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Kerri Garbis is the CEO and Founder of Ovation, a go-to resource for professional presence and speaker development training. Through Ovation, Kerri has trained thousands of business professionals from companies such as Walt Disney and Mastercard. She helps them with presentation skills, storytelling, etiquette, and emotional intelligence. Kerri is the Author of Presentation Skills for Managers, published by McGraw Hill.

Wendy Pease is a language translation expert and the President of Rapport International, a translation and interpretation services company specializing in marketing translation. Wendy is the Author of The Language of Global Marketing: Translate Your Domestic Strategies into International Sales and Profits.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Kerri Garbis and Wendy Pease share insight into what they do
  • How living internationally shaped Wendy’s business
  • Kerri talks about the return of in-person and events training
  • Tips for building a sales engine
  • Keeping track of collections
  • A case for hiring talented non-English speakers
  • Pitfalls of going international without a language expert
  • Presentation mistakes people make
  • Trends in speaker training
  • Why Kerri built ‘Toastmasters on crack’

In this episode…

One of the hidden gems of successful entrepreneurship is the ability to speak and present confidently. You need to be an excellent speaker for local and international marketing, but the best part is that these skills can be learned.

However, international marketing comes with its nuances that many business owners overlook. As a result, their marketing materials are either in the wrong language or translated without the necessary context and cultural sensitivity. Want to learn top tips to speak, present, and sell globally?

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz, featuring the Founder of Ovation, Kerri Garbis, and the President of Rapport International, Wendy Pease. They discuss everything you need to know about becoming a better speaker and the best way to translate your marketing materials for a global market.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz 0:19

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here founder and host of and the Co-host of Rising Entrepreneurs Podcast where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders and this is going to be a great episode with Wendy Pease and Kerri Garbis before I formally introduce them, you know Wendy and Kerri I like to mention other episodes people should check out of the podcast and Andrea Heuston founder of Artitudes Design, who’s actually in EO and also in Seattle. So women have yo I think they have an event actually coming up soon women Aveo and Andrea Herrera back experience in who’s in Chicago, also had on the podcast, who is a women woman of yo as well. And Verne Harnish has been on the podcast that was a great episode, and my business partner John featured Curie Santos, as well on the rising entrepreneur. So check those out. And this episode is brought to you by Rise25 and Rise25 we help businesses give to and connect to their dream 100 relationships. And we do that by helping you run your podcast are an easy button for people to launch and run their podcasts. You know, for me, you know, Wendy and Kerri the number one thing in my life is relationships. I’m always looking at ways to give to my best relationships. And over the past decade of podcasting, I found no better way than to profile the people and the companies I admire and respect and feature them in their stories on the show. So if you are a business author and you’ve thought about podcasting, you should hands down. If you have questions, you can go to and email us we’ve been doing it for over a decade at this point. And we I’m sure we could hopefully pretty much answer any question that you have. I am super excited. We have the CEO and Founder of Ovation Kerri Garbis, who’s trained 1000s of business professionals from companies such as Walt Disney MasterCard for Ryzen. And she does this she helps them with presentation skills, storytelling, etiquette, emotional intelligence, she actually wrote a book Presentation Skills for Managers. It’s been published by McGraw Hill, you can check her out at And she’s got some great stories, some great tips for us today. We have Wendy Pease is the President Owner of Rapport International, a translation and interpretation services company specializing in marketing translation. And, you know, I, I listened to her book, She’s the Author of The Language of Global Marketing. And you can learn more at And it really opened my eyes to you know, oftentimes, I only think of the US. So when I read a book, it just it just opened your eyes. There’s so much more outside of this from a cultural and business perspective. So I encourage people to check out her book. So thank you both for joining me.

Wendy Pease 3:10

You’re right. Yeah. I’m honored to be with Kerri and you’ve had some incredible other EO women on so it’s nice to hear I have to go back and listen to them. I didn’t.

Kerri Garbis 3:20

Yes, those four guests you’ve mentioned. I’ve met two of them and spoken to all three the except the last one was John Santos. Santos, Carrie Santos sorry. And yet how could I forget this was their name was Carrie but because I feel like I’m the only one the Andrea and and Vern. all amazing. And

Jeremy Weisz 3:45

I want to start off on Kerri with you and just talk to people about what to get Ovation does and what you do.

Kerri Garbis 3:54

Sure, so that it’s truly ovation. I just have the catchy URL of get ovation, Euro. And thank you. And we’re communication skills training, so anything under the umbrella of professional presence and speaker development. So we’re working, we’re partnering with HR and l&d departments on the corporate side coming into help with anything from presentation skills to storytelling to overall communication within teams. And then on the event side, the speaker development side, which is a lot of fun, and kind of my favorite, don’t tell the l&d and HR people that will get 100 1000s of speakers ready a year to present at their conferences.