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Johann Nogueira is the Co-founder of Comet Suite, an artificial intelligence, one-stop marketing tool that helps you grow your business by generating leads, closing sales, creating content, and more. Additionally, Johann is the Co-founder of White Label Suite, a partnering software in conjunction with Comet Suite. With White Label, companies can use the software as their property to attract more leads and grow the business. A technology and marketing expert, Johann has over 20 years of experience building, growing, and selling multiple companies.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Johann Nogueira discusses Comet Suite’s backstory
  • What is “white-label” software, and why do companies prefer that version?
  • Johann shares a case study on how to generate more leads for clients
  • Why you should refine your product messaging to gain clients
  • The three business models of Comet Suite
  • Johann discusses his business partnerships
  • How the founders improved Comet Suite based on feedback

In this episode…

It’s rare that a multimillion-dollar idea falls into your lap, as with serial entrepreneur Johann Nogueira. Though he knew the product was a gold mine and would benefit hundreds of people and businesses, it wasn’t easy to sell to potential buyers. So what can you do when you develop an idea or product that you’re sure will benefit others but your pitches fail?

Per Johann’s advice, the first step is to change the messaging behind the product or service. When clients become overwhelmed, it deters their interest, leading to a “no.” But if you simplify the use of the product or service and present a refined pitch explaining how it will streamline the client’s life, a sense of trust is gained, and a “no” becomes a “yes.” So, what other effective strategies can help you leverage your business?

Join Dr. Jeremy Weisz, host of the Inspired Insider Podcast, as he chats with the Co-founder of Comet Suite and White Label Suite, Johann Nogueira. Johann explains his investment ventures and how he uses his knowledge of technology and marketing to leverage business. He also dives deep into his methodologies for scaling companies.

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Episode Transcript

Intro  0:15  

You are listening to Inspired Insider with your host, Dr. Jeremy Weisz.

Jeremy Weisz  0:22  

Dr. Jeremy Weisz, here, Founder of Inspired Insider, where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders. Today is no different. I’ve got Johann Nogueira. And you’ll have more I want to formally introduce you in a second and he runs Comet Suite and White Label Suite. But I always like to mention other episodes of the podcast because check out and since this is a SaaS company to check out other SaaS interviews I did, I had Gavin’s Zuchlinski of Acuity Scheduling. And he was a stickler for split testing, and conversion. So that’s a great episode to listen to. I had one of the cofounders of Wistia on and Zvi Band of Contactually. And he ended up selling that company, but all great episodes, check them out. And this episode is brought to you by Rise25. At Rise25, we help businesses give to and connect to their dream 100 relationships. And how do we do that we help you run your podcast, we’re an easy button for you to help you know, launch and run your podcast we do execution, we do accountability and strategy for you. And for me, the number one thing in my life is relationships. I’m always looking at ways to give to my best relationships, I know you’re the same. And I found no better way to do that to profile the people and companies I most admire over the past decade and let everyone know what they’re working on. So if you’ve thought about podcasting, you shouldn’t if you have questions, go to And I’m excited to introduce Johann Nogueira. And he’s built and grown and sold multiple companies over the past 20 years. And his knowledge of technology and marketing allows him to leverage and build systems that scales companies that works quickly. You know, when I’ve talked to Johann, you know, he has helped scale these things in a very condensed amount of time, which is pretty amazing. He’s going to share some of his methodologies and what he does on his interview, and he is the co founder of Comet Suite and White Label Suite and Johann, thanks for joining me.

Johann Nogueira  2:25  

Thank you for having me. It’s an honor to be here. Thank you.

Jeremy Weisz  2:27  

So tell people a little bit about Comet Suite and White Label Suite?

Johann Nogueira  2:32  

Yeah, for sure. I’ll start off with Comet Suite. So I have this friend who funnily enough, he interviewed me on a podcast five years ago. And then we ended up keeping in touch being friends. And then every couple of months, he’d hit me up saying, hey, I really want to do something with you, hey, I really want to do something with you. And this is he was persistent. And then turns out, I go on holiday. And I’m on a holiday with him at will in the Gold Coast. That’s where he lives. And so I messaged him, and I said, Hey, I’m in your town, do you want to catch up? Do you want to have breakfast? And he said, Yeah, for sure. Let’s do it. So we catch him for breakfast. And he starts going, like, Hey, tell me what are you working on? is like, working on this business working on this business working on this business? I’m like, holy moly. He literally had seven different businesses, seven different brands, seven different everything, seven separate companies. And the man was pulling his hair out. So I said, Did you know that they all link? Exactly. They all linked together and you have the exact same customer base. And he because he was so in it, had never seen it. Now 13 years, he’s put into these softwares. And you know, here they are on the screen. Thank you for sharing. And that’s how

Jeremy Weisz  3:41  

you’re wanting to listen to the audio only I am on the video part. You can see I’m on Comet Suite. And you can see some of the elements in there.

Johann Nogueira  3:50  

Yeah, for sure. And it’s a he is a he’s 50,000 customers later, not a database customers. And I said, Oh my God, you’ve got you’ve got gold sitting right here. He’s like, What do you mean, I’m like him, and we crafted an offer. And I said, Hey, go try this out. And he calls me back two weeks later, he’s like, You have no idea how much money I just made. And I’m like, That’s great. Well done. And he said, I want you to be my business partner. I said, Hey, look, you know, I’ve got a lot of stuff going on. Maybe Maybe another time. But good luck. I’ve given you the strategy goes implement that. Anyway, we went

Jeremy Weisz  4:25  

So the strategy was it always software? So we went to maybe one of the software’s in offered. The other software to that group is that?

Johann Nogueira  4:34  

Actually, he actually sold it as a bundle, like all of them together to agencies, who are the ideal clients after software. And literally he pulled in more than $200,000 in the two weeks. And he’s like, this is incredible. Can you be my business partner and I’m like, why would you give away a part of your company when you can just go and do what I asked the e&m said, You should do that. So that’s that was that conversation. And then we went into lockdown. So we were in lockdown for 300 days. And anyway, I go to my neighbor’s house, and he’s a successful business owner as well. And I’m telling him about the software and he goes, I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to call you on it, there’s no way that the software can exist, because it would literally be life changing. And I said, it exists. And at two in the morning was, you know, two in the morning messaging Walt saying, hey, we need to see a demo, because my friend doesn’t believe that the software exists. So he goes, Okay, cool. So we jump on. The next morning, we do a demo. And Chris is messaging me, he’s like, this is absolutely insane. I cannot believe that this exists. This is a game changer. So that’s, that’s the, that’s how Comet Suite were started. Two days later, we went back to Walton said, this is how these are the improvements you need to make. And he said, I want both of you to be in the business. Alright, cool, you know, what we’re gonna pretend like were, you know, in the business, and you have until December to kick us out of the business with no hard feelings. And that was April last year, December is gone. And past, we’ve, we’ve built the company with significant foundations in the so that’s how Comet Suite happened. And by the way, the first three months was integrating all those different softwares together to make it one suite. And then the next three months was trying to sell it. And I say, trying, because we tried to sell it, and we got a 5% conversion rate, that is horrible. And so I went to the people who didn’t buy and said, Why didn’t you buy? And they said, well, there’s so much in the software, I’m gonna have to hire five people to run this thing. Like, oh, okay, I get it. You know, for those of you who are looking at the screen, as a ton of stuff in here. And so we

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