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Jeremy Weisz  6:39  

see some of the features, if you’re looking at it says here, the different features and kind of like what you said, combining on one, there’s on demand, lead generation, artificial intelligence, social media post in personalized landing pages, website, concierge, and it goes on and on phone dialer, email marketing, SMS, marketing, all these things in one.

Johann Nogueira  6:59  

There’s a lot, so people’s minds literally blown. And so I called up the people who did buy, and I said, What are you using a faster software? And they said, we’re only using the late to leads was the major thing that it was a 99.9%. You know, there was one person who said, I’m using the social, but everybody else was using leads, it was very cool. So we changed our offer. And our offer became how would you like 1000 leads every month 1000 market qualified leads, who want to meet with you, for $300. And that’s what changed everything, our conversion rate went to 80%. We, we just started growing and growing and growing. And I’m like, wow, this is absolutely incredible. Now, for our software to work, because they’re all seven different pieces of software, we need to plug the software into a CRM, we didn’t want to build on CRM, I’ve got a lot of friends who build CRMs and the amount of headaches that come with CRMs. You know, there’s companies who’ve dedicated their lives to having a CRM, great. I don’t know on my own. Let’s plug into this. So we plugged into a CRM and the first one we plugged into is called GHL. We plugged into them, and we started offering it as a free CRM because we’ve got all these other big companies who use Salesforce, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, etc, agile. And they said, Hey, what do you you know, when we first said, hey, we’ll give you a CRM, Listen, I’m not switching, I’ve spent 20 3050 100 $200,000 on my CRM, we said, okay, cool. Our CRM that we give them acts as a pre CRM. So what it does is it it’ll it’ll it, what’s the what’s the, where you find, you find the needle in the haystack. So we find all the good people out of those 1000 5000 10,000 leads, and only the ones who are ready to buy the ones who are having 10, the ones who really want to connect with you, they get sent into your real setup, you know, for your existing CRM with the infrastructure. So that’s how we, that’s, that’s what happened there. And so that way, you know, plugging into all the other CRM so we can if people need to, but we sell it as a package where they get the CRM plus all of our software, and all the qualified leads go directly to their CRM. So that’s, that’s what happened there. And then White Label Suite three months ago, literally, it didn’t exist three months ago. So these guys who are part of this CRM came in and said, Hey, can you white label your software? So what do you mean? I mean, yeah, we’re planning to but in June next year, Oh, okay. Can you do it by Monday. Now, this was on a Friday. So we literally had to get all of our devs on, and we had a three day massive hackathon. And we, we white label that thing, and we launched it on the Monday over a webinar. That day, we got 100 clients. By the end of the week, we had 200 clients. Now, three months later, we’re at 650 clients. And that’s happened through three joint ventures So 650 clients in with three joint ventures is pretty awesome. So we decided, Okay, who else can we partner with, we right now have a list of 157 JV’s that we’re launching next year. So that’s, that’s the trajectory of where we’re going. And anyone in business who needs leads, who wants to connect with their ideal clients, their dream 100, right. This is this is definitely not about sending out 1020 50,000 emails, we’re not about that. It’s about identifying your ideal clients, understanding all their pain points, creating an irresistible offer, presenting it to them, getting them to engage with you, and then building relationship and then doing business. So that’s what we do. So that’s the story of Comet Suite, how it came about and then how White Label Suite has come about, and just add a little bit more context. So we have a parent company called Comet Global. Comet Global, goes and buys other software, buys, builds or develops, other software, puts that into the suite, which then goes into White Label Suite, which then we have all these digital agencies who can now White, label it, sell it as their own charge, whatever price they want to charge. And then Comet Suite has now become just one out of the 650 users of White Label Suite. So yeah, so that’s how it all fits in together?

Jeremy Weisz  11:26  

Thanks for laying that out. There’s a couple points I want to hit on, on here. And in one is, as far as what were the reasons why they wanted to white label it. What are the reasons why someone wants to use a white label version.

Johann Nogueira  11:44  

So what have said, Comet Suite is more, it’s going to have our branding that’s going to have our got our stuff, big log into our url, with the white label, they can log into their on url. So these are people who are now blogging and selling our product as their product, and they can charge whatever. So a lot of the lot of people came to us saying you are charging too little. The value that you add is so much I can charge way more. Can I put it on to my brand and charge more? So he said, Yes, you can. So we’ve got people who buy our software at a very, really cheap price. And they’re reselling and for quadruple five times 10 times what they pay us. The reason being is because the way it works, I’ll give you I’ll give you an example. I think that works. Yeah,

Jeremy Weisz  12:34  

let’s give an actual example. Because I think part of it is they’re charging more of the partners, they’re probably running it helping run it for the clients a little bit or overlaying strategy or in other other things.

Johann Nogueira  12:47  

I imagine. That’s right. So there’s there’s three main business business models that they use here. The first one is they use the software to generate leads for themselves. The second one is they use the software to generate leads for their clients, and charge their clients on a pay per lead model. I believe digital agencies are going to have a massive disruption next year in the hereafter where the retainer model is going to be going away. And it will be changing to a paper lead model. Because a lot of clients really, really don’t like paying that management fee, especially with their advertising, etc. Because once you’ve got the ad set up, and they’re nicely in there humming, the amount of work required to tweak them is not that much. But paying a big retainer every month, the client feels like you know, I’ll give you an example. So if we go to a dentist and say, Hey, Mr. Dentists, I’m gonna generate you teeth whitening leads, and I charge you $2,000 A month as a retainer, and then you’ve got to spend on the ads. Another $2,000 The dentist was like, oh, yeah, okay, cool. And then if you go to the dentist and go, Hey, by the way, I’m gonna charge you double now. So my retainer has gone to $4,000 a month, the dentist is going to tell you where to go, right. But if we change it to a paper lead model, and you go to the dentist and go, Hey, I’m gonna generate you clients for teeth whitening or for Invisalign. And I know that you know, you make you sell it for $15,000. Let’s use Invisalign. It’s a real case study $15,000 a pop. I want $2,000 as my fee. Now we know that they make between seven to $8,000 profit from that, are they happy to give a give up to those loans? The answer is yes. So now they only paying for people who’ve sold who are sold, and they definitely making that profit. So that’s the paper lead model. So now if we go to Mr. dentist and say, Hey, Mr. Dentist, you’re spending you’re only spending $2,000 on Facebook, and you’re getting 50 100 You know, close, close clients. How about we double that because you’ve got a new chair opened up or you’ve got some extra doctors. That’s why it’s been Yes, let’s do that. Now when they say yes, not only is there doubling labs and actually doubling your stem amount of money that you’re getting, because you’re generating more leads, you’re getting paid for the leads. So that’s the paper lead model. And then the third one is they install the software, this is a white label one, they install the software for the client, they and they show the client how to use the software. And then they charge them a retainer every month for that, but they have access to the software to generate leads on demand as they need to. So they buy it from us at wholesale, and then they sell it, they sell it at whatever price they want. So that’s the three different business models that work over there.

Jeremy Weisz  15:30  

You know, one of the things that shifted that made a big difference that you mentioned, is the messaging, finding the messaging we’re looking at. So just just stop for a second and talk about what was the messaging before and you can see if you’re watching the video, you can see when you go to the or You can see how the messaging is right White Label Suite says 1000 search results per month, 300 per month, you know, and you’re really talking about leads, what did the messaging start off as, and then same thing Comet Suite, it says 1000 leads per month 2000 leads per month or 5000 leads per month. So you really refine the messaging

Johann Nogueira  16:18  

100%. So with Comet Suite, we offer everything, we build your funnels, we do your marketing, we write the copy, we write the emails, we do all the visual design of your product, we help you launch your product, it’s very much a concierge type service where we are building with you. And it is stuff as we started hiring tons of stuff to cater to look after the client. So that’s what common sweet was. And it’s and so from there, when we switched White Label Suite, because they were selling to digital agencies, they already have all of that infrastructure, but they don’t have the tool. So now they just want access to the tool. So we give them access to the tool. And then once in the backend, we show them, we train them on exactly how to use it. So now they selling their clients leads, market qualified leads all day long,

Jeremy Weisz  17:12  

what was the original messaging that you said wasn’t working?

Johann Nogueira  17:17  

It’s here, Hey, Jeremy, I’m gonna, I’m gonna build you a website, I’m gonna build your funnels, I’m gonna have autodialers on there, I’m gonna do design for you, I’m gonna run your email campaigns, I’m gonna run rate reactivation campaigns, we’re gonna write out scripts for your chatbot we’re gonna do that at the end, your brain just goes. That sounds like a lot of work, Johann, I’m sure it’s great. I’m sure I needed but dude, I need a holiday just to write out all the stuff that you’re talking about. I don’t have time for that. And that that’s what the messaging was. And so when we changed it to, we’ll give you 1000 leads a month for 300 bucks. It just just became simple.

Jeremy Weisz  17:54  

I love it because you looked at the user behavior. And then you actually talk to the users that you’re your past users and why they bought. And they gave you the answers that sounds like for that messaging

Johann Nogueira  18:05  

thing. Exactly. Then they didn’t they didn’t we had all of these cool features, which we were obsessed with, like you can do this, you can do that you can do this. They’re like, Yeah, we don’t really care about that. We just want this help us make this thing work better. And all of our problems get solved. And when Wow, can because leads are cash flow into the business, the more like we’ve got companies now who are growing exponentially because now they can hire more and more sales staff while closing more deals with their ideal clients, which then brings more cash flow in. And then they just say growing. So yeah, that’s at the end of the day. That was the thing that changed everything. I want to

Jeremy Weisz  18:43  

talk about partnerships because even you have a track record over the years of really skyrocketing with partners and your philosophy around partners. And let’s take GHL Burnie as an example. Do you plan to integrate with other CRMs as well?

Johann Nogueira  19:02  

100%. So yes, we will. We’ve built it so that it can plug into Infusionsoft, HubSpot, Salesforce, agile, etc. And move API to pretty much they just login, they click a button and it’s connected to their CRM. But if they want to, because all of those dimension CRMs as soon as you add another 1000 2000 5000 leads into your, into your company into your account, you go up to the next tier. And so it becomes an expensive exercise because from we’ve got on here 1000 searches now 1000 It’s on this page it says 1000 leads but it’s actually 1000 searches now one search can actually yield 10,000 results because a if you if you look at a particular company if we search for real estate agents in Chicago, for example, every company has about 10 Real estate agents whose contact details you Gonna get to that one search yields 10 results. So 1000 searches yields 10,000 contacts into your database. So if you plug that into the other CRMs, you start going up in the tiers very quickly. That’s why we say, hey, use our pre CRM, figure out who out of those 10,000, who are the real people who want to do business with you, and might be 200 that are ready to go right now. Awesome. Let’s get those guys into your existing CRM, who have qualified and You’ve nurtured them, and now they are your ideal clients to work with?

Jeremy Weisz  20:32  

Yeah, I’ll take you know, we’ve used Infusionsoft before we’ve used Active Campaign before but if you take active campaign, right, for example, 1000 contacts could be, you know, once you start increasing this with the different features that goes up very, very quickly, right.

It’s like that scale up to 10,000. See what happens? And that’s, yeah, exactly. You could see that also, you’re paying per email as well. Correct. So there is this is not a this is like a base price. And then you’re paying on top of that, for the emails that you’re sending as well. Looks like. Yep.

So what were some of the you know, with the software, you’re always improving? Originally, you went to Wall and said, Hey, we want these improvements. What were you seeing originally that you want improving? And what are some of the What’s some of the feedback you’re getting? Now that has been added in? Because of the the feedback from the customers?

Johann Nogueira  21:43  

Yeah, for sure. I’ll give you an example. So we we plug into so we are API into some of the biggest platforms like Google, Google Maps, LinkedIn, etc. And because we’re API there, we actually have no database, we still no data. And every search that people are doing, it’s getting done in real time. And it’s finding the exact source as well. So we have a this is where we found the data. This, it’s publicly available on their website. So there’s no, you know, scraping is a bad word. So we say, hey, look, this is this is we’ve API directly. And this is where the data is available, you can go check it out. And you can find this manually if you wanted to. And here’s where you would find it is like some of the improvements. I’ll give you an example. We had a CEO, sorry, Landseer. leadership coach, he works with us. And he’s, he’s a client. And he said, Hey, it’d be great if I could find all the people who are on LinkedIn right now we are talking about leadership as important. Easy. Developers? Can you do that? Yes, we can. Okay, so now we can go into the search, we can say I’m looking for CEOs in Manhattan CEOs of tech companies in Manhattan who say leadership is important. Why? Because that is that if that guy’s ideal clients, if they are talking about leadership is important. We know that he can already strike up a conversation. And he can say, Hey, I know that you’re talking about leadership is important. I’m the head leadership coach at blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I’d love to come and talk to your people for free, and show them and prove you know how important leadership is, and it can turn your business around. Now, he did this for one of our in one of our syndicates. And one of the companies that does $2.5 billion a year said, We need him and they hired him to come do a full two day workshop, but the entire leadership team. So that’s, that’s how if you know what people are talking about, if you know what’s top of mind, if you know what’s keeping them up at night, you can find that in there. We had a physiotherapist and a physiotherapist comes in and we said, Okay, who do you love working with? She goes, I love working with CEOs. And by the way over here in Australia, and those CEOs are the owners as well. And I know in America CEOs are employed by the owners. So that’s a distinction there. So when I talked about CEOs, I’m talking about owners. And so she said I love working with CEOs in Melbourne, who have a broken hamstring. That’s that’s the detail that it goes into. So she gets a list of 1000 CEOs who have had a broken hamstring. And she sends him a message and says, Hey, Johan, I know that you’ve had a broken hamstring. He has a two minute video on how to strengthen your knees and get that strength back so that you can function fully. Now if I get that message, I’m gonna be like, Yeah, I’m gonna watch that video. I want to become strong again, right click, and then as soon as I click on that, the system knows that I’m watching that video. The system will then send me another email or text message or a voicemail, whichever way that she set it up, saying, hey, Johann you watch that video. Congratulations. We’ve got four more videos, which will show you how to strengthen your shoulders, your back then. Would you like access to that? Yes. Hey, by the way, do you want to also join our Facebook group with these other amazing CEOs You can network with? Yes. So you say she’s a physiotherapist, what physiotherapist does this kind of service, right? So that’s marketing and strategy. So now she’s added me to a group. I’m like, Wow, that’s so cool people here. And then I get a message saying, Hey, by the way, here’s a voucher come in, come see me for free. You’ve already seen my videos, you know, I can add value to you. And then she’ll sell them a three to $5,000 a year plan to get their physiotherapy data for the rest of the year. Is it? So it’s systemize. So that’s, that’s how that works?

Jeremy Weisz  25:28  

What, um, let’s talk about your philosophy and approach when communicating with partners, right? And we can use GHL as an example, right? Because you make it sound easy. But I know you took you probably are communicating with them, you probably approach a certain way. And that resulted in hundreds of clients because of it. So when you’re thinking this is a perfect partner for us, right? And GHL? What’s that approach look like?

Johann Nogueira  25:59  

What does that approach look like? So when we learn to the easy, you, you show people how it works. So we went to the conference in Dallas, they had their first level of conference, it was amazing. We had a booth there. And we had these amazing banners, which were built for attracting clients. So I had all these people running up to our banners and scanning them and watching the demo videos and signing up. And so they’re looking across, if you just look across the sea of people, everybody is at our booth, watching the demos, signing up watching demos signing up, and they came up and they’re like, Who the hell are you guys like, what’s going on? Why is everybody raving about you. And so then we showed them what we do, and they’re like, Wow, you could really increase our retention. Because hey, if somebody’s got a CRM, that’s there, it’s, it’s good. But if it’s not being utilized, then it becomes a liability and just an expense. Whereas what we do is we bring in qualified leads into the system. And now if people are working those qualified leads, they’re gonna stick around, and they’re gonna leave the CRM. So that’s what we do. So that’s, so that’s how the conversation started, then we started talking to all the different vendors to support jhL, in this case, and so all of those people, we’ve started banding together and promoting each other, hey, I’ll promote your you promote me, let’s, you know, we’ve all got the same audience, we all add value and give them a choice, it’s gone are the days of no, this is my client, I’m learning and I don’t want to share my database sort of thing. It’s a this is everyone’s client, if it’s our job, it’s our duty to educate them on the different offers that there are. And so this actually happened with my other company. And we, with the previous company that I have, we built it to 20 million in four years, and then we sold it. And how do we manage to grow that fast, it was easy, we actually found the leaders in the space, we partnered up with each one of those leaders. And at the start, nobody wants to partner because everybody thinks you’re a competitor. So I went to the first one. And I said, Hey, I see that you’re selling this, I’m going and presenting next week to client number, you know, this client, who I know you would love to have as a client, can I go and sell your stuff to them? And they’re like, What do you mean? What’s the catch? I’m like, no catch, I want to sell your stuff. I want to add it on as, as my product, it bolts onto mine, it gives them massive value, because now they don’t have to deal with two vendors that deal with one. And I’ll take care of all the support with you. Like we’ll work that out. But let me show you how it works. And they’re like, Okay, so I went I pitched I want the client, send them the details. So hey, here invoice me. Let’s go like wow. And then next week, another one next week. Another one. They’re like, dude, alright, cool. Come in, let’s have a chat. We have a chat. And they go, this is amazing. Yeah, let’s partner up. Let’s make everything official. And we’ll sell your stuff to great, that’ll be good, because now you’ve got a competitive advantage over the other people. And then I went to the next one. And I said, Hey, do you want to join our little cohort, I’m selling my stuff and these guys stuff. And I’d love to sell your stuff. And so that’s how we do it. And we ended up having, you know, the first three started. And then the other two came running up to us saying, can we be part of your little syndicate that will be awesome. So that’s, that’s why we did that. And the clients were happy because they only had to deal with one window. I was happy because now I five times my Salesforce, like it was the best strategy ever, because we had five companies selling our product now all day long. And we were just getting orders, orders, orders orders. And we’re like we have no idea where these orders are coming from. But it’s great. Well, we do have an idea where they’re coming from. But you understand what I’m saying we don’t actually have live people out in the field orders is coming through. And these are not orders for anything cheap, like base product was 50,000 a year. And then on the back end of that there was no one talking about financials, but you understand how all that works. Yeah, so that’s partnerships. It’s all about win win win. So we find people who have a complementary database, who need our service need their service, and then we will work together to sell our services and sell their services. And anybody else’s who needs which enhance, enhances that clients experience.

Jeremy Weisz  30:06  

Yeah, and a couple things that I observed that thanks for sharing that breakdown is, you know, you think of what do they want, you’ll also band together and promote and then kind of an abundance mindset. But the other thing that sticks out is you put your money where your mouth is, like you actually, uh, you didn’t email really in the, in the GHL example, you showed up, you paid for a birth, and you showed up and added value and paid off. And same thing with that other scenario is like, you referred them a client and paid them, like this person is serious. So sometimes it’s just, it seems like Yes, an email, you probably could have started that relationship. But you start off, it seems like here like I value this, I’m gonna pay you for this

Johann Nogueira  30:56  

is that 100% When I started my digital agency, we’re talking about 2008. Now, I went up to I said, Hey, I love building web sites. And then I went, and I said, who’s got my client? Who’s got who’s got the guys who I want? And it was other digital agencies. So can you imagine a digital agency going up to other digital agencies saying, Can I build websites for you? They’re like, what your competitor? What do you mean? Can you build websites for us? And like, I don’t want to go and find clients, you have got eight developers and for salespeople, what would happen if you had eight salespeople, and for developers, just in case we screwed up? Like what do you mean, like for developers, just in case you know, any emergency work you need to do that have eight salespeople I will give you a fixed cost. I will give you a better quality, faster turnaround, fully systemized, all you have to do is make the sale give me this data, I will build it and scope creep all of that out, I will absorb all that. And you have a fixed cost. And this is how much I’m going to charge you. And this is how much you can sell it for. And so by saying that to them, they will Okay, cool. So we onboard 36 agencies. So we have 36 agencies all day every day sending us work. And by the way, the hook was, let me show you, I will build your first project for free. Now this project cost me money because I had to pay people in order to make this happen. But after I proved that our system was worked all day, every day these guys are selling and sending it to us for fulfillment, we would white label it and give it back to them. So I’ve been white labeling since 2008. Yeah, always, always give before you ask. Love it. You had someone you know and call you. One morning, crying? Yes, it was a couple of weeks ago. My phone rings, and I pick up the phone and not many people have my phone number. This guy that says Johann I’m like, Yes. He starts crying. And I’m like, okay, like this is odd cultural seven, eight in the morning. I’m like, Dude, are you okay? Can I can I call somebody for you? Like, why do you call me who are you? And can I help you? You know, what do you need right now? Because I’m not used to people crying. I was in a little bit of a panic mode. And he’s like, no, no, no, sorry. I just had to compose myself, you know, and I just wanted to call and say, I was at my lowest point I was at, I had $2,000 left in my bank account. And we had to decide whether we feed the family or whether we put the kids through school and the school fees were overdue. My business was failing. My wife was hassling me saying you need to go get a job, go drive an Uber, do whatever you need to do get some money in the door. Because whatever you’re doing is not working. He goes emotionally, physically, mentally, I was drained, I was smashed. I watched the webinar. And I said, You know what, I’m gonna take a risk. I’m gonna do it. And he did it. He signed up. And then now two months later, he’s making a consistent $80,000 a month. So he goes, I’m calling because I want to send you a bottle of champagne. Can you let me know where to send it? I said, screw the bottle of champagne. Tell me send me that on video. Because I’m like, but I need you to tell me how did you do it? How did you go from it? Because 80,000 is a ton of money for somebody who is telling me that they were you know, at rock bottom. How did you do it? It’s so easy. I went into your software. And I talked to CEOs, property investment. So he found all those CEOs property investment. And then over here in Melbourne, he typed in Mornington Peninsula. So it’s the rich part of town. $2 million plus houses. That’s all he did. And now anyone can do this in any city law. So he found the list of all the CEOs who are interested in property investment. He sent them an email, by the way this it’s going into 1002 years. Right. So he didn’t personalize. He didn’t do a personal email. It would say something like this. Hey, Jeremy, I know that you run a lot, Rhys 20 Congratulations. And I also know that you love investing in property. Now, on our books, we have 200 amazing properties, of which three are absolute standout? Would you like to see these deals? Because they return between 10 to 15%. Now, if this was going out to smart CEOs, was the response going to be their brains and thinking, well, this guy’s done all the hard work for me from 200, he’s filtered it down to three. I’m a smart person, I can make a quick decision on whether I can you know, if that’s a good deal or not, yeah, send me the deals. And then it goes, Great. Thank you. Thank you, James, please fill out these three little radio buttons, I’m ready to buy now. Ready to buy in three to six months, ready to buy in six months plus, I have 1 million zero to 500,000 equity 500,000 plus million dollars plus, for example. And then the other one was location based city or regional. And now this is a qualified lead who said yes, they have this amount of money. They’re looking to buy in this amount of time, and this region. And then he contacted the real estate agents and said, I have high net worth individuals ready to buy a house right now? Or in three months? Would you like to lead? This is the data I have? And the real estate agents would say? Hell yeah. And so he would sell those leads to them for $2,000. And pup? Why 2000? Because these guys make 30 to $50,000 Commission. for them. It’s easy. How did he risk reverse that he said, If you don’t get a sale from this, I will send you another lead on me. Alright, so they are guaranteed to get a sale for this. So hell yeah, they’re ready to. They’re very happy to put down $2,000. And from his database he generated I think I can’t remember. But it was more than a couple of 1000 real estate agents. He had them clamoring to buy these leads from him, which All he needed was 40 a month to get his 80,000. And I went, Wow, that’s brilliant. So yeah, so that’s that’s about him.

Jeremy Weisz  36:57  

You also had an event organizer.

Johann Nogueira  37:01  

Yeah. So event organizers, right. And this is a person trying to run an event. And what they do is they try, they’d run around get speakers, they cover the cost, they would actually make money on the ticket sales at the end. So we put together a system for them, where he said, Okay, let’s go find all the amazing speakers, we shortlisted 200 speakers, send them an email, and said, Hey, would you like to be a speaker? This is the event. This is the audience, it’s 200 business owners are going to be at this event, would you like to be in front of them. And coincidentally, the price was $2,000 to come and speak on stage, which covered your sizzle reel and promotions and all this other stuff? And so we had sent an email out to 200 people, eight of them said yes, let’s go. I’m ready to go now. So I’m sorry, not eight, it was six. Six of them said Yes, I’m ready to go. So they made $12,000 Just from the speakers straight up front. They were looking for, you know, 10 speakers six already, with one email campaign straightaway, in 24 hours, they’ve got their deal. Then they email all the business owners saying hey, we’ve got these these amazing speakers and we’ve got a Facebook group, would you like to join the Facebook group, which social proof people collect? They come, they see all these other business owners, then they can see the sizzle reels in there of all the amazing speakers and what they’re gonna learn. And then would they like to buy a ticket for $500. Now we send an email out to 1500 business owners, again, we’ve chosen who they are. And we’ve written a compelling email as to why they should come from that. They I can’t remember the exact number but the tickets were $500. And they made $60,000 in sales just from that. Now the third way they did it was they went to sponsors and they said, Hey, we’ve got 10 amazing speakers. We’ve got 200 business owners coming. Would you like to sponsor the event? And then they said yes, hello. And again, I can’t remember how many it was about 150 200 sponsors were targeted of which I think a little close to 3000 miles on average because they have gold medium and gold, silver and bronze packages. So that event made them close to $100,000 before they even ran the event.

Jeremy Weisz  39:08  

A lot of it on the on this has been fantastic. I want to encourage people to check out and and more episodes of And, Johann, I want to be the first one to thank you thanks for sharing your journey, your knowledge and your stories.

Johann Nogueira  39:28  

A pleasure, man. Thank you so much for having me. It’s been it’s been great.