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Mark C. Winters coauthored with Gino Wickman the business best seller Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What you want from your Business.

He has been a leader and entrepreneur for over 25 years and has worked with  companies ranging from multi-billion dollar enterprises like Procter & Gamble and British Petroleum, to raw startups originally drawn up on a napkin.




Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:35] Jeremy’s introduction of Mark C. Winters.
  • [1:05] Mark’s story of what it’s like to do a “raw startup.”
  • [5:27] Cyber Explorer, a startup Mark pioneered, why he quit his job at Proctor and Gamble to start it.
  • [10:05] A Starbucks rejection, cybercafes, and the creation of a business plan.
  • [18:58] Lessons learned from a crazy startup.
  • [27:31] One of Mark’s biggest successes in business.
  • [31:00] Building a SaaS business in the 90s.
  • [35:11] The leadership growth Mark’s gone through over the years.
  • [37:22] Mark’s unique abilities and how they’ve come to the forefront.
  • [39:04] Why Mark decided to write his book, Rocketfuel.
  • [41:12] Your invitation to fill out an online assessment from the book.
  • [41:43] The essential visionary / integrator combination that will skyrocket your business.
  • [43:15] The 3 sections of the book and how to use it.
  • [44:16] The traits of the integrator VS the visionary.
  • [45:56] A stereotypical pair that represents a visionary and an integrator.
  • [46:45] Mark’s personal scores on the assessment.
  • [48:00] What should a person do with the results they get from the assessment.
  • [50:07] How does the tension between these two traits show up and what can be done about it?
  • [52:10] A sample interaction between a visionary and an integrator.
  • [54:32] How these traits impact family relationships.
  • [56:11] Why are there more people who are integrators than visionaries?
  • [1:01:00] Mark’s reaction to Dan Kuschell’s scores on the assessment.
  • [1:02:50] The rarity of being both integrator and visionary.
  • [1:05:05] How to handle “end runs” within the team.
  • [1:08:15] Mark’s lowest point in business.
  • [1:11:16] One of Mark’s proudest business moments.
  • [1:15:30] Mentors who have invested in Mark’s life.
  • [1:18:47] How to get in touch with Mark’s resources.
  • [1:20:21] The influence Mark’s Dad had on his life.
  • [1:23:59] The things Mark is excited about in the future.

In this episode…

How do you move your company from a small, one man show, to a company of 5, 10, 50, or even 100 successfully?

Very few people know the real answer to that question, but today’s guest, Mark C. Winters has studied the ins and outs of business growth and with his co-author Gino Wickman, has written a book that explains the vital leadership combination that enables any business to grow not only through those stages of team growth, but also into a highly profitable state as a company.

What is that combination? It’s the pairing of two uniquely gifted people who Mark and Gino have labeled the visionary and the integrator. These two, when rightly paired and taught to work together effectively, can take any company into the stratosphere like they were running on rocket fuel, which is the name of the book these two incredible entrepreneurs have written together.

So which are you? Integrator or visionary?

Mark and Gino believe in the power of this leadership combination so much that they’ve gone to great detail in their book about the strengths and weaknesses of each, and the differences between the two. But they don’t stop there. You’ll also find resources to teach a leadership pair how to best work together, delegate tasks to their team, lead the greater group toward larger goals, and keep the infrastructure of the business healthy and vibrant at the same time.

On this episode Dr. Jeremy Weisz gets the backstory on how Mark got into the creation of businesses in the first place, how he stumbled through his first few businesses and learned powerful lessons along the way, and how he’s wrapped those hard-learned lessons into the covers of his most recent book.

You’re going to get so much insight into the integrator / visionary combination of leadership, and find out how you can take a free assessment to see which of those leaders you are. Once you know, you’ll discover a newfound freedom as you assess your current role in light of your strengths, make adjustments, and come alongside a complementary partner to lead your company to greater heights.

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