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ZinePak was founded in 2010 by Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe. Fans have spent more than $20 million on ZinePaks and they distributed more than 2.5million in 19 countries. ZinePak works with top entertainers and brands including KISS, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, American Idol and have partnered with Walmart for larger distribution.




Background about the company and Max:

in 2010, co-founders Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe met at a New York City advertising agency. They shared a passion for pop culture and a desire to connect brands and entertainers with their fans in more exciting ways, so they founded ZinePak (pronounced ZEEN-pack, a fusion of the words “magazine” and “package”) to create tangible products for superfans. Within weeks, the first ZinePak release was on shelves in Walmart stores nationwide.

In less than five years, ZinePak has grown into a company of a dozen dedicated entertainment superfans, who’ve worked with entertainers as diverse as Katy Perry and KISS; properties ranging from Frozen to Orange Is The New Black; and brands including Unilever, MillerCoors, and American Express. Millions of fans have spent tens of millions of dollars buying ZinePak products in more than 20 countries.
ZinePak and its founders have earned recognition on 30 Under 30 and 40 Under 40 lists inAdvertising Age, Forbes, Billboard, and Inc., among others. ZinePak was named 2014’s Most Disruptive Young Company in Marketing by Empact at the United Nations.

Fun Facts:

Kim Kaupe

Most people Don’t Know: I was in the Junior Olympics for Volleyball

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Dream ‘ZinePak: Jimmy Buffett
Favorite expression: “Meh”
Forever baffled by: Daylight Savings Time
Blows off steam at: The gym

Most People Don’t Know: I am a Guiness World Record Holder from December 2005
Hometown: Roland, OK
Dream ‘ZinePak: Garth Brooks
Slightly addicted to: Dr Pepper and sweet tea

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Resources and Tools:

Basecamp ( – Project management tool that serves as the hub for all of our ongoing projects. Our team uses it to track tasks, timelines, and much more. It’s literally changed the way we do business.

Boomerang ( Boomerang is one of my favorite Gmail plugins. It lets you schedule emails to send at a later time or date.

SmartSheet ( – Smartsheet is like Excel on steroids. It lets you create spreadsheets that are incredibly complex but still intuitive. You can attach files, have discussions, and track just about anything. It’s very easy to share sheets and collaborate with multiple users.

ShareFile ( – This is a secure file-sharing service by Citrix that we use to make sure all of our files are protected as we share back and forth.

ProofHQ ( – We use ProofHQ as an easy, centralized place for our clients to view our work and make feedback. It’s a streamlined way to share anything that might require feedback or changes–especially creative things like editorial and ads.

Collabspot/Highrise: We use Collabspot ( and Highrise ( as our CRM tool. Collabspot is an amazing Gmail integration that allows us to add people to our CRM directly from our inboxes and tracks interactions.

Count Me In – (( – Amazing for women business owners who are just starting out. Brittany and I were involved when we first incorporated ZinePak and helped us immensely.

Young Entrepreneurs Council (( – Great for businesses that have had some success but really want to take it to the next level. Super networking events, help sessions, and local gatherings.

Entrepreneurship Summits – They come in all different names, sizes, and conference titles but getting together with fellow entrepreneurs is a MUST.

OPEN Forum – ((openforum)) – Great online tool and resource for learning from fellow entrepreneurs. Also great for learning solo skills like budgeting, tax tips, etc. I would also suggest joining their newsletters and Facebook page.

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