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Steve Adams is the CEO of Tiger Neuroscience, a company that helps decode and optimize human performance. It’s a science-based approach to improving performance and their formula is performance equals skill minus interference.

Steve went from being the largest franchisee of a national pet supply chain to Tiger Neuroscience. Their mission is to contribute to the well-being and performance transformation of people and they specifically help professionals, entrepreneurs, and biohackers.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Steve Adams talks about Tiger Neuroscience’s performance formula
  • Common interferences that are stalling your performance
  • Understanding the pain of not getting enough sleep and how it affects your health
  • Steve’s recommendations to improve sleep hygiene
  • How you can manage stress better
  • Steve’s work with Penn State Coach and the results they got for him
  • How Tiger Neuroscience is helping top copywriters and other professionals improve their performance
  • The seven habits that will get you to a state where you feel and perform at your best
  • Steve recalls being burned out as an entrepreneur before going into biohacking
  • How Steve turned things around, overcame burnout, and went on to create a multi-million dollar company
  • Steve’s top picks for business and leadership books

In this episode…

How can you optimize your performance and guarantee top-quality results with every output you deliver? According to Steve Adams, people may have the skills they need to deliver but with seemingly insurmountable interferences, they’re unable to truly give their 100% when doing their tasks and reaching for their goals.

What does Steve mean by interference, how do they impact your performance, and how can you get rid of them so that you can blaze your way to the top of your success ladder?

On this episode of INspired INsider, Dr. Jeremy Weisz interviews Steve Adams of Tiger Neuroscience about how to achieve elevated performance levels using the simple formula that his company has come up with. Find out the common interferences that hinder performance, the seven habits you need to have to feel and perform at your best, and why it’s crucial for a person to get the right amount of sleep if he ever hopes to get the results he wants from the effort he puts in. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz
Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, Founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders like the founders, you’ve heard of some you’ve never heard of, you know. And Steve, I love talking about the challenge stories. So I had Mois Navone on who is the founding engineer at mobile, mobile AI. They, their journey was they were acquired by Intel for $13.2 billion. Okay, they are fueling the autonomous vehicle revolution. What struck me though, is not that what struck me was, there’s points in the journey and you could relate to this and we’re going to talk about you know, I’ve Steve Adams, and we’ll talk about His journey but what struck me was that Mois said throughout, he had to take pay cuts, he had to work really long hours. And we only see the end of the journey we don’t see the journey and he had to go back at one point to his kids and his wife and go, I, I’m cutting my salary, we are pulling out of all extracurricular activities, we can’t have any niceties. We can’t go out to eat, we can’t order in nothing. And that’s like the reality of the journey. And, and I love hearing those stories, because that’s the reality for any business owner pretty much. But we only see the success after 20 years. So I love putting a spotlight on those things. So check out that the founder of p90x talks about like some crazy things with him making money as a street mine before he you know, took off and many many more inspired Insider, so check out those episodes. This You know, this show is brought to you by and funded by my company Rise25, which I co founded with my business His partner John Corcoran, and what we do is we help b2b businesses connect their dream 100 clients and referral partners. And we help them by running their podcast and the podcast. Steve, I tell people, it has to generate ROI, because that makes it sustainable. And then you keep doing it. Even if it’s a passion for someone, if it’s not generating ROI, you stopped doing it. So we want to make sure yes, it produces amazing content, but it needs to generate a return and serve the business itself. I think there’s a bigger purpose for what we do. I do consider this podcasting leaving a legacy for my guests and for myself and short story. People can go to the about page to watch the full interview. My grandfather was a Holocaust survivor, and his legacy lives on because the Holocaust foundation did an interview with him. So you can actually watch that full hour interview on my about page. And that’s really what fuels my motivation and inspiration, and I will never have Stop podcasting or perusing content just for that fact alone of leaving leaving a legacy. So if you have questions about podcasting, we’ve been doing it for over 10 years, go to [email protected]. I am excited to introduce today’s guests. And I want a big big shout out to Eric Douay Eric Douay runs Fair Merchant Solutions. For decades, he’s been helping the hotel travel and grocery industry and other industries with pan processing, and specifically higher risk transactions. So check out you know, and before we start talking, Steve and I hit record. We were like who who’s an amazing person in our universe and Kevin Thompson came up and Kevin Thompson runs Tribe for Leaders. So shout out to you, Kevin. I actually talk to you later today. I’m Steve. Steve Adams is CEO at Tiger Neuroscience which helps decode and optimize human performance. What it is it’s a science based approach to improving performance. Their formula is this. It’s maybe probably, I guess, Steve safe to say it’s simple but not easy. So performance equals skill minus interference. So they want to eliminate interference. He’s going to talk more about that. Steve went from being the largest franchisee of a national pet supply chain, to Tiger Neuroscience, which their mission is to contribute to the well being and performance transformation of people. And they specifically help professionals, entrepreneurs and biohackers. Steve, thank you for joining me. I totally appreciate it.

Steve Adams
Thank you, Jeremy. Happy to be on the show with you.

Jeremy Weisz
So you know, I want to break down maybe that formula first when I do. You know, you’ve talked to him work with Penn State coach. Top copywriters, business leaders. Talk about the formula first performance equals skill minus interference.

Steve Adams
I’ll tell you a real quick story about how I came to that. I was I’m presenting our program to Michigan State University as well. And our the chief medical officer there. He’s a pediatric neuro surgeon. So he’s not a, he’s a smart guy, obviously. And he, he said, You know, he goes, I have this formula on my computer screen. I’m going to turn around and show it to you guys. This is exactly what you guys do. And no kidding. It was on there it was that was his

Jeremy Weisz
performance equal skill minus interference

Steve Adams
now, and I said, Can I use it? He says, absolutely. He says he because he said it communicates clearly what you do. Oh, wow. So so the essence of the formula is this.

Jeremy Weisz
We did he have that formula. What about what he does? Why did he have that formula on his computer screen?

Steve Adams
Dr. Merlino works with all of the athletic programs at Michigan State as well. Hmm. And he has he has a broader vision for an enhancement to their training. Hmm, part of it was it is is to create a neuroscience aspect to it. And so he had that in here for the Board of Trustees at the university.

Jeremy Weisz
Huge try to boil down all the work he’s doing into a very simple formula. I gotcha. Yeah. So what do you mean by Yeah, so go into.

Steve Adams
So the big idea is we all have skills. And this formula really works when you’re in your domain of expertise. So we all have skills. But the problem is we also have a lot of interference. And so interference can be things like emotional control, or it can be I don’t, I don’t have sustained energy every day. I have an inability to focus. It can be all the way to a clinical condition like anxiety, or depression or ADHD or trauma, PTSD, something like that. Essentially, what it is, is anything that gets in the way of you feeling your best and performing your best is interference. And so what our brand promises If you go through the steps of our process, we’re going to eliminate or reduce that interference and now your skill is going to predominate. And that’s going to elevate your performance.

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