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Kellianne Fedio is a recovering attorney and an entrepreneur who has founded and scaled her multi-million-dollar eCommerce brand and made a successful 7-figure exit. She now offers strategic consulting and works directly with brand owners and helps other entrepreneurs identify their brand and maximize their profit opportunities in their Amazon business. Together with her curated dream team of experts, she is able to help entrepreneurs maximize the value of their business and optimize their operations to develop a solid exit strategy.

Kellianne is also the co-host of the Amazing Exits Podcast. Together with her co-host, Paul Miller, they feature top experts and brands who share their own successful journeys and their insights on the best exit strategies.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Kellianne Fedio transitioned from being an attorney to becoming an entrepreneur in the eCommerce space
  • Kellianne talks about her first dropshipping products and how she researched her product offerings
  • Kellianne shares the things she learned from Ryan Moran about doing business online
  • How to identify when to exit from your eCommerce brand and how to prepare for it
  • At what point do you need a fractional CFO?
  • Kellianne discusses the dream team that can help entrepreneurs optimize, evaluate and exit their business
  • Tips on how to increase the valuation of your business
  • Kellianne talks about a low in her business and how she turned it around
  • Kellianne shares why she’s proud of her amazing entrepreneurial career

In this episode…

The deal is done, papers signed, smiling faces, and handshakes across the table are scenes from a multi-million-dollar exit that every entrepreneur deserves to experience. Kellianne Fedio has closed one such deal and was able to successfully make a 7-figure exit from a business that she founded and scaled up into a high-value brand. And from that amazing exit, she now teaches and helps other brand owners to do the same.

Learn more about Kellianne Fedio of Digital Shelf Strategy and Amazing Exits in this episode of Inspired Insider with Dr. Jeremy Weisz. Tune in as she shares her entrepreneurial journey, the lessons and strategies she learned in the process, and how she helps entrepreneurs identify their branding and increase the value of their eCommerce business in order to achieve a massive and amazing exit.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, Founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders like some founders you’ve heard of some of you’ve never heard of, you know, Kellianne I was talking to a lady yesterday, ANDREA HOUSTON who went through four life altering events while running a 25 year old design and event firm Archie’s design, people need to check it out. It’s really intense actually. Andrea is amazing too. So check that episode out. Kim Walsh Philips from Powerful She grew several seven figure businesses but at one point had to sell her wedding ring to make ends meet. So if you’re an entrepreneur, and you’ve experienced kind of This winding path you’ll totally relate to her story so check that episode out. Before I introduce today’s guest who’s a rock star of a person and entrepreneur kellianne fFedio, I’m going to tell you this episode is brought to you by Rise25 you know i co founded Rise25 with my business partner John Corcoran and what we basically do is we help you connect to your best relationships we help you give your best relationships. kellianne you are one of those givers too so I know that you love this is like how do you profile your best relationships? You’re it could be business, it could be partnerships, it could be friends, it doesn’t matter on your platform. podcasting is the best single and the best way I’ve seen in my doing this for over 10 years. If you want to learn more about podcasting, we will help businesses launch and run their podcasts. You can go to it was really inspired by my grandfather. I won’t go into the whole story. You can go to my about page on And check out more but he was a whole cost survivor and his legacy lives on because of an interview because the whole cost foundation did interview with them, you can watch the full interview. It’s an hour or the shortened version there. It makes me have gratitude and appreciation for my life. But I feel like when I have Kellianne people like you on, I’m not just, you know, we’re not just talking about amazing things like you’re gonna talk about how do you increase your evaluation and exits and all of that, but it’s about helping my guests leave a legacy beyond, you know, just the business side. So check out if you have questions. Without further ado, I do want to give a big shout out Kellianne to Lauren Hirschorn as a mutual friend, founder of because that’s the reason we met. Okay, I don’t know if you remember that. But we had an event and he’s like, Oh, can I bring my colleague? Invite Kellianne, I’m like, Yeah, I totally trust you, Liran. And Kellianne came in she is freaking sharp is a like the sharpest knife you can find. This This lady is amazing. So Kellianne Fedio founded and scaled her own multi-million-dollar ecommerce brand then a successful seven figure exit. She now helps brands identify, maximize their profit opportunities in their Amazon business and optimize their operations develop a solid exit strategy which, you know, I think I’m guilty of that we just we need to do that from the get go not just wait till we’re ready to sell right Kelly so she offers strategic consulting and works directly with brand owners she’s curated a list, which she considers her dream team of experts to help you maximize the value of your business. And there’s a lot of mistakes along the journey, which we’ll talk about. And so if you want to learn more go to her and Paul Miller of Groundbreaking Podcasts, they share their top insights, they have top experts and brands talking about their journey. If you want to work directly or contact Kellianne directly, you can go to Kellianne, I’m gonna stop talking. Thank you for joining me.

Kellianne Fedio

Thank you so much for having me. Jeremy. This is so exciting. Glad to finally be doing this.

Jeremy Weisz

Yeah, you know, what’s interesting about your journey? When I look through it is you’re an attorney by trade.

Unknown Speaker


Unknown Speaker

that’s, that’s Yeah,

Jeremy Weisz

in John Corcoran, my business partner calls himself a recovering attorney. Because he’s a practice anymore. But tell me about the going from attorney to ecommerce seller.

Kellianne Fedio

Yeah, definitely. It wasn’t like a straight progression. I don’t think back when I was in law school and you know, practicing for almost 10 years that I would have ever imagined I’d be where I am now. But, you know, it really comes down to the type of life that I wanted to have. You know, I’ve told the story many times but, you know, I’m a mom and wife first and foremost. And, you know, I was able to work 100 hours a week, billable hours when I was an attorney when I was single, you know, back in my heyday, but after getting married and having children it just wasn’t conducive to the life that I wanted to live. I wanted to be you know, free and, and have time freedom to be able to raise my kids and spend time with them and You know, not only are the hours and litigating very grueling but it’s really hard to leave that work at the office right you come home with it I’m sure john has the same stories and so pretty much a couple years after my first daughter was born was when you know my husband and I decided and we have to figure out something else. And so we made that big leap for for me to stay home and you know, so grateful that was the first

Jeremy Weisz

thing you did so you’re like, Okay, hundred hours a week. A child of anyone is had a child like you don’t sleep you know and so doing that with not sleeping Charles not sleeping. What was the first thing you decided to do? Like Okay, I need something else.

Kellianne Fedio

I just I wanted out so badly. I literally was living on no sleep and I’m you know, also really avid into working out so I had to fit my workouts in and I would go on my lunch breaks. I would drive the daycare was like, you know, with traffic like 40 About minutes away, see her for maybe 15 minutes as a baby, you know, as a six week old baby, and then go back and I just had this just huge pit in my stomach day in, day out. And so I told my husband at that time, you know, he was in pharmaceutical sales at that time, and he was making good money, but certainly, you know, not enough to replace my income, I just said, I don’t care if we have to sell our house, move into an apartment,

Unknown Speaker

you know, enough at that point,

Kellianne Fedio

fine. I will do whatever it takes to stay home with my baby. And you know, we wanted to have another so at that point, it was just kind of like jumping off without a parachute. And we were gonna figure it, you know, out on the way down.

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