Troy Vosseller is cofounder of gener8tor, an accelerator for startups based in Wisconsin. They have helped 25+ companies launch and get traction. He also founded the very popular apparel company Sconnie Nation and extended the “Sconnie” brand by releasing Sconnie Beer.

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What will you learn in this interview?

– How did being an Eagle Scout help Troy in business?
-What were his big influences growing up?
-What were the important things he learned about direct mail?
-How did he start Sconnie Nation?
-What were the milestones of Sconnie Nation?
– What are the big challenges in this kind of business?
-What were the strategies that worked very well for the t-shirt business?
-How do you deal with differences with partners?
-How did Gener8tor start?
-What are the common mistakes that people make in starting up a business?
-What is the lowest point in his entrepreneurial career?
-What are the proud moments of his career?

Troy is an Eagle Scout.

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:
Sconnie Nation
Joe Kirgues
Jon Eckhardt
Dan Armbrust


Troy is a three-time graduate of the University of Wisconsin, having earned his BA, JD and MBA in Entrepreneurial Management at the UW’s Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship.
As an undergraduate, Troy founded the apparel company Sconnie Nation. Sconnie Nation markets a line of clothing that focuses on celebrating the Wisconsin lifestyle. He knows what it’s like to be a college student starting a business.
Troy recently extended the “Sconnie” brand into beer by releasing Sconnie Beer. He loves all things branding, marketing and product development.
Troy is also an experienced business attorney, having worked as an Assistant Clinical Professor for the UW Law School’s Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic – a program providing free legal services to startup businesses and entrepreneurs.

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