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Daniel James is the Founder and CEO of mint performance marketing, a full-service agency that helps disruptive DTC and e-commerce brands accelerate growth through performance marketing. In 2021, mint was acquired by Social Chain Agency, a social media and e-commerce group. Since 2004, Daniel has led digital marketing strategies at companies including MySpace, AOL, Adidas, and Disney.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Daniel James shares his experience leading marketing strategies for MySpace
  • How Daniel’s career at MySpace influenced his transition to performance marketing
  • mint performance marketing’s notable case studies
  • What makes a successful influencer marketing campaign?
  • Common mistakes brands make with influencer marketing
  • Effective influencer marketing campaign strategies for TikTok
  • How to drive brand performance through video content
  • The importance of building brand loyalty through personalized customer experiences
  • Daniel talks about his company’s recent acquisition

In this episode…

In today’s digital marketing landscape, customer acquisition costs are exorbitant, so brands need to retain their top customers. Brand performance is crucial for driving loyalty, but it’s essential to leverage the right channels. So, what are some customer retention strategies you can utilize to maximize brand awareness and engagement?

Digital strategist Daniel James recognizes the value of influencer marketing. This strategy builds engagement through user-generated content (UGC). When utilizing this form of marketing, Daniel advises you to focus on the community before the influencer to generate content relevant to your target audience. He also emphasizes the importance of optimizing the customer experience when generating loyalty. This may entail personalized notes with each product to make the customer feel appreciated.

In today’s episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz sits down with Daniel James, Founder and CEO of mint performance marketing, to talk about loyalty and brand performance campaigns. Daniel shares the qualities of a successful influencer marketing campaign, how to drive brand performance through video content, and the importance of building brand loyalty through optimized customer experiences.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:15 

You are listening to Inspired Insider with your host, Dr. Jeremy Weisz.

Jeremy Weisz 0:22 

Dr. Jeremy Weisz, here, Founder of Inspired Insider, where I talk with inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders. Today is no different. I have Daniel James of mint performance marketing. And before I introduce you formally, Daniel, I always like to mention past episodes deals check out of the podcast and there’s one with Chris Madden that’s been a fan favorite because he talks about NFTs, the metaverse, and advertising and digital world that’s a popular topic. And he kind of goes through a nice walk through like a one on one for people like me who don’t know much, but actually kind of gave me a little masterclass in it in that session. And then I had Martin Greif of Site Tuners. And he kind of did a walkthrough, they do conversion rate optimization, and website stuff and kind of did a walkthrough of the kind of, I guess you get a teardown on certain sites include our own site. So it’s kind of fun to watch. And I told him not to pull any punches with that. So check out that and more episodes and today’s episode is brought to you by Rise25. At Rise25 we help businesses give to and connect to their dream 100 relationships. And how do we do that? We actually help you run your podcast. And we’re an easy button for you to launch around your podcast, we do strategy, the execution and accountability to make sure it makes sense. And for me, Daniel, the number one thing in my life is relationships, I’m always looking at ways to give to my best relationships. And I found no better way to do that than the profile the people and companies I most admire on this planet and share with the world what they’re working on. So if you thought about podcasting, you should if you have questions, go to We’ve been doing it for over a decade. So I’m not sure what that is an internet years. But we’re going to talk about internet years because Daniel actually worked with MySpace. So if anyone here doesn’t know what that is, maybe you’re too young. But one of the first no is the first but one of the first social media sites. But without further ado, we have Daniel James, he launched his own growth agency mint performance marketing scale to seven figures within 12 months. And like I was saying his social media days actually go way back to being an early employee of MySpace. So he’s seen firsthand the beginnings of social media. He’s led marketing strategies for MySpace, AOL, Toyota, Adidas, Kraft, Disney, and many more. His agency actually got acquired by a global agency group social chain. So he’s the Founder and CEO of mint performance marketing, but also the CEO of Social Chain US. So Daniel, thanks for joining me.

Daniel James 2:55 

Awesome. Great to be here. Thank you for having me on. And that’s it. Listen to that. NFT podcasts that you mentioned. Yeah, I’m really interested in that space. Got a couple of friends doing some work in that space as well. So sounds like a good one.

Jeremy Weisz 3:08 

He talks about how he utilize it within his agency as well. So it’s kind of cool for an agency specifically to. So take me back to MySpace, what was it like in the MySpace days? And we’ll talk about mint performance and what you do.

Daniel James 3:26 

Yeah, I think MySpace was one of the first maybe recognized social media platforms. I’m sure there were things smaller things before then. But it was the first one that really took off. I mean, working there was a ton of fun. That’s what I mainly remember. I’m sure we worked as well as some parts of the day. But it was a ton of fun. I think it felt you could sense the excitement of it, of what was being built. You know, we were always doing really cool things, innovative things. It was very creative. I mean, I had just started my own MySpace page, my band. When I got the job. Record the bets. I was lead singer and guitarist. Before I got into marketing, my aspirations were to be the next Kurt Cobain or Liam Gallagher.

Jeremy Weisz 4:21 

Is there a YouTube stuff online?

Daniel James 4:24 

No, no, I’ve got CDs that were recorded. I’ve got lots of photos of gigs. I’ve actually got the old 12 track recorder that we recorded all of our demos on in my house that I listened to from time to time it still smells of weed from and it’s got that it’s got the authentic smell of what the band was all about. Beer and weed. It’s not our job. Yeah, before MySpace was all about music and it was an amazing time. It’s when I first visit Los Angeles as well. I came over here and spent time with the MySpace team over here. That’s when I also first decided I want to live in LA one day, I mean, from a lad from England coming over to LA in the early 20s, and being exposed to all the opportunity and big bright lights and everything else. I set my sights back then on one day moving to LA and running my own marketing agency took me a while to do it, but I did in the end, but MySpace was amazing, super smart people. I was there for a couple of years. We did some really good stuff, I think, obviously, it paved the way for everything that came in the social space. And you could just see how rapidly it was evolving. Obviously, when Facebook came around, started to steal the lunch a little bit. The writing was a little bit on the wall, but I mean, MySpace is still around. I say to people, it’s what it probably always should have been, it was always a creative community space. Right, it tried to do a bit of everything. So it was a social platform, but you had to kind of code your page a little bit. When Facebook came along, it was that easy, just communication tool. And I think for anyone that wasn’t more creatively driven, Facebook made more sense for them. And obviously, have gone on to become what Facebook now is.

Jeremy Weisz 6:28 

We’re going to have to put Daniel find that get the digital version of that CD and put it on YouTube or something. So yeah, I want to hear what you learn from what you took from your, your experiences and MySpace brought it into men performance, but some of the best marketers I know and business people I know started off in music because you really have to do everything. When you have a band you have to get people there. How do you get people there to learn in the trenches. I Greg relied on the podcast and he wouldn’t rap on at the end of the episode, but I did pull a clip of him at the end of that episode. I want to his performance. I think he opened for Bone Thugs and harmony at one point. So he was legit rapper, but amazing business person. Also kid Russell, shout out to him. His intro music and outro music, it’s his intro and outro music and he’s also works in the agency world as well. So I love it. So we’re going to have to get it. Put it on YouTube, for sure. Yeah, go ahead.

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