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David Gonzalez is the founder of one of the leading joint venture partnership agencies, Simply The Coolest Affiliate Management Agency, which helps its business clients to generate more traffic and sales.

He is also the founder of the Austin-based Internet Marketing Party, which is a monthly business networking event for online marketers which has been held regularly since 2008. He runs other businesses including a licensing company, a beauty brand, and a health marketing company.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • David Gonzalez talks about the people he considers the biggest givers in the universe
  • David discusses a different way to see how we’re all connected as humans
  • What would the world look like if everyone had $800 million?
  • David shares what he’d do differently if he got $800 million and what he would be working on
  • Why David decided to go all in and pursue extreme ownership of his business
  • Why it’s important for him to be clear on the things he’s working on and what truly matters to him
  • David shares his struggle with suicidal thoughts and depression and how he overcame it
  • David shares the advice he gave his daughter on how to deal with tough times

In this episode…

Is a world where everyone wins possible? David Gonzalez believes so but only if everyone changes how they think about the world and the people in it. He says the era where people seek to eviscerate the competition or exploit others to get ahead in business and life needs to be over. But it’s no easy task and it would actually require people to be more inclined to giving and doing business that’s beyond themselves. That’s why he is inspired by people such as Nikola Tesla and Manoj Bhargava, whom he considers to be the universe’s top givers.

David is an incredible entrepreneur and leader in the digital marketing space. He has a genuine interest to connect with people and it is clearly evident in how he elevates people in companies. And he is a genius at creating meaningful connections.

In this Top Givers Series of INspired INsider, Dr. Jeremy Weisz interviews David Gonzalez of Simply The Coolest about what it means to do business beyond self, the people he considers the top givers in the universe and why he finds them inspiring, and his thoughts on what would happen if everyone had $800 million. He also shares how he overcame the biggest struggle he’s been through and why he recommends compartmentalizing the things that you can and cannot control. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz 0:22
Dr. Jeremy Weisz here I’m founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders. The founders, some you’ve heard of some you never heard of. You know, David, I love talking about the challenge stories. I had p90x founder, Tony Horton on who Yeah, we know he sold hundreds of millions of dollars of p90x but he made money as a street mind. So the way he made food and rent money as he put it on the street, he did street mining, and those are the things I love to hear.

David Gonzalez 0:49
Ya know that?

Jeremy Weisz 0:51
Yeah, it’s crazy. And that happens. You know, I love when people email me and go I listened the interview and that person now is a real person to me. They’re not just iconic person because all of us go through these roller coasters of business and personal and Julie Clark Clark of Baby Einstein she talked about growing our company to $20 million with five employees selling to Disney. But she she talked about beating cancer twice and kind of how hard that was in Atari founder Nolan Bushnell talked about you know, he was Steve Jobs, his mentor, he talked about how Steve Jobs offered him 33% of Apple for $50,000 and why he said no, and also when he lost his house, he took his family and around the world journey. They didn’t know that they lost the house but he had so many friends in so many countries, they just stayed at people’s houses all across the world and did like a trip around the world. So anyways, amazing people have made like, we have today’s guests, and I’m gonna introduce in a second, who I consider Friend, a mentor a colleague in but this episode is brought to you by rise25, which I co founded with my business partner john Corcoran, and we help b2b businesses connect to their dream 100 clients and referral partners and help you run your podcast. So it generates ROI for you. And it’s been the best thing I’ve done for my business in my life because I’ve made amazing friends. I’ve been to weddings, going to vacations. And it’s a lot more personal than even business for me because I started podcasting by an inspiration from my grandfather, who was a Holocaust survivor, and he him and his brother were concentration camp survivors in Nazi Germany and they were the only members of our family to survive. But what does fit with podcasting? Well, the his legacy lives on because the whole cast foundation did an interview with him. And so it really inspired me I picture this is leaving a legacy for my guests and myself and you can go to my about page on spurred insider wire. The full interview of the person from a holocaust foundation interview my grandfather, and it’s really powerful I it gives me gratitude appreciation for life and just the small things. And so if you have questions about podcasting, you know, I think every business should have one, obviously and you’re going to or support at Rice 25 if you have questions now to today’s guests, I want to give a shout out to to Tony g of ship offers and Roland Frasier. You know, I’ve known David for a long time, and we are on a joint call all of us. And I was like, I am, like so embarrassed. I should have dated on years and years ago, multiple times. So today’s guest You know, there are people in this world, David that I highly respect and I observe that they are behind the scenes making everything happen, and they’re the source of making sure certain really high profile people know each other, and you’re one of those people. And I consider you a friend, a mentor, a colleague. And if you don’t know, David, he runs the infamous internet marketing party. He’s done so for the past over a decade with iconic speakers, and attendees, Jay Abraham, Ryan deiss, Clay Collins of lead pages and in many, many more what people don’t know, if you only know him in that realm, that one dimensional realm is he runs a licensing company, a beauty brand health marketing company. And I think, you know, David, I was reading, I was like, how do I prepare for this? I know, David. Well, I was reading like Lee Richter, who is a mutual friend of us summed it up actually perfectly. She said he’s an incredible entrepreneur, leader in digital marketing space, he has a genuine interest to connect with people is clearly evident and he knows how to elevate people in companies. And he is a genius at creating meaningful connections. And so if you get a chance to go to his events, or collaborate with them, do it So, David, you know, thanks for being here. And I was thinking, who are the biggest givers in this universe? And that’s who I want to share with the world. And I consider you one of those people.

David Gonzalez 5:14
So Wow, well I want to know is I want to know this David Gonzalez.

Dude, I think that may very well be if I can’t think of a better introduction I’ve ever had. So thank you, Jeremy. Yeah, for having me. And I am I am geared up and ready to provide as much value as I can. to your audience. Yeah,

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