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Dov Gordon is the Alchemist Entrepreneur and he is Founder of JVMM Group and where he helps consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs develop a consistent flow of their ideal clients by creating their own alchemy network. He trains and coaches entrepreneurs to become an Under-The-Radar leader in their industry so that they can play by a different set of rules and earn more clients.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dov Gordon talks about what alchemy network is all about
  • How Dov formed his first alchemy network, JVMM
  • Dov talks about how he pivoted his alchemy network from free to paid
  • How to determine if an alchemy network is for you
  • What an alchemy network can do for your business
  • Dov details the stages of building your alchemy network
  • How to curate people for your alchemy group
  • Dov defines the people who are an excellent fit for JVMM
  • The power framework in leveraging relationships
  • The first steps people should take in starting their alchemy network

In this episode…

Relationship marketing is hard and unpredictable. It involves finding and reaching out to potential clients or referral sources and hoping that they give you the time of day, and it also hinges on a mere possibility that the connection might be mutually beneficial. But what if there was a way to bring these people together in such a way that you can leverage your relationships in ways you never thought possible? Well, there is a way, and it is what Dov Gordon calls the Alchemy Network. It is a way to turn your relationship marketing from a time sink into a brand new revenue stream.

Learn more about creating your alchemy group and the benefits it offers in this episode of the Inspired Insider with Dr. Jeremy Weisz as he interviews Dov Gordon of Listen as Dov discusses the alchemy network, who needs one, how to curate an alchemy network to unlock a new stream of income from your relationships, and more. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz
Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, Founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders. Some of the founders you’ve heard of some you’ve never heard of. Dov. I love talking about the challenge stories, the war stories that through this journey, this up and down journey have not always been maybe amazing. So I had Noah Alper who started 100 I think Noah’s Bagels, which then turned into Einstein Bagels, but what’s fascinating to me is, early on the start Dov what he did is he he sold religious tchotchkes out of the back of his trunk. wasn’t as successful as Einstein bagels is put it that way, but that’s what he did. And that’s how he got started. And there’s there’s many more even Mois Navone of Mobileye. They got acquired by Intel for $13.2 billion. But he talks about data sacrifice along the way. And, you know, there were times he had to take pay cuts, and he had to go back to his family and say, Hey, kids, you can’t do any extracurriculars we’re pulling you out of all of them. You know why if we can’t eat out or you know, take in anymore, all the niceties are gone. And so that’s a reality. Sometimes, you know, and so check out that many more stories, and, you know, today’s episode is brought to you by Rise25, which I co founded with my business partner, John Corcoran. And, you know, Dov is a huge proponent of this and anyone, if you have the opportunity to actually enter in to his JVMM group, please do it. If you know he highly curates the group. I don’t know how he let John and I end but that’s that’s another story but we totally appreciate that. At Rise25 you know, we help b2b businesses connect to their dream 100 clients and referral partners by using a podcast to give to them. Okay, because it’s all about relationships in business and in life, how do you give your best relationships, put them on your platform, talk to people about what they’re doing not necessary, what you’re doing, but what they’re doing. And that’s what Dov teaches also. And so if you have been thinking about starting a podcast, do it. I don’t care if you use us or you don’t. But if you have questions, so we’ve been doing it for over 10 years, you can go to And don’t tell I mean, I used to not tell anyone this and then not because of any reason I was trying to keep a secret, but I just didn’t realize that was a motivating factor, which was my grandfather, who was a Holocaust survivor. And his him and his brother were in concentration camps. It was only people, their family to survive, but the holocaust of a nation did an interview with him. And that’s it. That is Interview lives on my About Page of so I figured I yes, like a podcast will help you with your relationships and with your business but it helps you and your guests leave a legacy, you know beyond yourself. So check out you can see John and I bantering like an old married couple and one of the videos, but um, today’s guest I’m super excited to introduce if you don’t know him, you know he is under the radar. And also a big shout out to Joel Arroway, which we’ll talk about how he helped shape some of the stuff going on. But Dov Gordon is founder of JVMM group and you can check out more at, and he helps consultants grow their business by creating their own alchemy network and we’ll talk about what he means by alchemy network, but, you know, we already talked about how important relationships are. And Dov is a master at this. So you can check that out. Also, you can check out where he has a training on being an under the radar leader. So don’t thank you for joining me.

Dov Gordon
Thank you for having me, Dr. Jeremy Weisz,

Jeremy Weisz
you know, Dov when I thought about this, I’m like, I want to do a giver series people I consider the biggest givers that I know. And my relationship, you’re one of those people and it just so happens I’m doing in Israeli Israel entrepreneur series as well. So you kind of qualify for both of those. So talking about what you mean by alchemy network?

Dov Gordon
Well, first of all, it takes one to know one, you and John are extraordinarily generous in connecting people in thinking about always, always giving, so thanks, wants to know, thank you, um, you know, I’ve been using the analogy of alchemy for years. So it’s the way I see it. It’s really it’s about it. I think when those who heard the term usually think about just turning lead into gold, you know, some magic turn lead into gold. But I was, I was thinking about it once. And I it occurred to me that the alchemists of old probably were not these just, you know, you know, crazy, crazy people who Imagine if we can just kind of melt this down and mixing this or that, then we could, you know, turn lead into gold, I have to think that it was a thought pattern that may have made some sense to them. along the lines of they’re probably thinking if we can get to the underlying structure of this lead, we can probably manipulate it and turn into something more valuable into gold. That’s my thinking. And, you know, today we could see the underlying structure of lead and who knows what else in ways they can only imagine. As far as I know, we still can’t actually turn real lead into real gold. But as business owners, as entrepreneurs as just people, you know, creative people, we have the ability of, you know, looking at being in whatever situation we’re in and we get a skid across the surface which What we most people do most of the time, or we could get to the underlying structure of whatever situation we’re in, and we can leverage it and turn it into something, something more. So an alchemy network is really it’s about, you know, very often, you might know lots of individuals, lots of people, but, you know, keeping relationships going takes time finding and reaching out to people who are potential clients, or potential referral sources or whatever it might be, or just people that you know, you could help if they knew that you existed. And and if they give you the time of day, and that could be mutually beneficial. All that takes time. And then you know, what, if they’re not ready to work with you, right now, they say, Hey, you know, Jeremy, can you get back to me in six months? I think we’ll be ready then. And because you’re, you know, you take the initiative. So after five months, you get back to them, and they say, oh, too bad. You just got back to me. Now. I wish you’d call me like, you know, months ago because we just started with these other competitors of yours. It’s happened to all of us. So we need ways of bringing these disjointed relationships together so that you can really leverage the relationships that you have, in a way that’s really not possible. I mean, everyone’s looking to scale and so on. But, you know, a lot actually depends on who you know. And it’s very hard to scale relationships, it’s very limited. But if you become the person who brings together a curated group of potential clients of yours, colleagues of yours, recommenders you bring them together and you curate the group to make sure that it’s it’s people who are, you know, the right group for whatever you’re doing. And then you lead that group you facilitate learning and introductions and, you know, just like the real value and I’m kind of touching on this from a high level for now. For people in that group, even when the two of them are talking to each other. They know that you were a part of it. It’s also a way for you to really keep your finger on the pulse of all the different potential clients that you have in the mix their past clients, so that you understand what’s going on in their businesses. And, and you and they think of you when they’re actually ready. So you don’t get to that situation where oh, you know, I wish you’d come to us a month ago because we just started with this other firm. So, alchemy network is about taking, you know, instead of just having relationships and wanting relationships, it’s a way of bringing people together that creates more value for everybody.

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