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Svetlana Kim immigrated to the United States from Leningrad, Russia in 1991 with one dollar in her pocket and not a single word of English. She worked her way from a cleaning lady to a successful stockbroker. She has received compliments and letters from people like Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, and many more.

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What will you learn in this interview?
>How did she survive living alone in the US with just one dollar in her pocket?
>What is her lowest emotional moment and how she overcome it?
>Who is her inspiration on her journey and survival?
>What is one of her proudest moment?
>What is her biggest milestone she achieved?

Svetlana Kim has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC among others. Today she is a motivational speaker, consultant, community leader and a 2008 Asian Academy Hall of Fame inductee.

Svetlana love books, shoes, chocolate, perfumes, and things that awaken the senses.
Her living room is bright yellow. She has a room for meditation that is pure white.

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:
White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee
The Purpose of Your Life
Carol Adrienne
Bob Burg
John David Mann
The Go Giver
Go Givers Sell More

A little background about Svetlana Kim:

Svetlana Kim is an entrepreneur, bestselling author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, and a community leader. Her life story is truly an American opportunity story. It is the story of an immigrant searching for and finding human kindness in a foreign country, determining her own destiny, and finding success along the way.

Svetlana’s life is an homage to her greatest inspiration, her grandmother Bya-ok (Korean for White Pearl), as well as to countless hard-working and generous people. Svetlana says these people taught her “to never stop dreaming big and to pursue my own happiness.” Svetlana’s life is inspiring for more than her courage to leave her home. Mrs. Kim’s stellar leadership, ethical business practices, and community service is highlighted through numerous awards, including the renowned Euro-American Women’s Council “Goddess Artemis” Award.

Svetlana Kim is the author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, which chronicles her journey from Russia to the United States, where she arrived with only one dollar in her pocket and a few words of English at her disposal; today, she is a leader among her peers in the business world, and has been honored with numerous awards citing her commitment, skill, and integrity. In February 2010, Orphan International Worldwide honored her with its Global Citizenship Award for her work towards saving the lives of children in Haiti.

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