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Dave Woodward 8:06
on the web if you want to go directly to the webinar go to at they can register they can see the actual funnel that we we use as a self liquidating offer. Yeah And also, we really the idea anytime you’re creating a webinar is if you can turn opt ins into buyers as fast as possible before they actually get on the webinar, you’ll find that your webinar conversions skyrocket and that’s one of the things we’ve been playing around with

Jeremy Weisz 8:34
so check it out Sam for their webinar, consume it, buy their stuff get into their funnel. I mean, like you said, Dave, honestly, the way you leap ahead is you paid you paid to get in the room, and I’ve seen no better way of learning from someone is paying for all their stuff.

Dave Woodward 8:56
Oh, I totally agree. No, I I don’t care who you follow. Get you mentioned earlier as far as dream 100 the most important part of dream 100 is you need to be buying whoever’s on your dream 180 buying their content, their products, so you understand who they are, what they’re selling, what they’re promoting, and consume them. It’s a much easier conversation when you sit down and you talk to someone say, Yeah, I actually remember buying

Jeremy Weisz 9:18
one oh my god, I bought um, I forgot if I watched the webinar, I bought one of Russell’s products then I bought the audio version then I got the upsell for micro continuity dryer.

Dave Woodward 9:34
I remember that’s

Jeremy Weisz 9:34
it I I went through the whole thing these guys are some of the smartest markers around I will buy all of their stuff. And I’ll learn from it. Learn from the stuff itself but learn from the process as well.

Dave Woodward 9:48

Totally agree the process is as important as the content on the back end.

Jeremy Weisz 9:51
So we will talk about the launch of traffic secrets, what you’re doing behind the scenes, what you’re doing not behind the scenes. I mean for all of you, you Kind of just share the behind the scenes because that’s part of ClickFunnels you use ClickFunnels and so you want to share the behind the scenes. It’s not just an info, you know, company, it’s actually a software company so, but how did he convince you, Dave?

Unknown Speaker 10:13
I had, again, Russell

Jeremy Weisz 10:15
knows that conversation like,

Dave Woodward 10:17
we’ve done a ton of different business things over the years. I’ve flown up to Boise multiple times. And he’s always been trying to get me to move from Southern California to Boise. And I’m like, Russell. just not gonna happen. I’m not leaving San Diego.

Jeremy Weisz 10:32
I did my LinkedIn page. I’m like, Huh, this had to take some convincing. He’s in Boise.

Dave Woodward 10:40
Yeah, I’ve lived in San Diego for 20 years. gins, raised our family there. It’s been a fun, fun experience. It was one of those things. Honestly, I just come through a crazy financial recovery. And I had finally gotten back on top. And I said, you know what we’re thinking about doing the startup and I’m like, Russell Man, I love you more than I do my own brothers and I but I just I don’t know if I’m ready yet and we got kind of talked around toyed around about it that he actually was down at TNC. And was first time they were actually out it actually was that Mike feel same event was the first time it happened in San Diego and I remember going there and, and seeing this pitch from stage for very again early early ClickFunnels. This is gosh ClickFunnels really launched September 14, and this is October 2014. And I remember at that point going, there’s something here. There’s something here this time and so basically the invitation was extended right then and there and I stayed in San Diego for the first two years. Only because I’m like, I’m I’ve done enough business. No, they don’t wanna yeah you want to make before I uploaded my family. So we stayed there and got to ClickFunnels start from the ground up, built it to where it wasn’t. It we were at a point with I’ve got four boys and My there’s a two year gap to my oldest, so 25 and 20 to 2524 and then 19 and 17. And so, it was that three year gap between my two and three, we thought, you know, if we’re going to make the change, this would be the year to do it. Otherwise, I’m gonna let the kids finish through high school and everything else. So were they in high school at the time or where were my so Christians, my third son, four boys, and so he was, uh, he just finished his freshman year going into sophomore year, and I thought, Man, this is gonna be a tough tough

Jeremy Weisz 12:32
conversation off you know, I mean, you know, about the business side even if clickfunnels is ultra successful, uprooting your family is no joke, right? having kids like hate you is no joke.

Unknown Speaker 12:45
Yeah, no, it was

Dave Woodward 12:46
it was a very difficult. Fortunately, I’ve got a great relationship with my boys. They’re super, super supportive. But it was still tough. There’s I get massive kudos to my wife and my, my boys making that transition. It was easier for me because I had been up. I was commuting every other week to Boise at that time. And just, I was really familiar with what was going on and and had established myself from a career standpoint and office situation, but not from a, you know, family, friends and everything else in the area. And that was that was tough. There’s no, that was probably one of the most difficult years my boys had.

Jeremy Weisz 13:24
What was that conversation? Like when you brought it up to them? And what do they say when you said, we’re moving to Boise? Or was it should we move to Boise? How do you how do you you know, again,

Dave Woodward 13:34
the first conversation with my wife, we actually were I remember, we were skiing, we’re going up the lift? And I’m like, sweetie,

Jeremy Weisz 13:43
good push you that’s a terrible

Unknown Speaker 13:45
place. He

Dave Woodward 13:47
said, Dad, what do you think about moving to Boise? And she’s like, Are you kidding me? No, I just, I just want to see what she thinks is Ireland. I have no interest. We’re we’ve had our family are 20 Why would we do that Dave? I’m like, because I’m putting Tired of commuting every single week. And I miss you guys want to be with you guys. Yeah. And so we, you know, spent a lot of time thinking about it praying about it involved the boys in the decision and whenever we felt good about it, we pulled the trigger.

Jeremy Weisz 14:14
You know, it’s a tough, tough thing to navigate, you know, streaming. Um, so because part of that lesson is, is to really grow a company, you need to attract amazing talent and he attract even though you were doing your own thing and, you know, going from entrepreneur to intrapreneur it’s tough to attract really good people. You know, it is so I’m curious of how he attracted how he

Unknown Speaker 14:41
attracted you? Well, I think I know he knew that. I wouldn’t do it without equity. So that was the one of the main things but at the same time,

Unknown Speaker 14:53
you have to get a stake in the stick. Yeah,

Dave Woodward 14:55
but I think that again, kudos to Ian Todd The whole idea behind this has really always been about finding the very best talent and paying them. Well. You know, again, there’s six partners, myself included in ClickFunnels. And we’ve been fortunate that we’ve been here for Glade from the very beginning. And so we, we all, we’ve all known what it’s like when there wasn’t money. And when we all had side gigs, basically trying to pay the bills while we’re trying to grow ClickFunnels. So it’s a it’s not. It’s one of those things when you’re not taking on VC capital and funding. You. You’ve got to bootstrap. Yeah, bootstrap real hard.

Jeremy Weisz 15:35
Talk, I want to talk about the evolution, the evolution of your position, and then the evolution of you know, hold on one second. Evolution of your position, and then evolution of ClickFunnels in general. So talk about your what was ClickFunnels like at the time

Dave Woodward 15:54
I you know, when we first started it was it’s the great thing is everyone it was all hands on deck. We add, you know, Todd, Todd was doing all the development we brought in Dylan as also helped with a ton of the UI. Ryan Montgomery came in and helped a lot from the CTOs perspective. Russell obviously was the the mind, the marketing mind behind it, myself involved heavily in, in doing whatever. Again, it’s just it’s an all hands on deck, whatever it’s going to take. So myself, john parks and Brent co Peters, we’re marketing traffic affiliates, whatever was going to take to grow it. And I think I’ve been fortunate enough. I’ve had a lot of partnerships over my life. Some of them work, some of them don’t. And you learn very quickly that I would never go into partnership with anybody who hadn’t had failed at another business in the past. It was just important for me, I think you learn a lot as a as an entrepreneur, when you go through failures. And when you have loss, you know, that’s, that’s what defines who you really are. It’s like what Do you do then? Did you stab your other partners in the back? Did you I mean, it’s that kind of stuff. Where you, you know what, we’re all in this thing, and we’re gonna figure this thing out, or does anyone just flee and run and go do their own thing? It’s like

Jeremy Weisz 17:11
being married, like, Oh, yeah, if you having a fight, like you really know each other when you have your first fight and how people react in, in the fight and after the fight.

Unknown Speaker 17:21
Yeah, and we were fortunate that all of us had.

Dave Woodward 17:25
I mean, none of us were stupid enough to have large houses and payments and a lot of debt, which helped. So we didn’t have to. We didn’t need to have a whole bunch of money to correct. Yeah. And so I think that when you’re looking at a partnership, understanding what that note is, that changes people’s perspective, and it changes their motivation.

Jeremy Weisz 17:45
So what did clickfunnels look like at the time, original concept? And then, you know, I know you said, Yeah, so it was built on the back of webinars. So I’ll be talking a little bit about what you’re doing at the time.

Dave Woodward 17:57
So the whole idea really came from the Time,

Unknown Speaker 18:01
Russell had

Dave Woodward 18:03
a supplement product that he was working with Todd Dickerson was helping build a lot of the funnels, they were doing a ton of different funnels. And Todd was like, you know, we keep building the exact same skeleton all the time, but it’s taking us two to three months to get someone to do the copy somebody the graphics, I’m going through the design, so I’m going to split it up. I mean, it was just, and so like, there’s got to be a simpler, easier way. And it was out of that necessity for their own business, that they thought, you know what? Let’s see if I could actually build this and toss it. If I was going to build it, Russell, what would you want, and that’s where it was just literally let’s get on a whiteboard, and let’s whiteboard this thing out what would be the ideal product and created that product, then again, you as any, as any original creator, you think everybody’s gonna want this. We’re going to have 10,000 customers in two days. And when the floodgates open, there was no water to come through. So when we first started, we had two or three attempts before we started getting traction as I look Too earlier, the real traction came when Russell spoken Michael sames event in San Diego. It was during that webinar that basically that stage pitch that we realized, you know what, we’ve got something real here. That was the first time we’ve really had a had enough interest from a table rush standpoint, to where Russell, I remember, remember that he was there talking about it. He was like, you know, what, we finally have something I know exactly what’s going to take to grow and build this thing. And it was the webinar. And so we went out and started literally talking to all the affiliates, anyone we could who had large lists that we could promote it to. And we ended up building ClickFunnels off the back of a webinar. I remember the our homepage basically was a webinar registration page. And it was you know, my weird niche funnel made $17,937 a day and and basically how you can, how you can model it. And so for us that was really became the primary focus. We learned. Russell, that kind of started the ideas Far as the perfect webinar, and it was from that, that became one of the things we ended up modeling and using perfect webinar evolved and changed over time. But it really had its genesis back in those days. Russell was doing, gosh, sometimes, you know, two or three webinars a day, it was exhausting. Absolutely exhausting. I remember talking to some of the affiliates, you get all the promises, oh, yeah, I’ll have you know, 500 people on the webinar and five show up. And I still have to, you know, you still have to go through you got to present as if you have 500 people on. And Russell did an amazing job of just staying focused in perfecting his craft from a webinars perspective. And that really became the genesis of what later became experts secrets and other tools.

Jeremy Weisz 20:44
So Dave, on the perfect webinar, maybe talk about some components of the perfect webinar, but what was what is the offer what was the offer them at the time because a big component I mean, one of the big components of a perfect webinar is a really good offer. It always starts with the

Dave Woodward 21:01
offer. So you start, anytime you’re building any webinar, it always starts with your stack slide. For us what it was at that time was a year’s worth of clickfunnels for free at 997. And what they’re paying for was training. And so what we learned a long time ago was anytime you can sell something for free, your conversions go through the roof. And so we’re always trying to find ways to how can how can we sell something I love to

Jeremy Weisz 21:26
sell something for free. That should be next book.

Dave Woodward 21:30
But it really has been I mean, you take a look at all three of our book funnels. It’s it’s a free plus shipping offer. And our webinar was the same situation where you pay for the training you pay for the resources and will actually allow you to have the software for free. At the time it was 997 for 12 months and then later turn to 997 for six months. And then we did 1997 we were doing live events for a year’s worth.

Jeremy Weisz 21:55
So they were paying for one thing but getting the software for free.

Dave Woodward 21:58
Exactly. Yeah, now really, it’s really hard to sell software by itself. It’s just, it’s just a very mean we’re looking just to, you know, if you take a look from a metric standpoint, your cost to acquire a customer for free trial for most software for us, it was gonna be right around 140 $150 we just couldn’t afford that we’re bootstrap. There’s no way in the world realizing, you know, the 40% of people actually convert to a paying customer on day 14. It just the, the numbers just weren’t there. And so for us, what it allowed us to do is to sell something at $1,000 bring in a bunch of revenue. It helped us grow and scale faster. profitability was hit very first year, which really helped us. And that’s what allowed us to really build and scale. Yeah,

Jeremy Weisz 22:45
yeah, I mean, people always think, oh, if I could just have a software company where there’s recurring revenue, and I joke around in with people I’ve talked to enough SAS founders, like, I just want to get them a T shirt that says got churn question mark. And you know, because you feel the pain. I mean, a lot of businesses like if it’s recurring, like there’s a pain of trip, you don’t realize people churn, you don’t just get a customer and they stay forever, they will turn off the platform. So even when you acquire that customer You know, there’s a life cycle I remember even early on I don’t remember those Russell Brunson with his micro cartooning or one of them says he knew with whatever membership site he had, they churned at three months. So he would do something really special, like, you know, month two,

Dave Woodward 23:36
you know, or whatever it is. I remember actually buying Alex Mendoza ins course years ago on stick strategies, and for that whole purpose, because you’re right, you’re going to find the most membership sites, it’s a three to four month life’s lifetime. I mean, that’s just about what it is. And so if you’re, you figure if you’re paying first is paying, you know, $37 it’s $100 100 $120 lifetime value of a client So the main things I’m always looking at is okay, how much first of all can I afford for to spend to acquire that customer? And then more importantly, how do I get them to stick one more month? Because that next month is can be 25% increase or 30% increase in your revenue. And another month after that, so stick strategies that, you know, month, month, two and a half or three becomes a really, really important

Jeremy Weisz 24:19
Yeah. And people don’t realize, well, okay, if it’s three months, and you get them, sometimes you get them to stick past three months. That could mean they stick for a year, right? It’s no Yeah, oh, it’s four months or six months. But you you have these these milestones, I guess. So they’re, I love your favorite stick strategies.

Dave Woodward 24:38
Oh, my gosh. Well, I can tell you one of our six strategies did very beginning was go through the onboarding sequence and we’ll send you a free t shirt. And so we had our funnel hacker t shirt. It’s been in May I remember talking to our CFO many times. He’s like, Dave, do you understand how much those t shirts are costing us? He says the shipping everything else I’m like, please click To understand those teach, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ran across people who’ve basically say, you know, Dave, this t shirts cost me over $1,000. I’ve yet to use, ClickFunnels don’t cancel my subscription because I got this T shirt. And so there’s, there’s, I can tell you some of the best things I’ve seen from stick strategies are some sort of a physical component. I remember years ago, Dan Kennedy had his no BS newsletter. And what do you end up doing is he would send out a binder, huge two and a half three inch binder with the first issue and then little tabs for every single month. So it’s really hard as a human being not to finish something like you’re a quitter, if you Yeah. So if I’m going to fill it, I’m going to fill this binder at least I’m going to fill the first year. And so those little tiny things. Again, it was an 37 $97 whatever it was newsletter but realize that if you can get someone just to stick and pay, it makes a big difference. I can do this when it comes to six strategies. The real thing is you got to find out what’s the pain point? The person? Why is it a wise person gonna leave? And what are the things you can do to add to to alleviate that pain to get them to stick one more month? Sometimes it’s just reciprocity where again, a T shirts, just reciprocity, they feel, gosh, you know, I’m wearing this, and they identify with that cult or that the culture of you know, I’m a funnel hacker. And I know I can’t do it right now, but I’m going to do it because the dream is still there, out there. Yeah. And, and people want, they know they want to get to it. It’s just it doesn’t fit in right now. timewise. And so that T shirt reminds them on a regular basis. I I’ve seen that T shirt literally around the world now, as I’ve traveled and it’s been fun just to see you know how long you’ve been with ClickFunnels? What are you been doing? How did? How’d you find out? It’s a great conversation starter. Yeah, it’s been wonderful.

Jeremy Weisz 26:47
So what else favorite stick strategies for ClickFunnels. And then I’d love to hear your favorite six strategies that you’ve been a part of like you mentioned the Dan Kennedy. You got you know, that was something that you What are your favorite ClickFunnels ones for the T shirt? Any any shirts or no

Dave Woodward 27:05
t shirts been one we’ve again, we’ve, we’ve had a monthly continuity, funnel University newsletter we’ve mailed out again, it comes in a binder we’ve got. We did the same thing with our two comma club x coaching program. It’s got a binder, nothing we’ve done from a stick strategy is each month and one of the main things we’re looking at stick strategies, how can you over deliver? And the if it’s something you’re like, Oh my gosh, I wasn’t expecting that. So one of the things we’ve used in for some of our coaching programs has been send them out a monthly book. And so it’s now a book that they’re involved in, and it’s a great marketing book. And so really, yeah, they’re they’re getting everything else with whatever the program is, but now they also have a they’re getting a free book. And so we sent out for two comma club x coaching program the first year a book every single month and became a book club where people were now reading the books and they were commenting in Facebook group about what they were learning. We ended up Got you other stick strategies, even, even on the boxes that we send things out, there’s typically a call to action right now we just put together Russell’s Traffic Secrets box. And so instead of just shipping out a box in a normal, you know, brown mailer, we have a stick strategy on there, it’s like, Hey, you know, call this number get a special message from from Russell or, or scan this QR code and get a special message allows them to feel connected with what they just purchased. And it reminds them about why they bought it. I go on, and I mean, everything we do, I’m trying to find what is the stick strategy? How can we actually, every again, journey is the most important thing. And for us, it’s how do you actually help someone stick a little longer?

Jeremy Weisz 28:41
You know, I want to, I could listen to you all day, by the way, Dave unstick strategies and seriously, and I’d love to hear about I know people use, you know, ClickFunnels for membership sites, and I’m wondering how you know, Stick strategies are helping people more be more successful with the product. Because if they’re more successful with the product or service, they will stick. So I see it as a very, like you said it’s over delivering, and it’s helping people be successful with implementing what they’ve purchased. And so I’m wondering what helps people be more successful with creating membership sites on ClickFunnels? But before you answer that, you mentioned over deliver I wanted to give a shout out to Brian Kurtz who wrote a book called over deliver love Brian,

Dave Woodward 29:31
amazing dear friend, amazing guy,

Jeremy Weisz 29:34
amazing checkout over deliver everything. You know, Brian basically became quick friends because of a podcast I had him on afterwards. I’m like, I love you, Brian. You’re You’re I mean, how do we hang out you know and so

Dave Woodward 29:49
Brian’s one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. I’ve I’ve had the opportunity of had me on my podcast but more important than that, I’ve I anytime you spend time with Brian you always come away uplifted you As a man who has a gift for lifting people, and I would if you ever get a chance to buy anything from Brian Kurtz please buy it from him. And then you’ll find again he’s got a ton of stick strategies and stuff he does as well.

Jeremy Weisz 30:12
Yeah, a genius direct response marketer. So before about the membership sites Dave, what are some of your favorite books? I mentioned over deliver I don’t know man, once you’ve sent out to your, your two comma club group. What are some of your favorites?

Dave Woodward 30:27
Um, honestly, I’m when I’m reading recently rereading is the road less stupid by Keith Cunningham? Okay, great book. From a gap. There’s so many of them. I could

Unknown Speaker 30:41
go on and on. Couple off the shelf.

Dave Woodward 30:44
Yeah. Great leads is an awesome one. If you’re not familiar great leads Michael Masterson does an awesome job and great, great leads. I loved high growth handbook from developing and growing businesses. Gentlemen Maxwell stuff on leadership right now.

Unknown Speaker 31:03
Gosh goes on and on. There’s I, gosh, one of the there.

Unknown Speaker 31:11
For us.

Dave Woodward 31:14
One of the things we’re always looking at what are the things we can do to scale and grow a company and so I’m paying attention to that kind of stuff quite a bit these days. Crossing the Chasm has been when a lot of it just kind of depends on what what I need to fall are whatever the problem I’m trying to solve. Now is what I’m what I’m into

Jeremy Weisz 31:29
what have you found or recommendations? I know like Reid Hoffman has a book on that as well. I think

Unknown Speaker 31:37
what’s specifically

Jeremy Weisz 31:38
for you’re saying scaling and growing the company so

Dave Woodward 31:41
high growth handbook is a great one against put out by stripe, and it’s actually goes through and really identifies. They talked to quite a few different founders and how they’ve actually grown and scale their companies. So high growth handbook is awesome. Again, I mentioned the road the stupid by Keith Cunningham. Keith Cunningham is kind of the the original Rich Dad Kiyosaki basically met with and spent time with him. He has a four day MBA programs. Great, great program. man who is a master teacher. He does a great job of building companies, but he sucks at marketing and he hates that part of it. It’s always been fun for me. I’ve talked to Keith as I attended his 40 master or 40 MBA. And he’s like, Dave, I would just wish I had your guy’s ability to market because I can grow and scale any company once it gets going. But the startup phase is not as hard as it is

Jeremy Weisz 32:36
startup. No joke If so, thanks for sharing that. I have a couple audible credits so I want to know what I should be what I should be buying and Oh man, I want I love hearing options.

Dave Woodward 32:50
I’ll go real fast to audible here cuz that’s where I consume a ton of content here. See what some of the stuff you know, it’s been fascinating. I take a look at some of the things The hard thing about hard things, um, is when I was again that’s Ben Horowitz program. Yeah. But

Jeremy Weisz 33:07
anything that starts off with like a rap quote is a good book you know, I think

Unknown Speaker 33:14
yeah, there’s

Dave Woodward 33:16
just kind of depends on which actually double your profits by Bob Pfeiffer is one. It’s a fast read fast listen to it is cutthroat so if you’re not willing to, again for this whole COVID thing Coronavirus type of deal. That’s probably one of the that’s like 78 things you can do to double your profits and they’re not always that friendly.

Unknown Speaker 33:37
Oh, really interesting. Oh,

Dave Woodward 33:38
yeah. The ride of a lifetime was I just listened to that. That was Bob Iger story about Disney. And his thing there. Phil Knight story. Shoe dog was great. Oh, that’s one of my favorites of all time for sure. Just awesome. I go on it like Yeah,

Jeremy Weisz 33:54
no, I love it. Thank you. Yeah. I love to hear what people are reading because it just gives an insight into what We should be doing. And so talk about membership sites. So people who have membership sites or don’t obviously can use click on if you didn’t know, you can use ClickFunnels to power your membership site, right. And so what are some great ways you’ve seen people use membership sites and ClickFunnels and maybe some of the ways that they were successful?

Dave Woodward 34:22
Oh man. For us, I think some of the great things about membership sites, it’s, if nothing else, it’s a place to contain a lot of content. And unfortunate for a lot of people that will just send out, they send them videos, they send them PDFs, and they send them different resources, but there’s not a place where they can go to get it all in one place. And so if if you find yourself you know, dripping things out, or even from a drip campaign, a membership site works a ton better where you can continue to drive them right back to it. I’ve seen people use free membership sites just for that reason just to contain all the content because now a person feels like they’re connecting with you on a Much more frequent basis. You made mentioned earlier as far as micro continuity, which was the idea of having a membership. That was a limited period of time. Russell’s microcar new program back, gosh, I think was 2011 or 12, or something like that was a long time ago. Again, the whole idea was, people don’t want to feel like they’re stuck in something for a long, long and never ending piece. And so Microsoft knew it was you know what, this is a four or a six month membership platform, and it’s you’re going to get it done in that period of time. Another one, I can tell you right now, we’ve seen great success with and that’s a challenge, a 30 day challenge or something like that our one funnel way challenge works the same way where you do have it’s in a membership site. It’s a 30 day challenge. You go right through it in 30 days, it’s done. But you have the opportunity of going back to it and it’s been interesting, we’ve had people rebuy the program just for the opportunity of going through it. And so there’s well you have a membership site, and then you have the live component as far as the teaching and if they want the ongoing continuity or get the membership site there that’s 30 days but if you want to continue to protect paid on with the group then sign up again to go through the group. And so there’s, gosh, there’s so many different ways. I think the the problem for a lot of people with membership sites, they feel like there’s only a certain certain few things they can do. membership sites are huge. Stu McLaren, dear friend of mine actually is actually has a launch going on right now for his tribe, which teaches people about memberships. And I think the the whole idea if you understand what you’re really trying to do is create a community through your membership. And that in itself will help grow and scale your business. lady boss, Brandon and kailyn pooling did an amazing job of having a monthly membership site. And things they would add to that each month. were things like adding in recipes, adding in fitness workouts adding in different pieces. So people stuck because they knew that there was something new coming every single month. And they go and they could see all the old stuff that they wanted the newest, latest greatest and that was one of their six tragedies having new content put in there. So you can do the evergreen content. You can New content. A lot of it just depends on on how much content you want to create.

Jeremy Weisz 37:06
You know, Dave, obviously ClickFunnels. There’s many, many people using it now. Who do you were you just super excited to hear like a notable person that’s like, wow ClickFunnels has made it like these people are using ClickFunnels. Oh my gosh, is no matter how big you are, when you have certain people using the platform, there’s a certain sense of pride in what you’ve created. Right? You know,

Dave Woodward 37:30
I’m with you. I’m so bad. I’m not starstruck by people. And I wish I was. It’s, it’s fun for me to see different people. Gosh, you know what, I’ve spent time on the phone with Damon daymond john and shark, their whole shark thing. And so, Damon’s company runs off. A lot of their products run off of ClickFunnels. And so that’s fun. But honestly, for me, I can tell you the thing that I enjoy more than anything else are the people no one knows about. Who then becomes part of our team. comical award winning award winners and so you know, Gabe cylinder a guy who basically sells beats, which is just music riffs on and all of a sudden he’s he sells you know these he’s basically just been there behind the scenes creating a whole bunch of soundtracks and beats that are you know, he’s got a huge long list of a love a celebrity type of people who have used his beats in their music and he’s now taught other people how to do it. So here’s a guy who basically is usually what you would never think about is now been able to hit you know over a million dollars inside of sales funnels now is on to a second one. It’s people like that those are the people I get most excited about.

Jeremy Weisz 38:43
Who strike who sticks out to you is some of your favorite because some of them are really heart wrenching stories also right in the you’ve allowed you sure you’ve powered them, their dream and of allowing them to, I guess a freedom does anyone think got you on that that is a special man.

Unknown Speaker 39:03
Put me on spot as far as I mean, I

Jeremy Weisz 39:05
remember Dave, just let you think about that for a second. I remember one of my favorite shows is the Prophet with Marcus lemonis. And I remember seeing a scene where Russell comes on, he’s showing, you know, one of the businesses using ClickFunnels. And I thought that was a really cool, that must have been a cool moment. Also.

Dave Woodward 39:24
That was fun. So we had Marcus lemonis at funnel hacking life. And Marcus if those guys don’t know, he is like one of the most humble guys you’ll ever meet. He shows up in an Uber and just walks in. I was like, what I mean, I’m used to people coming in I’m like, Tony, we’ve had he’s got bodyguards and everything else, and it’s like this huge entourage. And he just walks in and just, I’m like, Marcus, I’m so sorry. We were there to meet you. And he’s like, Oh, no, this is no big deal. And so we we sat down, first walked him into the event room and you know, I think that timing pack, you know, 1200 1500 people, there’s like These people are like crazy. And they’re here for software. What do you guys really do? And so we had the opportunity to now with Marcus beforehand and kind of get him up to speed on what ClickFunnels does. And then afterwards, it was like, so what you’re telling me is, if people really understood sales funnel, every single business could use a sales funnel. Like Exactly. And so after that is when I remember talking with Russell and Todd and the rest of team and saying, gosh, wouldn’t it be cool if someday Marcus actually wanted to use our software? And it was about six months, eight months later, where we got a call and, and Marcus was like, hey, what what do you think about helping me with flex watches? And so Russell, I flew out to Southern California and basically sat down with Marcus and the team at flex watches and they filmed that episode.

Jeremy Weisz 40:47
That’s amazing. Yeah. And you’ve had many you know, what, when, what time of year do you always have at the same time of year for the funnel hacking conference for people to check out and where should they where should they go? To learn more about like future dates,

Dave Woodward 41:02
so it’s funnel hacking and we typically have it in the first quarter of the year. So we get everyone kicking things off the right way. I we might have to change it this next year just due to Coronavirus type of things. Yeah. But usually it’s sometime between January

Jeremy Weisz 41:16
March. Yeah. So check out Check out their conference. If you haven’t seen the videos from it. I mean, the it’s still stuck in my head Dave about the song. ClickFunnels, you know, you know, I’m talking about right and that that is stuck in my head. So I saw

Unknown Speaker 41:34
it’s kind of fun when you

Dave Woodward 41:36
win friends create rap songs about to your program. It’s kind of fun. Yeah. So check your records. Study the ClickFunnels rap?

Jeremy Weisz 41:45
Yes. And check it out on where I mean, I think you check it out on YouTube, but cool to probably check out ClickFunnels rap. You have to watch it. It’s hilarious. It’s great. Yeah, fantastic. So the Let’s talk a little bit about the you’re launching a book, okay, and walk people through some of the, you know, the pre work and then where they should go and then a little bit about the funnel.

Dave Woodward 42:16
The pre work was that two years of Russell’s bleeding, blood, sweat and tears to get created. Again, Russell has become an amazing author and writer. He’s just, it’s been fun for me. I’ve been with him through the process of each of the three books. He ended up writing Traffic Secrets, and then afterwards went back and secrets and expert secrets adding 30,000 words to each one of them is just he’s literally become a masterful writer. And it’s been fun just to see the the birthing process of this, the amount of research that he goes into, to really understand the story. And really, I don’t there are very few people I don’t know if anyone has become a better storyteller than right Last these days, and he just does a great, great job of telling stories. And really, and that was one of the things when we went back to secrets and expert secrets was to make sure that every single principle had a story tied to it. That’s the whole idea. One of things he Russell’s taught a ton recently. And that is, for people to really understand what you’re doing and to buy into it, they have to understand how you either learned it earned it. And if you can’t tell the story about how it’s how you’ve learned or earned, what it is that you’re trying to provide to these people. They don’t have that perceived value. And so by telling the story beforehand, as far as how they you’ve learned something, or you’ve earned something, it actually increases the value of what you’re about ready to offer them. And not only does increase the value, it then also increases the importance for you to consume what you’re about ready to receive. And so it’s a huge you want to talk about stick strategies. Make sure anything, any story or any time you’re going to sell something beforehand, you’ve told them a story as far as how you learned or net I mean it’s the point now where literally at every one of our marketing needs or anything else before he’s about ready to say what he wants to do next. It’s Let me tell you how I learned to earn this. And he doesn’t preface it that way but that’s exactly what’s about ready to take place. Mm hmm.

Jeremy Weisz 44:14
And so Jeff you know, they could check it out at walk me through some of the psychology of of the funnel, I guess. Yeah. And obviously when I read it with click phones so they can check out all the

Unknown Speaker 44:27
works to

Unknown Speaker 44:29
walk me through the funnel

Dave Woodward 44:30
a little bit. Again, as I mentioned earlier, one of the things Russell let’s do is sell things for free so it’s a free plus shipping offer I think our free plus shipping offer our two step order form is probably been copied by more people than any at least especially in the trip wire, physical books, anything like that. It’s It’s literally become if you want to sell something, that’s the way to do it. The idea behind it if you go to the page you’re gonna find at the top is gonna be a video telling story about like and how he learned or earned the content that’s in traffic secrets. After that is a ton of actual hard copy, long, long form, long sales form type of copy, you’d expect to see from a direct response marketing standpoint. And then there’s a two step order form where they’re entering their name, their email address. And then the next page is where they actually enter in mailing address and credit card information that allows us to get the information upfront so we can continue to market them on an ongoing basis. From there, this in the past we’ve, so years ago, I, some of your audience might remember if you went to GoDaddy, you were in this never ending trail of upsells. I mean, if you wanted to go buy a domain and it take you half hour to get through to the checkout, because you want this you want this you want this and as we’ve done a bunch of funnels, one of the things we’ve learned is people can handle up to about two, two otiose is about the most that a person can really before they get start getting frustrated. And the last thing you want is someone buying your product being frustrated the end of the buying process. Yeah So one of the things we’ve added is what we refer to as an order form bump on the credit card page. And it’s real simple thing. It’s, it literally is probably no more than 567 lines of copy. So it’s got to be something simple. The whole idea behind it though, is so take for example on on the Traffic Secrets book, it’s free plus shipping 995 997 for the book 1997. If you wanted to international shipping, you then go to the order form bump, and the order form bump is due at the audio version. and 100% of the time. Oh, exactly. Yeah. And so it’s, you know, it’s a $37 upsell. What it does, though, because we’re always looking at how can I get, I want to make sure that my average cart value, if I The idea here is I can spend as if my cost acquire customer is the same as my average cart value or or less. I’m, if I can get a breakeven funnel. I’m in the money because I know my value ladder on the upside is going to be huge to try to acquire customers first. Low cost as possible. So the idea for us was trying to find a way that you could increase your average cart value. Most of our book funnels, typically, our average cart value ranges between 32 and $38.

Jeremy Weisz 47:11
I’m just seeing how much money I’m going to be spending once they go this this funnel. So

Unknown Speaker 47:15

Dave Woodward 47:17
Our average, our average cart value on the Traffic Secrets book actually ended in the 55 to 65 range. So more than doubled. And it was because what we’re going to talk about right now, and what we ended up doing, so we had the order form bump for the audio version. And then we also we added actually a second order from above. We’ve never done that before. It’s first time we’ve ever done it. And the second order form bump was 490 $7. And this was for a two day training that Russell had done about Traffic Secrets. So anytime Russell’s ever written a book, what he actually ends up doing is teaching the concepts first. So this is that live training in in recording that you have access to. So what’s the 995 for the book $37 for the word from above for the audio book. And then $97, which is a product we’ve sold for over, you know, originally $3,000 or 10, and then $300, the recordings from there then went to the first Oto. First Oto was, or still is, is our box set. So the box set is all off one of the books, so it’s dot com secrets, expert secrets, Traffic Secrets, and then we wrote a fourth book. And the only way you get that fourth book is in the box set. And that’s called unlock the secrets. And what it does is it basically walks you through how to use all three books at the same time. And so it’s a it’s basically a study guide for the three books. And so we ended up selling that for $97. And we’d never done this before where we actually added an order form bump on the Oto page. And so we added an order form bump for people to join our one funnel away challenge if they wanted to join that at $97. And then we added another order form bump that we’ve split tests a couple times and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, but that was awesome for us. We then went to the second Oto and on the second Oto is a we went out and good friend of mine. McHale runs a company called funnel etics. And the idea behind funnel etics is actually helps you draw, draw out your funnel, map it out, and then to actually track it. And so there’s code where it would track up to 100,000 customers are 500,000 visitors. And so we ended up having, you could buy that product for either 397 or 497. So 397 was for 100,000 unique visitors and 497 was for 555 hundred thousand unique visitors. And so by having order bumps on Oto pages, it actually increased our cart value. And fortunately, was a very positive experience for all of our buyers because they really only felt like they were seeing two photos, even though they were really approached with six.

Jeremy Weisz 49:49
And so what point do people say okay, I should just get ClickFunnels in this process.

Dave Woodward 49:56
So on the thank you page is where we actually introduce ClickFunnels Stone Just need to get to the thank you page to them.

Unknown Speaker 50:01
Like if you don’t know already, which they should.

Dave Woodward 50:05
A lot of them don’t it’s really traffic.

Unknown Speaker 50:07
Is that true?

Dave Woodward 50:08
I mean, a lot of people are coming in for traffic they, they don’t know that much about ClickFunnels The great thing for us with Traffic Secrets, it’s probably the most evergreen and most green pasture for us to farm because there’s so many people who are dying to learn traffic these days. And the book is fortunate the book wasn’t written. It’s as evergreen content. So it’ll be around for the next 30 4050 hundred years a legacy book for anybody who wants to use traffic from your own.

Jeremy Weisz 50:36
Dave, I want to be the first one to thank you. This is fantastic. You know I want to respect your time but I could listen to you for two hours talk about go deep in any of these topics. I want to point people towards, obviously obviously for the software that powers all this check out our webinar and funnel hacking for their amazing events. What else did I miss? Where else should we point people towards?

Dave Woodward 51:10
I think it’ll be interesting as you guys go through secrets masterclass, you’ll actually see us implemented a lot of things we just talked about where secrets masterclass is a webinar. And usually on most webinars, you sign up and then you go to register, you then go from the registration page straight to the thank you page, we actually have a pop up that allows them to, we’re trying to find out more. So what are the three different things are you struggling with? Are you struggling with your funnel, you’re struggling with conversion, you’re struggling with traffic. And then when they click on that it then takes them to a video of Russell talking about whatever one of those three things were, and then gives them the opportunity to buy one of the three secrets for building your funnel, expert secrets for conversion and Traffic Secrets for traffic. Obviously, the whole idea behind that is it’s allowed us to get a self liquidating offer in place the very beginning Where are we can now spend more because we’re getting sales before people actually get to the webinar. And one of the things we’ve found is anytime someone buys something from you their likelihood of actually showing up and attending the webinar skyrockets. And then the other thing is they already bought one product. The hardest thing about for anybody in internet marketing is getting that first dollar online. Once you’ve got that first dollar, you now have trust. And for us, it’s been amazing to see when they actually sign up, go attend the webinar, those people who bought the book, they’re the multiple people who actually end up buying the the offer, the end is skyrockets.

Jeremy Weisz 52:34
Yeah, one of my favorite first dollar stories of all time is Stu McClaren. So you probably know the story really well. You could check out an InspiredInsider, he tells that story of how he made his first dollar online. I’m not going to ruin the punchline, but you should listen to that. Because it’s truly amazing. Dave, thank you everyone. Check out check it out, use it,

Unknown Speaker 52:55
get it implemented. Dave, thank you. My pleasure. Thanks so much