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Wayne Deehring is the co-founder of USP Fulfillment, a company that has provided full-service print production fulfillment for over 30 years. They create and ship everything from books and promotional items, as well as products for infomercial speakers, events, and subscription fulfillment. USP Fulfillment has worked with companies like Costco, Sony, Coca Cola, Disney, Walmart, and have even created items for the Grammys and the Emmy Awards.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Wayne recalls the mentors and colleagues who has helped him during the span of his career
  • Wayne talks about the challenges he encountered in his business
  • What a day in Wayne’s life looks like 
  • Wayne shares how proud he is of his kids and the lessons he has learned from his wife
  • How Wayne’s business partner helps balance things out in his business

In this episode…

Logistics in business is a tough issue to handle. But when you know you have someone reliable to help you navigate things more smoothly in your business, that’s an awful lot of load off of your shoulders.

Wayne Deehring of USP Fulfillment knows just how crucial reliability can be for logistics. How? Because he’s learned the importance of being reliable from the people he has surrounded himself with. 

Tune in as Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks to Wayne about his mentors, his inspirations, and how he manages to push through all the hurdles that come his way.

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Episode Transcript


Jeremy Weisz  0:22  

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders like the founders you’ve heard of some you’ve never heard of like p90x founder Tony Horton you may have heard of, but what you may not know is, you know, when he made money as a street mind, before he sold hundreds of millions of dollars, that’s how he made money. He put a hat on the street of the street miming and that’s how he made his food and rent money. Baby Einstein founder to Clark talks about growing our company to $20 million with five employees and selling to Disney but she also talks about beating cancer twice and Atari founder Nolan Bushnell talked about how when he was Steve Jobs, as many Or Steve offered him 33% of Apple for $50,000. And why he said no. So check out many more episodes on and this episode is brought to you by Rise25, which I co founded with my business partner, John Corcoran. And what we do is we help b2b businesses connect to their dream 100 clients and referral partners by helping them run and launch their podcasts that generates ROI.

And for me, you know, podcasting is a lot more personal. It’s not just business because my grandfather who was a Holocaust survivor, him and his brother were in concentration camps in Nazi Germany. And they were the only members of their family to survive but his words and legacy live on because of an interview because the Holocaust foundation did an interview with him. And I put it on my about page and I watch it multiple times a year, just for inspiration and appreciation and gratitude. So yes, podcasting will help your business but it helps you and your guests leave a legacy of knowledge and I personally To credit podcasting to one of the best things I’ve done for my business in my life, besides meeting my wife because of the amazing relationships, so we worked with Berkshire Hathaway companies, agencies, SAS companies, any b2b businesses. If you have questions, you can email support at Rise25 or go to

Wayne. I’m excited to introduce today’s guest. We have Wayne Deehring, he’s co-founder of USP fulfillment. And for 30 years they’ve done full service print production fulfillment in our direct mail house and they create and ship everything from books, promotional items. They serve up products for infomercial speakers, events and subscription fulfillment. And you’ve probably heard some of the companies they’ve done work for. They work with companies like Costco, Sony, Coca Cola, Disney Walmart, and they’ve even created and set items for the Grammys, and the Emmy award shows Wayne, thank you for joining me. Thanks for having me. You know, who do you go for, for advice and in mentorship over the years and it could be a colleague or just a mentor in general?


Wayne Deehring  3:08  

Well, you know, over the years over the last 10 years or so, it’s been the guys from digital marketer, to be honest, you know, and that also, Fortune Builders, you know, got guys like Dan Merrill to with Roland Frasier, Ryan deiss, you know, Perry Belcher talking to those guys. We are heavily invested in their success, because they order a lot from us. So, you know, and and their success has been tremendous. So using them as a mentor or relying on them as a mentor and asking for advice from them. Those are probably the people I go to the most. Yeah.


Jeremy Weisz  3:52  

Um, I have one last question. When I asked him first of all, thanks for sharing your stories


Unknown Speaker  3:57  

to you.


Jeremy Weisz  3:58  

They’re commonplace. To most people, it’s pretty amazing how how your work reaches so far and wide with the companies you serve and the events, you know, it really touches. Your touching. I mean, you’re helping whatever 10s of thousands of companies but you’re touching millions of people. So, to me, it’s remarkable. You it’s just your what you did. Yeah,


Wayne Deehring  4:21  

I’ve never I’ve never really thought about it that way. That’s a great way to look at it. I’ve just, you know, it’s when you’re so close to a project, a focus does not become well, you had no man, if you will, right. I get


Jeremy Weisz  4:32  

  1. Because someone is like, do this in a week. You’re like, you can’t focus on anything else, but getting it done in a week, you know, right?


Wayne Deehring  4:40  

Well, if you imagine, if you imagine like an image where you zoom in, you know, and you’re, you’re so close to it. A lot of these projects were so close to it’s right in front of our face to where our focus is, is a very little part of that project. And I’d never I don’t really ever zoom out enough to make sure the process goes you know, all All the way through to completion but never zooming way back. Yeah, where are you go? Wow, you know, I’ve never thought about it that way. But that’s an interesting, an interesting way to think about it. And if I ever had, you know, five minutes to think about it


Jeremy Weisz  5:15  

consider this your five minutes, you know.


Unknown Speaker  5:17  

Thanks. I appreciate


Jeremy Weisz  5:19  

  1. Um, I so I always ask since it’s Inspired Insider two things, one, what’s been a low moment, a challenging moment that you really had to push through And on the flip side, what’s been especially proud moment for you in Oh, you know, decades of business. Because we all you know, as a business, we there’s always challenging moments and tough times what’s been a challenging time and how you push through it.


Wayne Deehring  5:48  

Well, the challenging times have been less have not really been on the business side, then. We’re in the service side, but it has been on the personal side. I have five sons. I talk to them. My sons are twins. I have twins and they were born at 27 weeks. So they were two pounds. They were in ICU for 14 weeks. One of those boys has cerebral palsy. And as a result of being born that early in the cerebral palsy is basically brain damage. And so while I, you know, working designing a managing product launches while I’m sitting at Children’s Hospital by my son’s having brain surgery, those words Those are some challenging moments. Putting the word is actually what helped me get through it. Yeah, well, that work is what helped me get through it because it’s, you know, people used to tell me, when we were going through this, I said, you guys are you know, my wife and I You guys are so strong and and I said, You No, nobody that goes through this you don’t have a choice there isn’t, you don’t have a choice to be strong, you’re in a three sided hallway with the back pushing you forward and you just, you know, continue walking. So going through that whole process that was real challenge, you know, challenging but work is what actually kept me my mind on a singular path where you don’t dive down into the negative of everything that’s going on around you. So I was able to sit there at the hospital while this was going on. And he’s had five brain surgeries at 12 or 14 surgeries by this point, but you know, and after the third or fourth brain surgery, which is fine now he’s very intelligent boy, he has cerebral palsy. He’s in school. He’s great Kim McGee. You know, going through all that is is I was grateful to have the work because that’s that’s what kept me sane. Well,


Jeremy Weisz  8:00  

So what is the day in the life when you get home or before you get to the office and in the evening with five sons,


Wayne Deehring  8:08  

that many kids? Well, so my my, my oldest child, he’s out of the house now, but the other four are 1010, nine and three. So, a typical day is get up very early, which I do. Naturally, I go to bed about eight o’clock at night, and there’s a reason for that, but I go to bed by eight o’clock in the evening. So I get up very early. I get up. I let my wife sleep in a bit. I get the kids, the three ready for school that are in school. Get downstairs, feed them breakfast. Meanwhile, my wife comes downstairs, she gets her lunches ready. I get them loaded up, take them to school, come to the office, do what I do all day. And there’s a running joke here at the office that I Come to work to escape the chaos at home. But it’s true. All right. So then my wife picks him up, I get home, I hang out with the boys. We talk about their days we do that sort of stuff. They’ve already had their homework done by the time I get home. Typically, the older boys or two of the older boys bathe themselves. My 10 year old with cerebral palsy needs help. So I usually bathe him and the my three year old and that’s kind of our time where we talk and chat. And then the reason why I go to bed is it’s just a nightly routine. My three year old after he’s got his pajamas on he comes and lays down with me. And that is like probably the single greatest sedative in the world because when he lays down with me, I fall asleep with him. So right, man, I wake up, put him in his bed and rinse and repeat. You know, every day


Jeremy Weisz  10:00  

Thanks for sharing that. That’s pretty amazing. Yeah, no worries. So when’s number six coming gnomes


Unknown Speaker  10:07  

no more.


Wayne Deehring  10:09  

I was never the guy that was gonna have five sons. I was just never that guy and you know i’m glad i do have five sons


but outside of that so we decided


Jeremy Weisz  10:23  

you know that was it plain to me Yeah, I mean come on after like to what about on the flips thanks for sharing that way on the flips yeah what’s been especially proud moment it could be business or personal


Wayne Deehring  10:38  

you know that the problem is just with his with the kids mostly that they’re there you know they turned out good. It’s it’s challenging. And what I mean by good is just all the issues we went through from them being born so early. And like I said, you know, they have they’re both on the autistic spectrum so Just and they’ve had 6500 hours of therapy. Wow. But they, they’ve had literally therapy since they came home and just you know that the fact that they’re well adjusted, and given everything that they’ve gone through, you know, that’s really, that’s really, you know that my kids are my greatest, you know, as far as I’m concerned, My children are my greatest achievement. Yeah, yeah, totally. Well, thank you, I appreciate you sharing your story. And I appreciate you sharing. Because that’s the reality of life. Right? It’s people see the business stuff but like, there’s this whole universe that people don’t see like when you go home and you come, you know, you come back to work is this whole world, which is the the most important worlds, you know, so I appreciate you sharing, right and it’s the bulk of your day, right between sleeping and, you know, your family that that’s the bulk of your day, and this little bit of work is you know, and I Have an amazing wife that allows me to be me and and and do what I do and and you know, so that helps as well if I didn’t have that I you know, probably that things might be different or things would be different. So


Jeremy Weisz  12:13  

what are some lessons you learned from your wife?


Wayne Deehring  12:16  

She’s calmed me down, you know Really? I am by nature an anxious person. I would not always moving always doing something. Yeah, right. So I, you know, she’s really grounded me. You know, that’s, that’s really what it is. And she’s, she’s a polar opposite of me. I’m a type triple A personality, and she’s very laid back and very easygoing. And it’s a, you know, it’s a good offset for me, because if I had somebody who was just like me, it probably be war all the time.


Jeremy Weisz  12:51  

What about with your business partner? Is he more calm? Or is he more type a like, you


Wayne Deehring  12:57  

know, he’s very calm, very diplomatic. I am the polar opposite. Okay.


Jeremy Weisz  13:02  

So he balances you out.


Wayne Deehring  13:05  

Yeah, he really does, you know, in here, which is funny, he’s very diplomatic about things. I’m not I don’t we do so much that I don’t have time for diplomacy with my employees. They all know me and they’ve all been here for a long time. But they they, you know, for the pharmacy things have to get done. Yeah, I don’t pull punches. And I don’t sugarcoat things, because there’s just there’s no time for it. And, you know, so I think that the two of us together really balanced it out. Well. Wayne,


Jeremy Weisz  13:38  

I want to be the first one to thank you. I really appreciate everyone should check out U S. p Check out what they have going on. Wayne, thank you so much.