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Andrea is the Founder of Artitudes Design, Inc. For over 25 years they’ve been creating visual communication for Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Starbucks, Expedia. They also serve startups and nonprofits, providing presentation training, PowerPoint, Graphics Design, Virtual Live events, and much more.

Andrea Heuston is also the host of Lead Like a Woman Show, where she features influential women leaders changing the world. They have over 40,000 people on social media, sharing their empowering message with other leaders.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Andrea Heuston talks about four life-altering events that have tested her resiliency
  • How Andrea pulled through her life-altering events
  • Andrea talks about her work in virtual events and the work she’s doing with St. Michelle Wine Estates
  • Things you need to have in your virtual event
  • What to do to make your presentation powerful both in person and virtually
  • What Andrea has been doing for Microsoft
  • Andrea shares how and why she started Artitudes Design
  • How Artitudes Design helps startups
  • Andrea talks about winning “Best Place to Work” twice and why it’s such a proud and important achievement
  • What women entrepreneurs can do to achieve work-life balance

In this episode…

The world as we know it has changed and if your business relies on live events, you’ve likely pivoted to doing virtual events. The problem is, not everyone can achieve high interactivity during virtual events. From how they prepare their slides to how they present their activities, many entrepreneurs are having a hard time mastering the new reality of virtual events.

Andrea Heuston is an expert at virtual events and through her company, Artitudes Design, she has had over two decades of experience creating visual communication for Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Starbucks, and Expedia.

On this episode of the Inspired Insider, Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks with Andrea Heuston of Artitudes Design about her insider tips for virtual event mastery and how you can apply them to your own business. They also discuss Andrea’s entrepreneurial journey, the life-altering events she’s had to push through to succeed, and how she helps other female entrepreneurs. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz
Dr. Jeremy Weisz here Founder of where I feature inspirational entrepreneurs, leaders, some founders you’ve heard of some you’ve never heard of. I’m excited to introduce one of my favorite people in business women I know in business people I know in general, Andrea Heuston Artitudes Design before I do you know, there’s a couple past episodes Andrea I always like to point out, Baby Einstein Founder Julie Clark grew her company to $20 million with five employees sold to Disney. But the most impressive part was she beat cancer twice. And that was amazing. her journey on that. Tara Bosh from Smart Sweets thanks, General and for that introduction, Tarah at a very young age I don’t even I don’t know how old she was Andrea but she created a you know Smart Sweets which basically is to eliminate processed sugar. And she has a healthy gummy bear or a healthy Swedish Fish and a young age she went to disrupt the candy industry raise $3.6 million and got her business off the ground as in more than I mean at the time. This is a while ago 10,000 stores she was in target Whole Foods at a young age. So if you think you can’t do something, I like to feature top women entrepreneurs in general. And this brings me to Andrea what she does, but if you haven’t checked out, this episode is brought to you by Rise25 which I co founded with John Corcoran, my business partner, and we help businesses connect to their dream 100 people their best referral partners or best relationships and give to them through freaking them on a podcast so we help businesses launch and run your podcast and give to your best relationships. Okay. And I won’t tell the full story and I think the answer you already know this but it was really inspired by my grandfather who was a Holocaust survivor and his legacy lives on because interview was done by the Holocaust foundation so you can go to check out the about page the full interview is there anyone could watch it. It really inspires me to do better to do more and give so if you have questions about podcasting, go to Rise25 I’m today’s guest really excited to have It’s been long awaited Andrea Heuston’s the host of lead like a woman show where she features strong women leaders changing the world. They have over 40,000 people on social media sharing their empowering message with other leaders and you can check out If you’re watching the video right now you can see her webpage right there empowering women leaders to empower others. And she also founded artists whose design and for over 25 years they’ve been creating visual communication For fortune 500 companies Microsoft, Starbucks, Expedia, even startups and nonprofits and they specialize in presentation training, PowerPoint, graphic design, virtual live events and much more. You can go to Arttitudes This one, I’d be quiet, Andrea, and thank you for coming.

Andrea Heuston
Awesome. Jeremy, I’m so thrilled to be here. Thank you. This has been a long time coming. We’ve talked about it before, but I’m just really excited for the conversation today.

Jeremy Weisz
Me too. And and I talked about the front I mentioned, you know, Julie Clark, in particular, there’s life altering events. And there’s a crazy journey with entrepreneurs that become their life events that are crazy that that overlay into the craziness of business and you have these four life altering events that have tested your resiliency, which makes you even more amazing. If people don’t know you. What are you tell people those What are those four events?

Andrea Heuston
Sure, there’s at least four but we’ll go with for now.

Jeremy Weisz
Big Big, big, big, big events. Yeah.

Andrea Heuston
Exactly. So I would say the very first one harkens back to when we were trying to start a family. And we went through almost four years of infertility treatments, including surgery after surgery for me, many different things that we did to try to have kids on our own, and it never happened. So what we did was we adopted and we adopted two beautiful, handsome, wonderful boys who are brothers, and we got them both at birth through an adoption agency here in Washington State on the eastern side of the state called in Spokane. The thing is, we adopted our boys from a drug addicted birth mother. And so she we found out when she was eight months pregnant with our first son, the state called us and said she had been arrested for drinking. She was drunk and disorderly and we had no idea what to do at that time, but they said you may want to seriously consider whether you want to adopt this baby or not. And after some thought and some talk, and we decided that Baby was meant to be our so we went ahead with the adoption. And he is amazing. But he came out with some issues. He was born with some issues because of the fact that she abused drugs and drank a lot. So he has fetal cocaine effect, which manifests itself like high ADHD or low Asperger’s. And it’s it’s really been hard for him all his life for learning. Now, when Owen was born, our second son she was not using and so they are birth brothers at the same birth. Oh, yeah. So when I used to send her flowers for Aiden’s birthday, and so I couldn’t get ahold of her. And I could always find her through her grandmother. So I called her grandmother and said, I can’t find her again. And she said Just a minute, because she knew I wanted to send her flowers and I thought she was going to get her address, but she came on the phone. And the birth mother said, Hey, Andrea, do you want another baby? And I said, I don’t know maybe and she said, Well, I’m doing With a little boy on August 27, now this was a little over two and a half months away from when I was on the phone with her. And that was our 10th wedding anniversary. So without hanging the phone up and calling Eric, my husband, I said, Of course we would. I took it as a sign.

Jeremy Weisz
And what did he say when he came home or you talked to him And oh, by the way?

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