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Dave Woodward is the Chief Revenue Officer and Partner of ClickFunnels. The platform helps businesses quickly create beautiful sales funnels that convert their visitors into leads and then into customers. ClickFunnels has over 100,000 users and has helped people build over 6 million funnels generating over $4 billion.

Before ClickFunnels, Dave started his company Monopolized 17 years ago and has been helping businesses grow in different industries from insurance, investments, real estate, and much more. Dave is also the host of the Funnel Hacker Radio podcast.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dave Woodward talks about the first time he met Russell Brunson
  • How Russell convinced Dave to join ClickFunnels and move from San Diego, California to Boise, Idaho
  • The mindset that kept the six partners of ClickFunnels together during the early days of the company
  • Dave recalls what ClickFunnels was like when he first joined the company
  • The initial offering at ClickFunnels’ perfect webinar and how they learned to sell something for free
  • Dave talks about ClickFunnels’ early stick strategies to generate recurring revenue
  • Discover some of Dave’s favorite books
  • Some great and successful ways that people have built membership sites using ClickFunnels
  • Dave talks about having Marcus Lemonis on their Funnel Hacking Conference and when their next conference will be
  • The journey to creating the Traffic Secrets book
  • Dave’s walkthrough of the funnel behind the Traffic Secrets book sales
  • At what point do people decide to get ClickFunnels?

In this episode…

The current business climate isn’t the best of time for many entrepreneurs around the world because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses have had to let go of some members of their team because they weren’t generating the same revenue due to a decrease in revenue. But according to Dave Woodward of ClickFunnels, every loss is a learning opportunity and it helps define who you are as an entrepreneur.

So what can you do to not only attract new customers but to also make them stick? Sell something for free. How do you do that? By using funnels. The men behind ClickFunnels, a company that has helped generate over $4 billion for over 100,000 users, used this method to grow their business into a multi-million dollar company.

Tune in to this episode of INspired INsider as Dave Woodward of ClickFunnels generously shares his business insights and learnings with Dr. Jeremy Weisz. Listen in as they discuss the perfect webinar of ClickFunnels and how this allows people to sell items for free, their stick strategies for maintaining customers, the successful ways that people have used ClickFunnels for membership sits, and more. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz 0:19
Dr. Jeremy Weisz here Founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders like the founders, you’ve heard of some you’ve never heard of. And you know, Dave what I like telling his stories of some of the challenging times, so not, you know, super successful necessarily yet. You know, I remember I was talking to Tony Horton, you know, who was one of the founders of p90x and you know, they’ve sold hundreds of millions of dollars of DVDs and programs, but I loved hearing the story of when he was making money as a street mine. So he put his head on the street, and he made his food and rent money from being a street mind. That was, you know, crazy times for him and also Nolan Bushnell who’s founder of Atari, and he was Steve Jobs his mentor, and Steve offered Nolan 33% of Apple for $50,000 and why he said no, that and many more stories check it out. And you know, I’m excited to introduce today’s guest Dave Woodward from ClickFunnels before I do. Just a quick note is this episode is brought to you by Rise25 and Rise25 I co-founded with my business partner John Corcoran. And basically we help b2b businesses connect to their dream 100 clients and referral partners and help you run your podcast so it generates ROI. You know, Dave and Russell a ClickFunnels are huge proponents of the dream 100 you should check out their content and they talk about it all the time. And you know, podcasting for me has been the best thing I’ve done for my business in my life. I’ve Gone to people’s weddings. I’ve gone on family vacations, and I’ve done a lot of business with people as well. But it was really inspired by something more personal for me. And I consider podcasting, also leaving a legacy. Like, I can listen to Dave Dave’s podcast. And, you know, you know, he creates it two years ago, three years ago, I can listen to it from years to come. And my grandfather was a Holocaust survivor, and him and his brother were in the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. They were the only members their families survive. And, you know, what does it have to do with podcasting? Well, the Holocaust foundation did an interview with him and his he’s not alive anymore, but you can go to the about page and actually listen and watch that full hour interview that they did. And I can get a piece of him whenever I want, even though he’s not around. And so yes, podcasting is amazing for your business, but it also helps You and your guests leave a legacy. So if you have questions about podcasting, you actually want to get ROI from it. You can go to or you can email us at [email protected] and without further ado, I want to introduce today’s guest you know Dave Woodward I met at Tony Geez, dinner at traffic and conversion. Amazingly humble, super nice person and you know, we call I guess you call yourself the chief revenue officer. I say you bring in the money so you are chief Revenue Officer of ClickFunnels and host a Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast. And ClickFunnels if you haven’t heard of it is a software lets people design and create sales pages landing pages order forms membership sites, seamlessly and as their website you know, eloquently says you can quickly create beautiful sales funnels that convert your visitors into leads and then in the customers and you know, they have a Over 100,000 users at this point in time, they’ve helped people create over 6 million funnels generating over $4 billion and this isn’t Dave’s first rodeo he’s with you know as president owner of Monopolized for over 17 years he’s helped businesses grow in all different industries insurance, investments, mortgage real estate and much more. Dave thank you for joining me I really appreciate it.

Dave Woodward 4:24
I’m excited to be here this be fun

Jeremy Weisz 4:26
you know, I’m there’s so many we were chatting before we hit record and I was like, just stop talking because it’s all good. I want to get this on. On the recording. I want to start with I thought this is just super smart view with the first time you met Russell.

Dave Woodward 4:47
Gosh, that’s a long time ago. So again, you mentioned I’ve had a separate company monopolizing. It was a an agency model where basically we worked with, worked with clients again, this is like 2000 Ate. really early internet days as far as marketers were concerned. And at the time, I was doing a lot of direct response marketing, primary clients at that time were in the financial services, as you mentioned, mortgage companies, financial advisors, and they were trying to find ways of really kind of getting more involved into this whole internet game. I signed up I basically, I’d heard of Russell through a friend, he happened to be coming down to San Diego area where I lived and he was hosting a seminar. So I thought, you know, I’ll go and listen to this internet thing and try to figure this piece out. I really cut my teeth with Dan Kennedy. And that those

Jeremy Weisz 5:38
who are some of your favorite direct response people,

Dave Woodward 5:41
Dan Kennedy is where I definitely got my start. And actually, that’s where I was first introduced to Russell when he was doing some of the internet stuff for Dan Kennedy after bionic left. And I had the opportunity basically of attending an event he and Stu McLaren put on it was all about affiliate marketing. And remember when he stood up, basically gosh, this is Like Russell was probably 2829. At the time, it’s been 1213 years and it looks the same. He does very, very similar. And I remember just basically just stood up there said, Hey, you know what, if you’d like to get to know us a little bit better if you want to go to the back and just sign up for, you know, take us out to lunch or dinner, you can pick our brain and see what’s going on. So I thought I learned a long time ago that I can learn more from other people than I ever will from myself, especially those people were basically mentors. So I quickly went to the back and I signed up for every breakfast, lunch and dinner that Russell had for the weekend. And we started a friendship that’s grown and now into a business partnership. For years, we did a couple of different businesses on the side. We tried different things in the fitness industry, network marketing, industry, real estate industry. Some of them work, some of them didn’t. My very first product legendary marketers was with Russell kind of doing some of those things. And really, it’s just it’s become a friendship that we’ve enjoyed. I’m down to San Diego multiple times. And we went Gosh, first 10th anniversary, he and his wife came out and we sent it sent him through the Southern California and had a fun time with them. And again, it’s just been more of a friendship. And when clickfunnels started, he was kind enough to say, you know what, Dave, you might actually want to get involved in this one. And I’m so glad that he did.

Jeremy Weisz 7:19
So how did he you have your own stuff going on? How did he I don’t know convinced is the right word at that point to go, Hey, here’s the vision and he’s a he’s a masterful, you know, visionary salesperson. If anyone has anyone watched a webinar of his eye, you should watch a webinar and so I want you to talk about what that conversation was like but but just do a quick plug for where can they watch I know you have a book Traffic Secrets, where can they watch a webinar so they can they should buy they should go through your whole funnel to learn from the funnel In my opinion, I don’t care if you’re not interested in it at all, which you should be anyways if you have a business You can go to I know for the book will they be able to sign up for the webinar there or how do they get

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