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Bryan Kreuzberger is the founder of that teaches how to get any meeting with cold email to land big sales. He used this exact strategy to land $15 million in contracts from companies like General Electric, Best Buy, Master Card, Home Depot, and many more.

Watch this interview to see:
-What were 3 big low points in his life that drove him?
-Listen to the step by step of how to get big names to respond with email.



What you will learn:
-What are Bryan’s big challenges that got him to the next level?
– What is one of the best subject lines to use to get any company to respond?
(After we did this interview I used it several times and it worked like a charm!)
-How did he get over something so painful that he was holding on to it for 20 years?
-Why does Bryan do adrenaline producing activities?
-Bryan was not always a smooth salesperson. How did one of his first meetings with a lawyer go?

Bryan’s students have used breakthrough email to generate over $5 million in 8 months.
Bryan founded because he saw a need. No one was talking about business to business email. He teaches you How to Get Any Meeting with Cold Email: Escape Cold Calling and Land Bigger Sales. This training gives you everything you need to generate leads, traffic and sales for your business. Clients have included General Electric, Best Buy, Master Card, Home Depot, Western Union and Bank of America. He talks about what has driven him and some of the challenges he fought through to get where he is today.

Bryan is a thrill seeker and has done cage diving with sharks,helicopter skiing, & much more.

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:
Millionaire Next Door
How to Win Friends and Influence People

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