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Jason VandeBoom is founder of ActiveCampaign which is a web based marketing platform that helps hundreds of thousands of small businesses improve and automate their marketing.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:40] Jeremy’s welcome and introduction to this episode with guest Jason VandeBoom, founder of ActiveCampaign.
  • [2:43] Who should be using ActiveCampaign?
  • [3:30] Jason discusses the evolution of ActiveCampaign since its beginning in 2003.
  • [7:24] Transitioning from multiple products to focusing solely on email marketing.
  • [8:01] Some misconceptions about ActiveCampaign.
  • [11:01] Jason discusses some things he’s had to “put his foot down” about in order to ensure value added marketing by clients.
  • [13:39] Do you actively pursue partner campaigns?
  • [17:24] Some of the most popular integrations ActiveCampaign offers right now.
  • [21:22] Jason’s introduction into the tech field.
  • [23:53] Jason’s original aspirations as a young person.
  • [27:45] Jason’s work experience in web design and contact management.
  • [31:47] The evolution of the ActiveCampaign product offerings after starting email marketing.
  • [40:03] Some other challenges ActiveCampaign faced.
  • [45:06] Some actions that it takes to have a client enter the sales pipeline.
  • [56:35] Some of the biggest challenges ActiveCampaign is facing now and how Jason plans to overcome them.
  • [1:02:43] Some of the milestones of the last 5 years.
  • [1:07:18] What’s been the lowest point for ActiveCampaign?
  • [1:08:34] What was the most painful part as far as products?
  • [1:10:11] How do you disconnect from that level of stress when you go home?
  • [1:11:46] The proudest moment for ActiveCampaign.
  • [1:12:36] What are you most excited about in the future of ActiveCampaign?
  • [1:13:32] The proudest customer experience you’ve had.
  • [1:14:29] What’s the most unique type of business you work with?
  • [1:15:10] Jason’s final thoughts.

In this episode…

For Jason VandeBoom, finding success with his flourishing company ActiveCampaign came with its fair share of bumps in the road. From the early days of the company back in 2003, there has been an evolution of both product offerings and its approach to the customer experience. Jason discusses everything from the start of ActiveCampaign to the obstacles they’ve faced as they’ve grown.

In the early days of ActiveCampaign, they were a product focused company. Jason discusses how they evolved into email marketing and what encouraged them to pursue a more focused avenue. He also shares the process of introducing email marketing as a product offering and how it grew from a small option to their main focus.

Jason goes on to discuss in more detail the process of transitioning from 8 products to focusing on email marketing. He shares how the transition began in 2010 and why it took until 2014 to complete the process. Jason also offers insight into some common misconceptions about ActiveCampaign and how they deal with these issues.

As they continue their chat, Jason and Jeremy discuss how ActiveCampaign uses partner campaigns to add value to the client. He gives insight into some of the more popular integrations and how their products evolved after the introduction of email marketing. In closing, Jason shares the high point, low point, and some milestones for the company, as well as what he sees in the future of ActiveCampaign as it continues to grow.

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