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Dr. Scot Gray is the founder of several health care businesses including Regenerative Health Centers and Gray Marketing Enterprises, where they help patients connect with healthcare offices all over the U.S. They’ve connected over 100,000 patients to the perfect doctors in their area over the last 15 years.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [02:11] Jeremy introduces his guest, Dr. Scot Gray
  • [03:30] How Dr. Scot shares how a patient’s failed surgery inspired him get into the regenerative medicine
  • [08:04] Dr. Scot tells the story of a case that showed the pros of having less invasive treatment options
  • [09:59] Dr. Scot addresses the issue of stem cell treatment and why it’s a good treatment option
  • [11:40] How Dr. Scot guarantees that their treatment options are FDA-approved and ethically produced
  • [13:20] Dr. Scot details how he put his regenerative medicine team together
  • [16:42] Understanding the role of stem cells in regenerative medicine and how it works
  • [19:36] Dr. Scot delves into how he started his regenerative clinic in conjunction with his chiropractic office
  • [21:38] The beginning of the expansion of Dr. Scot’s regenerative clinics 
  • [23:36] Why Dr. Scot decided to stop seeing chiropractic patients
  • [26:17] Dr. Scot’s marketing strategies that help other doctors grow their practice
  • [28:13] What’s the most compliant way to do regenerative medicine?
  • [30:22] How Dr. Scot’s team determines which clinics to work with and how they can help them grow
  • [33:48] What draws doctors to attend the events where Dr. Scot discusses regenerative medicine
  • [36:10] Why Dr. Scot decided to start his podcast
  • [38:19] Dr. Scot’s realizations after he decided to step back from seeing patients 
  • [41:25] The value of having a reliable team in place to help you grow your business
  • [42:03] Why Dr. Scot wants to help other doctors get freedom from their own practice
  • [43:56] Dr. Scot talks about mentors who have been most influential in his journey

In this episode…

Are you a medical practitioner who would like to grow your clinic? How about a medical practitioner who wants to enjoy freedom from their practice? What if you can do both and still be able to touch the lives of many people? According to Dr. Scot Gray, it’s possible if only you learn to take a step back and allow other people to help you reach your 100% potential in helping others.

Dr. Scot Gray is a chiropractic doctor who now focuses on regenerative medicine. He saw how amazing regenerative medicine can be as an option for those looking for less invasive treatment methods, and he hopes to help other doctors be able to enjoy the expansion and practice of medicine the way he does.

In this week’s episode of Inspired Insider, Dr. Jeremy Weisz interviews Dr. Scot Gray where he talks about his journey from chiropractic medicine to regenerative medicine. He also talks about how he helps other doctors grow their own practice, why stem cell treatment shouldn’t be as controversial as they are, and why he chose to start a podcast. It’s a loaded episode so stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz  0:22  

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, founder of where I talked with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders like the founders of p90x Tony Horton, Baby Einstein founder, Julie Clark, Atari founder and many, many more and how they overcome big challenges in life and business. Today’s episode I’m going to this is going to be a little bit different episode actually today. I had an amazing entrepreneur, and he actually invited me to interview him for his podcast and it was so good. I said, Can you please let me release this on mine. Today’s episode is brought to you by rise 25, which I co founded with my business partner, john Corcoran at rise 24 We help b2b businesses connect their dream 100 clients and referral partners and we help you run your podcast so generates ROI you know as people have listened if you listen this before podcasting is much more personal to me and it was inspired by my grandfather who was a Holocaust survivor and him his brother were concentration camps in Nazi Germany were the only members to survive but his legacy lives on because the whole cost foundation did an interview with him which you can watch on my about page so yes, podcasting will help your business it’s been the best thing for my business in my life in general, but it helps you and your guests leave a legacy. So if you have questions I believe you know, any business should have a podcast so if you have questions, you can email us support at or learn more go to john and i made a video and we even left in the outtakes so now check out today’s episode,


Dr. Scot Gray  1:54  

Dr. Scott gray here host of top minds where we bring on top minds and healthcare life. And business and I’ve got Jeremy Weiss here who has done thousands of interviews with successful people in health care and business. And we flip the script and he’ll be interviewing me today.


Jeremy Weisz  2:09  

Dr. Scott, thank you for having me. I want to take a quick second introduce you if you don’t know Dr. Scott. He’s the founder of several health care businesses including regenerative health centers gray marketing enterprises, where basically helps patients connect with healthcare offices all over the US they’ve connected over 100,000 patients to the perfect doctors in their area over the last 15 years. And the episode is brought to you by gmv Digital com It’s green marketing enterprises and basically what they do is they completely run your healthcare, business marketing to drive more patients to you so you can focus on providing the best care. So if you thought you know, how can I see more of the perfect patients who need our help, I want to focus in on the patient care, contact them they’re experts at that you can email support at JME digital com with any questions or go to Jimmy digital com you can learn more and you know there’s you check out more episodes of podcasts but There’s a video where Dr. Scott goes over transforming your practice into an unstoppable business. And they’re the exact methods he’s used for for many of his health centers and for other companies. So, Dr. Scott, the old The first question I have there was, there’s a really kind of impactful story and we’ll get into your journey a little bit and this is going to be very interesting conversation. But um, there was an impactful story of a patient


how you got


into this, you know, regenerative medicine


Dr. Scot Gray  3:30  

space, definitely. So, you know, I had a chiropractic practice for, you know, 13 years and I this patient, his name was Bill and bill came to us with back pain was having pretty severe back pain and he was just one of those cases that I just couldn’t make any headway with. And he, you know, he was very diligent, getting his adjustments, doing exercises, all those things, and just got to the point where, a friend of mine a neighbor of mine, orthopedic surgeon, amazing, amazing surgeon. And I said, Bill, I think you need to go see this doctor and see him and I think, you know, I’ve tried everything in my toolbox, you know that this is that this is the next step. So he did that. And, you know, back surgery is one of those things that it’s difficult no matter who you are, it’s even the best surgeons, you know, it’s not perfect, right? And what isn’t health care, but, you know, with surgery, there’s a lot of risk involved. And when Bill went and did this, unfortunately, his surgery did not go like we wanted it did not go as planned. And what I found out later, actually literally saw him at the store in a parking lot at the grocery store. And he was telling me that what had happened with the surgery and literally couldn’t work anymore. his disability that he got wouldn’t cover his bills. And I mean, it was a real downward spiral for him losing his home and all these different things. And I’m just thinking of the impact that that had on him. And a lot of times, we don’t see those things, we don’t see the full story. And that just really impacted me realizing that, man, is there something else out there and I started to hear more and more stories like that. And I just wanted to figure out a way that I could do something. And, you know, it wasn’t until October of 2015, I met a gentleman who introduced me into the world of stem cell therapy. And all of a sudden I started to see this new world of not just stem cells, but regenerative medicine, the whole gamut of what regenerative medicine covers and what it can do, and this opens a whole new world for me now Being a chiropractor, I thought to myself, well, I can’t do this, right? This is an injection. It’s a totally different process. And I, I really wanted to be involved with this somehow I had studied under a medical doctor in Florida to see what was going on with his patients and how it was working. And I just was blown away by it. So I wanted to figure out how can I do this? How can I make this happen that I can’t let it stop me that I can’t do the procedure myself. And I said, You know what?