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Dr. Joseph Michelli is New York Times #1 Bestselling Author of Many Books including his Latest: LEADING the STARBUCKS WAY: 5 principles for connecting with Your Customers, your products, and Your People.

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What else will you learn in this interview?
-What length did one person go through to test Starbucks about their satisfaction policy?
-Who was this book Dedicated to and Why?
-What motivates and inspires Joseph to keep authoring books?
-Why I get a bit emotional every time I watch this.
-Learn to Connect with Your Customers and Staff Better
-What does Starbucks do that we should also?

Joseph is state champion dairy judge.

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:
The Zappos Experience
The Starbucks Experience
When Fish Fly
The New Gold Standard about Ritz Carlton
Leading the Starbucks Way
John Yokoyama
Howard Schultz

A little background:

Dr. Joseph Michelli has spent the majority of his life helping people be of greater service to one another. This passion for service has driven him to write many books relating to elevating human experiences and bettering the world, one person, one leader, and one organization at a time. His professional journey as a customer experience consultant, combined with his doctorate in systems psychology, have formed the perfect combination of human experience and professional vision.
Joseph’s bestselling business books profile “world class” companies like Zappos, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Pike Place Fish Market and UCLA Health System.
In Leading the Starbucks Way, Joseph explains how leaders at this famous coffee company continue to refine and expand the optimal cross-channel experience. He further explains how Starbucks navigated through the challenges of the global recession mounting a remarkable surge in profitability without wavering from core values and mission.
Leading the Starbucks Way exemplifies a corporate culture that is passionate about product, employees (referred to at Starbucks as partners), customers, and global sustainability. Through tactical strategies (involving global expansion, innovation of new consumer goods that fit active customer lifestyles, and an engaging approach to social media and mobile technology), Starbucks continues to forge strong and engaging experiences with existing and new customer segments.

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