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Svetlana Kim 10:09
Well, by us urines immigrated to Russia from Korea in a cold autumn of 1899. So Russian Tsar Nicholas invited 13 families to colonize for eastern Russia in 1861. That year, Russia freed all the slaves, it was a lot of changes in Russia, people came from Korea, because back then Korea had them and people have if this political like North Korea today, so the borders were open, and people would come to Russia to pursue their opportunities to pursue better life. So you’re integrated homophobia to Russia. My grandmother was born in Russia in 1917. And she was accepted to college in 96. So she was incredibly talented, GNN, funny, hardworking person. So she’s actually one of this. You know what I read a story, which I shared in my book, every Pearl, every tiny girl, the wolves from a core. And that core is simply an irritant, or a grain of sand or a piece of fish. And oyster produces maker, the layers of nacre that forms that beautiful pearl, simply to protect itself. Good. I think all the skeletons in our allies. Nice.

Jeremy Weisz 11:55
That’s a good point.

Svetlana Kim 11:56
So all my major obstacles, and I said obstacles, not failures, because my grandmother never believed that failures, she believed in life lessons.

Jeremy Weisz 12:09
So what’s been sort of going from that? Enter the US with $1 and homeless, and you overcame some of these low points, what’s been one of the proudest moments that you’ve had?

Svetlana Kim 12:23
Wow. So now I can’t afford this kind of shoe. I’m just getting you know, I love shoes. I love shoes. And I think, you know, no matter what, we have this shoes, for my grandmother shoes, everything outside, outside changes, constantly changes, right? But the core that our infinite, true self inside that resides right here, in our heart area never changes. And that’s the message that we so often look outside. And we find so many reasons what we have or don’t have, that really truly everything we need for beautiful life insights. Right.

Jeremy Weisz 13:14
You know, so some of those things. I know some of the proudest moments what are some of the cards or messages you’ve received?

Svetlana Kim 13:23
Like wow, this moment is it’s all the messages in a sort of training, all the message that and it’s not everything that people write how this book impacted them. In fact, one of the woman who writes to me is Linda, Linda dunkel, she’s on Facebook as zt a key or she is violent, Canada. And look at how creative she is keeping in touch with me. Look at unique her message is that you know she’s writing to me how unique I am. You know, look at that card. Very creative. She says He that beautiful card of her family. Look at that and

Jeremy Weisz 14:28
this is from she just she read your book is that how you know what she knows who

Svetlana Kim 14:32
she is? So me speaking at barber and Tom Scott’s conference, the extreme business makeover 2010. And look at that, look at that what she creates. I would like to be known as an intelligent woman. Have courageous woman alive in a woman, a woman who teaches by Maya Angelou.

Jeremy Weisz 15:00
What’s when you hold up your book just so people know can see the title you have it handy. In the title we, you read it there just in case people are listening to this and watching

Svetlana Kim 15:15
is a white pearl and I have a political refugee on a team. And if you forget the title, I name is complicated to spell. Just remember pearls.

Jeremy Weisz 15:29
So going Svetlana from some of those low points and overcoming them to some just receiving tons of praise and cards, what are some of those pivotal moments that you remember putting you on the path for success? Where you maybe hit a wall?

Svetlana Kim 15:49
It was the night when my airport, the airline Russian airline. My airplane ticket was expiring. And people said, What do you mean by expiring? Back in 1990s. We were allowed to visit foreign countries, United States, Israel, Germany. Like we’re just seeing round trip tickets, you cannot believe just buy one way ticket. So within the period of three months, you could leave anytime you have to hit the reservation again. So the night before my ticket was expiring. I was agonized, you know, I was 23 I had no one in the United States. I have no friends, no family. I had no job. And because of the stress, I became sick, I had, you know, I just did not feel well, I gained a tremendous amount of weight. So I was making the biggest decision. And making decisions is difficult. But making a decision that will impact your life, once and forever is truly impossible. It is possible. But it’s very, very difficult. So I decided to stay in the United States. So that morning, I went out and decided that I need to get a job. So I saw a woman pushing a stroller. And I followed her. She stopped by she entered the building, I enter the building. And she puts a note and it says nanny, and I can read it it sounds like rationality. And I turned around she was gone. So I went outside and I stopped screaming. I said hello, hello. Hello. She stopped and looked at me. And I didn’t know how I explained that I really want that job. And she hired me was a movie producer. She was what she was she’s a movie producer. Oh, yes. So my whole life is really is beautiful stream of pearl of wholeness likely events. And I think Locky is one of the ingredients for success. I really do. But isn’t that before I get to?

Jeremy Weisz 18:30
Yeah, I mean, it seems like you’re I mean, you’re a true connector, you seems like you know, everyone, what’s another one of these moments where you remember connecting with someone sort of in in those circumstances, just whether you met them, you know, randomly or you kind of reached out to them?

Svetlana Kim 18:49
Wow, that’s a great question. I think I’m going to start with this Carol, and 3am was my coach my first coach in 2000 to 11 years ago, I believe in numerology, because, Carol, she’s numerologist and she is a great, a great person. She wrote the book, many books, but one of the books that changed my life. It’s called the purpose of your life. She was on Oprah Winfrey Show, as seen on Oprah. Numerology, she did my chart numerology chart. I was sitting at the desk as a stockbroker, and I was quiet. I was so miserable. I just took time to pass this very rigorous examinations to get my license. I went to the bookstore. And I saw this book, and I was intrigued, because I was searching for purpose of my life. So see all the signs around us, they give us messages, we have to be just open. So I purchased this book, and I’m reading it. And my manager said, You can’t believe this kind of books at work Lama. I knew the message that I just don’t, I’m not going to be there that long. So I called Kill. And accidentally, she lives in Elsa Rita, which is 40 minutes away from San Francisco. And she said, So I hired her to do the human ology chart. And she said to me, after asking a very similar question that you asked Jeremy, have you considered writing a book? I was amazed. I was like, I would change if he asked me to change my job again. To possibly, you know, my exams to get a license. Well, she was right. That was my numerology. That was my gifts. And I came home and I cried, because I said, I studied English at the San Francisco Zoo. zoo, zoo because I know Latin. So I would take words that will enlighten the Animals Names and translate them into English. That’s how I was studying. And I went to Salvation Army where I purchased a books for 15 to 25 cents. And I said, Oh my gosh, how can I write the book English is my third language. You know, I speak Russian. I converse in German, I used to be very fluent in German, studied at university. And here I am have to write the book. But I’m so grateful. I would recommend to everyone to do numerology chart, and to find out your natural gifts, that gift that you were born. So in 2009, my book was published after five years working on the book. Two years or three years, part time, while I was working for a small, prestigious PR firm in Washington, DC, that opened the door to me that mazing people, including Gloria Herndon, who built billion dollar insurance company, to get a theory, just incredible, incredible people in this country and the world. I always like to incoming airplanes because I used to travel every day, at least four days a week. So I walked in, and there is another red color.

Jeremy Weisz 22:56
Very similar. Yeah. Very similar that good

Svetlana Kim 22:59
Yepper wow, I finished that book. By the time I got to my destination Stanford to Bob, one of the co authors, and another person is John David man who is incredible, incredible human being. Because email is very simple. It’s Bob So ladies and gentleman, keep it simple so people can find you. Yes, for he responded back to me, Jeremy in 10 minutes. And didn’t even pay attention to the compliments. I brought, you know, to my compliments. He said, No, I wanted to know how you did it. And he opened so many doors for me and I’m just so very grateful for all his teachings and books that he writes. That led to another color and another creation, go giver sell more, and chapter eight, called Cold people. You want great people’s out you want great people skills, then be a person, that person. That’s how it starts. So he wrote a story My story has to generate and green, close to over $900,000 to PR firm as a fundraiser without any connections in Washington DC, but really reaching out to an incredible friend who was my mentor and important to surround yourself with people who are positive, very successful and have mentors generally very, very important. And I wanted to say about the mentor and mentee because today I mentor some other people, some other young people, it’s a two way street, having a great mentor does not mean that that person is going to run your business, or to introduce you to people. The mentor to me, is really, truly a person with trust, and you’re deeply admire and respect. And you simply generally want their oldest. It’s the person that you can go and say, I have a problem. And this is how I wanted to resolve, but to bring all your problems. You can talk about that. But be creative and say this is the solutions. Do you think it’s going to work? Do you think it’s a good idea?

Jeremy Weisz 25:56
So I know that you’ve done a lot, you have a lot of achievements, I know that you’ve many more down the road. What’s one of the biggest milestones that you’d like to talk about that sticks out to you? So far?

Svetlana Kim 26:12
So many, so many, but how about I will share recently what happened to me a couple of years ago, I was working on a project commuting from Washington, DC to New York couple of times a week. And it was a product a beautiful product that was supposed to be manufactured in China. So the day before, I was supposed to sign the contract that deal at eight o’clock, Eastern Time. I see the dream at 4am. That the quality of the product product is not what consumers would expect today and pay the price for asking for.

Jeremy Weisz 27:09
Can you say what kind of product it is like What the What is not like the name of it, but what type of product?

Svetlana Kim 27:16
It’s, it’s, it’s in jewelry items. Okay. So I think some of my friends know my passion for that. So you know, that was very difficult because I also had people involved working for a year on that project. So I told my business associate about my dream. And the person Richard is very savvy business person looked at me and said, Lana, I trust your intuition. We’re not saying in the documents. So that love that guy, I learned so much about branding and marketing, and really focusing on creating the business plan, raising capital, everything that you need to feel the business. I learned on my own, learn from my mistakes. But that led to a tremendous opportunity that after seven universal, or I am a full blog nervous, that person Richard who said I trust your intuition for not signing the document. And we’re a full service, branding and marketing company headquartered in New York, and is an office here in California, helping famous brands to be legendary, and also working with new brands that would like to be famous.

Jeremy Weisz 28:53
That’s amazing. So what I mean, going from the the trip over to the US and starting from scratch with a $1 What’s a lot of people are trying to overcome their personal challenges. What’s one thing you’d recommend the audience to do right now to start to overcome their personal challenges?

Svetlana Kim 29:15
always wipe that challenge that problem down, write it down, because I believe what worked for me is if there is a problem, there is a solution. I should honestly believe I start working on my challenges and problems one step at a time. So I created a dream board and today I am studying Vaastu action sign signs, it’s actually signs that teaches you how to improve energy In your house or office in different areas of your life. So I am my teacher is worldly now, Guru Swami mon Giovanna, Jr. from India and he and I will be speaking at one of the largest convention. It’s called the new limit Expo and I think you’re going to interview the creator of that event. 13,000 people. It’s a really, truly an honor. And, once again, always wanted to speak at this conference. It was on my dream board last three years, but I had to grow. And my dream board in 2010 I don’t know if you can see but I use a lot of colors, bright colors. In 2010 at on August 7, at 8:33pm Eastern time. After I talk to my friend, Linda Brewer, who is a healer. My good friend in 2010, simply that moment I wrote a stay Svetlana key and I was asking who is Svetlana key? If Svetlana Kim wants to build a brand Who is she? Today? Brand is for solopreneur brands for mom, press for dads, if you’re a student, you can build your own brand. And brand to me Jeremy is really this way, when I mentioned Bob Burke’s name, and people say, Oh my gosh, what a great human being. That’s the phrase I would suggest to people who are listening to us today or will listen to this wonderful interview. Afterwards, what is your friend? how simple that is? Right? And Don’t overanalyze, don’t overthink? Do not try to force yourself, okay? Just will never fool comes right in. The brand could be a person who delivers. You know, when we talk about somebody, a lot of you got to talk to him, he always delivers, he always come through, we have a brand who would say like today you introduce me to this wonderful woman. You said she is a good person, good people. So I studied. Many successful people. And many things are common, including passion, perseverance, but one is being a good human being. Because when you feel good about yourself, you want to to help somebody else. When you don’t feel good about yourself. There is no room to help somebody else. Because you need that help yourself. So good. People are always successful.

Jeremy Weisz 33:01
I mean, you mentioned a few really important things. So I should definitely start to identify a problem, what they have, so they can overcome it. And then create a vision board create some kind of path and think of the question, what’s your brand so you want people to see you and start thinking about that and creating that for yourself? Right?

Svetlana Kim 33:21
Absolutely. Absolutely. It’s also, you know, you have to write the goals precisely. And, oh, another thing I even forgot, because I didn’t have many dream boards, and some of them are, you know, this business strategy because a person universal has eight team members. We work together before so we have a people. So my vision for myself and I think the purpose for my life was this. I want to be respected, appreciated, understood and loved. I want to be

Jeremy Weisz 34:08
so that’s what you wrote for yourself that you are you want to be seen.

Svetlana Kim 34:13
Yep. Every day. The Everyday you got to remind yourself like me drink water when we’re thirsty. They eat food when we’re hungry, or soul needs that

Jeremy Weisz 34:29
right. So what are some of the the tools or system you use for your life in business like on a daily and weekly basis?

Svetlana Kim 34:37
I’m writing about this in my next book that is in progress is working title is in moment and my literary agent, wonderful, creative person, Sherry, who believed in my story, took me under her wings. I use many tools that will really help people You should be focused on a big vision like a dream board. And here’s the map. Let’s say you want to get to a certain destination. Well, this is this is my old maps. And you know, but if you have a vision, a vision for your life or your work, let’s say you want Yes promotion, or you want to work for I have a young, talented woman reach out to me, her dream is to work for Disney. And I said, well move to California, get the internship and start working. I mean, so HIPAA, if you should work she wants so she wants to work for Disney. Okay. And every day, she needs to drive through little streets a little, and maybe she gets lost, go around the park again, cannot find parking, but really keeping the beat vision and taking actions every day. That’s what is important. It’s important that you take actions.

Jeremy Weisz 36:08
So what are some of the things you do like some of your practices daily, that kind of keeps you fresh, keeps you healthy, and allows you to, to, you know, hit life running.

Svetlana Kim 36:22
I love feeling crates I love I’m I’m every, this is what I practice, I practice a moment of gratitude. So every morning, I wake up, and I will check the energy. Before I open my eyes, before my toes touch the floor, I would say five things I’m grateful for. So this morning, I was grateful that I woke up. I’m grateful that I had an opportunity to leave with you to share that moment with your journey. And to share my story with your listeners, this your clients, I was grateful that my pianos are doing well. My mom had a little fold. So she’s great. I am grateful that I was able to contribute and to connect to people today. That is very important to me. And I was grateful that I went to the gym before our interview. So you know, it’s a simple things in life that makes us happy. And keeping all your senses alive. He has to put some fresh flowers and have a little flower from the garden that we want chameleon got to see the beauty. So if you’re working in the office, put some beautiful images on your gas. Smell is very important. It’s either the candle or the flowers or maybe perfume. Because the senses awakens our memories, when you smell something that smells so great. You know, you just want to create this beautiful pace. Definitely write your goals daily. Write your goals daily and be precise about that. I do wake up really early. I meditate. I do daily meditation. I work out every day. In Germany, since I became vegetarian. I’ve been eating a lot of greens. It shakes this protein out every day. I spend time with friends. I love I love people. And I think that’s how we learn from each other and share these damaged spaces. So just you know, anything that makes you happy

Jeremy Weisz 39:00
settlin I know people are going to really enjoy your stories and your great advice. Before we end. Can you tell us just a little bit more about your business and what you’re working on now.

Svetlana Kim 39:16
I’m working on my next book that called is enrollment and it’s really sure about your infinite self that helps you to overcome any challenges in your life. This book that is a blue print and the guidance how to achieve all your goals in life and live a happy and meaningful life. Because we’re here we’re guests here and life truly is a precious gift. And each one of us must be just we must be happy. Anytime when I get at a low point, I say to myself, You must be happy, be happy. And my doodle Magellanic reminds me every day be happy. We’re are working on a couple of commercials right now, which is very excited. It’s for a company that feels

Jeremy Weisz 40:19
what do they build roofs for? Oh, roofs, okay.

Svetlana Kim 40:23
And we’re our approach to work on international graduate courses, which is very exciting for a few months, creating a task and how we do that, how differently our opposite universal, that they tell us, the reach out and promote your products and services to consumers today, through scores, we can net this dots. And that’s that’s how they remember, you know, maybe that’s because you’re never my name. Honestly, they don’t remember the title. But they remember that pearls. And that’s how they connect with me on Facebook, on LinkedIn, using social media.

Jeremy Weisz 41:09
Yeah, no, I love it. And they will remember these stories. And that’s what we do remember, typically, and we can relate to those personal stories that you you tell. And before we go, I want to ask too, there was something you would email me, and it was something about, and I’d never heard the full story about the being the cleaning lady in like for a drug, it was something to do with a drug dealer. What is is that did I get that right? Or is that?

Svetlana Kim 41:38
Right? All kinds of odd jobs. Before I received the work permits. I was describing restaurants for drug dealers on the fattal’s tape for $5 a day. I did that.

Jeremy Weisz 41:58
I knew I needed to I didn’t know exactly what it was. But I mean, it takes a full circle. So, but um, where can people reach out to thank you for just sharing the stories and for your great advice?

Svetlana Kim 42:12
I think they can. You know, visit your website. They can connect with me on Facebook, on LinkedIn. They can visit my website Svetlana

Jeremy Weisz 42:26
Okay, perfect. So So Llanddwyn has to be the first one to thank you so much for coming and sharing everything I know they’re gonna get a lot out of it as I did. And I look forward to talking to you in the future. So thank you so much.

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