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Today we have Ed O’Keefe, Father of seven, grew up in a household of 13 children. He is the author of the book, “Time Collapsing! The New Art of Speed, Money, Power, and Meaning!” He has used his time collapsing methods to leap to the top of industries. He has started multiple companies from scratch to multiple seven and even eight figures.

In dentistry, Ed sold over $50,000,000 in marketing systems and seminars. He started Marine Essentials and has sold over $60,000,000 in health supplements. On top of having seven kids and running the businesses mentioned, Ed was a Kokoro 40 Graduate! A 51-hour mini-hell week created by commander Mark Divine.

Ed invested in a health food company that is disrupting the food industry.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:55] Jeremy introduces today’s guest, Ed O’Keefe.
  • [2:30] What is Know Foods?
  • [4:30] Hell on the Hill.
  • [10:30] Pushing through pain.
  • [13:00] What is Kooro Camp?
  • [25:00] Tapping into inner strength.
  • [30:00] How Know Foods got started.
  • [36:00] The power of serving and helping others.
  • [38:30] The Freedom Question.
  • [43:30] What Ed learned by studying certain celebrity figures like Will Smith.
  • [54:00] Loosing the friction.
  • [1:03:00] Permission to be yourself and when your soul awakens.
  • [1:07:00] Ed talks about B2B in Dentistry.
  • [1:12:00] Ed’s success with writing sales copy.
  • [1:18:00] Ed’s shift to Marine Essentials.
  • [1:27:00] Lessons learned from direct marketing.   

In this episode…

The heart of our desire in life is to get permission to be ourselves. Do you have that permission? Are you still looking for someone to speak into your life and tell you that you don’t have to perform, that you can be yourself? On this episode of Inspired Insider, business expert Ed O’Keefe walks through what it has meant for him as discovered the key to living in the freedom of permission. What would it be like for you to walk in that same freedom that Ed experiences? Don’t sit around wondering – find out on this episode!

Do you ever feel like you are stuck? Do you feel like you are bogged down with the junk and baggage in your life? What if you could declutter from all that and lose the friction that holds you back? On this episode of Inspired Insider, Ed O’Keefe share the wisdom and insights he has learned from observation and sometimes from hard life experiences to help leaders like you succeed! Find out what steps you can take today to start down the road of getting rid of those obstacles and difficulties that are keeping you from your true potential. To hear Ed expand on this topic, make sure to listen to this episode!

What if there was one simple question that could unlock massive potential for leaders and companies to see exponential growth? This simple question is hiding in plain sight and most people miss it every day! On this episode of Inspired Insider, entrepreneur and business leader Ed O’Keefe shares how he came to understand “The Freedom Question” and how it’s unlocked his understanding of potential both personally and professionally. Ed has seen the power of this question at work and he wants to share it with leaders like you. Find out how you can learn from Ed’s key insights and leverage them for success on this episode!

Think about leaders and individuals that you are drawn to, what qualities do they exude? Are they individuals who are self-centered, egotistical, proud, and boastful? More likely than not, they exhibit the opposite of those qualities, right? Most people want to spend time with leaders and others who are selfless and put other people’s needs above their own. Ed O’Keefe shares how he has witnessed the power of serving and helping others exemplified by key leaders in business. He is convinced that this quality can make all the difference in growing and expanding your influence as a leader. If you’d like to hear more of Ed’s observations, make sure to listen to this episode of Inspired Insider!

What do you do when you are faced with a difficult task? How do you tap into the strength you need physically, emotionally, or mentally to overcome obstacles that you face? What if you had a way to truly tap into an inner reserve of strength and inspiration to get through even the most challenging experiences? On this episode of Inspired Insider, business leader Ed O’Keefe shares the lessons he has learned from strength and fitness coaches, influential leaders, and much more to help him develop an inner strength that he’s never experienced before. Learn more from Ed on this episode!

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