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Roy Krebs is cofounder of Natural Stacks with Ben Hebert (A-BEAR). Natural Stacks creates open-source dietary supplements for optimal performance. One of their flagship products CILTEP® is a nootropic used by athletes, rocket scientists and silicon valley execs. They founded Natural Stacks in 2013 and generated 7 figures in their first year. We have a lot to learn from them on building a business.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  • [1:02] Jeremy’s welcome and introduction to this episode with guest Roy Krebs.
  • [3:14] Roy shares his experience with Martin Jacobson, winner of the 2014 World Series of Poker.
  • [11:08] The importance of high-profile testimonials for the Natural Stacks products.
  • [11:52] The typical wants and needs when a celebrity is considering being sponsored by your product.
  • [14:34] How Roy got Dave Asbury on board with Natural Stacks.
  • [16:36] The inspiration behind the name of one of their flagship products, Ciltep.
  • [31:06] The thought process behind the open-source approach.
  • [35:22] Some of the concerns they dealt with early on in Natural Stacks.
  • [37:05] The process of patenting Ciltep.
  • [41:58] How Roy tackles his day.
  • [49:42] The role of clinical trials in product development.
  • [52:52] The decision to move from remote workers to creating a central office in Austin, TX.
  • [1:03:25] The move to transition to a new team of people and why they felt it was necessary.
  • [1:15:47] What Natural Stacks intends to focus on during the clinical trials.
  • [1:18:01] Getting the products ready for the market.
  • [1:27:37] The process from product launch to starting to get sales.
  • [1:37:44] What’s in the pipeline for Natural Stacks.
  • [1:41:30] What’s worked in marketing for Natural Stacks?
  • [1:48:52] What eCommerce platform has worked well for Natural Stacks?
  • [1:54:57] The low point for Natural Stacks.
  • [1:58:01] The proudest moments for Natural Stacks.

In this episode…

Entering the natural products marketing doesn’t come without challenges. From gaining trust to attracting high-profile testimonials, every detail matters to the future of your business. For Natural Stacks, the focus on producing top quality products with full transparency has been at the core of everything they do. Why full transparency? Well, as co-founder Roy Krebs explains, it’s the best way to gain trust and create products you can truly believe in.

The open source approach of Natural Stacks truly makes it stand out among competitors. Roy explains their disclosure of every last detail of each ingredient and why it’s something Natural Stacks will always do. He also shares how building that level of trust eliminates the worries that might normally cross your path as the business grows. It’s this level of integrity and quality, Roy says, that has attracted high-profile people like Martin Jacobson, Dave Asprey, and Tim Ferris to their line of products.

Roy discusses the decision to patent their flagship product, CILTEP and the process of doing so. He also shares the value of product testing and clinical trials in order to gain even more credibility in the market.

As they approached the launch of CILTEP, Natural Stacks knew they had to spread the word in order to enter the market with a bang. Roy shares their strategies after production and why they chose to send out a bunch of free product in order to support their launch.

Roy’s optimism is clear throughout this conversation and it’s obvious that it’s played a key role in the success of the company. In closing, he shares the low point and high point of the evolution of Natural Stacks and what’s coming next for this flourishing natural products company.

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