a busy guy like David Allen, super busy, he’s got all kinds of, you know, people requesting a piece of his time and people who pay him for for his time, you know, for strategic advice. You know, it’s such a privilege to be able to talk to someone like that.

Jeremy Weisz  20:50

Yeah, so part of the suite process, David Allen, Getting Things Done, you know, also about being more productive. The Israel business here is again, Lauren rose. This is interesting, and I kind of went on. He is a tech entrepreneur, VC invest in a lot of companies, some of the best and the brightest in Israel, which is, there’s a book called The startup nation, and it shows how per capita, Israel should, you know, I don’t know if it’s the size in New Jersey or something. But it’s has these amazing companies, Nobel Prize winners, and what is the difference what’s coming in Israel that’s creating something in the water, so they’re innovating. And so I wanted to kind of go deeper into that. Dave Durocher of the Other Side Academy. This was also a kind of a heart wrenching story. He talks about his you know, when he got arrested at age 13, when he was 38, have been in prison four times for a total 15 years. And he talked about turning his life around, involved choppers trying to hunt him down while he was on the street, and he tells a story and what he does with Other Side Academy which is providing a place for people who were in jail to help turn their life around and actually do this entrepreneurial endeavor.

John Corcoran  22:12

So I’m gonna have to listen to that because I see he went to Delancey Street, which is here in San Francisco, which they have a restaurant and they also have movers, I know couriers. 100 staffed by ex convicts.

Jeremy Weisz  22:24

That’s exactly so what they did was that he was at Delancey Street, he they took that model and started the other side Academy. And yeah, and he talks about exactly right.

John Corcoran  22:35

I know we’re running a little short on time and yeah, like Final ones. Yeah, I’ll

Jeremy Weisz  22:39

just um, Uri Adoni again. He talks about mastering Israel secret rules of and he has a book about it. And he was at Jerusalem Venture Partners they achieved over 12 IPOs 30. More m&a is and exit valuable over $20 billion. And I’ll hit a couple. Let’s see Andrew Houston was great. Let’s see. I’ve read I think I’ve listened to all Mike mccalla wits, his book. So that was a good one. Steve Adams, I think has been a huge impact. With tiger.

John Corcoran  23:10

I can say for a fact he’s been a huge impact on your new personal. Well, you went through his program, he had a great program for improving habits and habit development. And now we’re, you know, honored to be helping him to launch a podcast.

Jeremy Weisz  23:24

Yeah, I mean, it’s a case where you have someone on you, you want to really learn from them. And then you also become their clients and refer people to them. I think I’ve referred a number of people to him. He’s how a big initiative for me was to have better sleep habits. I have pretty good eating habits and other things. But my sleep habits are horrendous. So tiger, I think they call themselves Tiger Medical but Tiger neuroscience, Tiger Medical Institute, check them out. He helped her my sleep. I wouldn’t say cold, totally around, but much, much, much better. Let’s see. Let’s talk about some themes really quickly. JOHN, like you said, I did a theme on the top givers. I did a theme on top Israel business series, Dan Kuschell. Again, just featuring your best people you admire and the people that you want to give to and Dan is one of those people. Let’s see Kim Walsh Phillips as well. Let’s see who else will be interesting for people. I mean, listen, they’re obviously all interesting again, this this guy created a company that Yossi Vardi. He’s renowned in Israel as been in the tech industry for over 50 years, and they create a company that had over 100 million users back in that day. That’s, you know, huge. I mean, back in this day is huge. And AOL eventually bought it for $400 million. Not too shabby. And there’s a guy named John Corcoran right here who talked about Hey, email, me VIP and You know, I think the sessions we do together we really dig deep into relationships. And this one was about how do you call the email any VIP VIP? So check that episode out. JOHN Willow I know you love john World Book. I

John Corcoran  25:16

don’t think so. Okay. And his and his podcast is excellent, too.

Jeremy Weisz  25:19

Um, let’s see, a D was great. Michael E. Gerber was also a good one. If you haven’t checked out the E myth. Let’s see, who else do we have? I did you know, I’m like, Who? Who doesn’t get the voice out there. Right. And so I decided to do a top black business leader series and feature some of the top black business leaders around. And Chris Gandy was one of those people actually played professional sports and how he transitioned from Sports to business. And that was a really interesting one. I mean, there, I could say something great about all this, let me take to Dr. Hoby, for a second who is blind. And I’m, I’m just astounded of what he’s been able to accomplish in general. And then to think that he is buying he would say it’s an advantage in many ways. In some ways, then disadvantage. There’s a Jason Swank one, john, about growth or acquisition. That was a really, really interesting one. And, you know, I’ll take it to present day, because I know we have to wrap up. Present day. This is, you know, some of the interesting ones here, john, you made another appearance. You are probably the most guests on my podcast. It also I mean, this. You know, Robert Wallace, I maybe just end on Robert Wallace. This interview was I mean, talk about a rags to riches story going from the Baltimore projects in poverty, racial segregation. He talks about Dr. Martin Luther King, he talks about, you know, because, you know, we, you know, john, you know, talk about your thoughts you were at the White House, when the Capitol was, I don’t know if you’d call it invaded. He was actually in BC at like, with, I think it within a few blocks of when that was happening. And he talked about Martin Luther King speech. And he talks about listening to, I said, What was most impactful about that speech? And he said, actually, Jeremy, there was a rabbi that spoke right before Martin Luther King. And he talked about he was a rabbi in Nazi Germany. And he talks about the parallels of what’s going was going on in the US to Nazi Germany. And at that time, and then how that parallels what happened with invasion of the capital of like, people being silent, and not saying anything, was, was the worst thing. So So

John Corcoran  28:11

all in all, a powerful series. It’s kind of I feel like it’s like picking your favorite, you know, your favorite child, it’s impossible to do. There’s so many great, you know, conversations that you had over the course of last year. Jeremy, where can people go to learn more? Yeah, check out more episodes of your podcast and

Jeremy Weisz  28:29

check out check out, you know, we share a lot of things on there. And if you are interested in starting a podcast, and it’s not just a podcast, it’s if you want a method to actually give to your relationships, then go to Rise25 and email us.

John Corcoran  28:47

All right. Thanks, everyone.