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Today we have Jake Atwood founder of Buzzbuilder, which is software that allows sales professionals to automate their cold email outreach. His singular focus is to make it easy for salespeople to pack their pipeline with qualified leads. He shows a warmer approach for prospecting to busy executives besides the dreaded cold calling methods. has tools and programs that have been implemented by over 25,000 sales professionals.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:55] Jeremy introduces his guest Jake Atwood.
  • [2:00] Which hard to reach executives has Jake and his team been able to contact?
  • [6:00] Follow-up is HUGE!
  • [7:00] Be patient with prospects.
  • [10:40] How did Jake get started with Telemasters?
  • [14:00] What are some of the lessons Jake learned from working with his Uncle?
  • [16:20] What is the process once you have a prospect?
  • [19:00] How do people usually come to Buzzbuilder?
  • [21:20] What are some of the common mistakes most salespeople make?
  • [23:30] What was Ovation Sales Group?
  • [24:30] Jake’s best results from coaching.  
  • [28:00] At what point did Jake decide he needed to create a software?
  • [32:20] What was the learning curve like with Buzzbuilder?
  • [33:30] What is the advantage of using Buzzbuilder?
  • [37:30] Jake’s favorite success story of someone using Buzzbuilder.
  • [39:40] Elements for successful cold emails.
  • [44:00] Pricing for Buzzbuilder.
  • [46:20] The story of growth at Buzzbuilder.
  • [50:20] Challenges Jake has faced.
  • [52:00] What software does Jake and his team use?
  • [55:00] Where did Jake learn copywriting and direct response?
  • [56:00] The lowest point and the proudest moment for Jake and Buzzbuilder.
  • [1:03:20] Who does Jake go to learn from?

In this episode…

Can cold emailing be successful? Is there more to it than just email blasting a list of prospects you acquire from a vendor? Sales and marketing expert Jake Atwood started a company called Buzzbuilder to address cold emailing. He has built a successful team around him that has tapped into this often underutilized market. On this episode of Inspired Insider, hear from Jake as he discusses the power of follow-up, common mistakes salespeople make, cold emailing tips, and much more! Find out how you can leverage the lessons and skills Jake has developed.

Most people are focused on immediate results. Patience is not necessarily a virtue in our culture let alone when it comes to sales. What is the solution? Should you expect immediate results or is there a better long term approach? At Buzzbuilder, Jake Atwood and his team emphasize the power of follow-up. They know that most sales prospects don’t respond to the first encounter or even the second! On average, it takes up to eight contacts with a prospect for them to reply and engage. Have you developed a strategy for follow-up? Find out how you can take your sales team to the next level with Jake’s tools and insights on this episode of Inspired Insider!  

Pursuing success is not only about finding what works, it also includes identifying what doesn’t work and avoiding those mistakes. What are some common mistakes salespeople make? Jake Atwood has been in marketing and sales for many years. He knows what works and what doesn’t. Here are a few of common mistakes he’s identified.

  • Sending a one-time email blast to prospects doesn’t work. One size doesn’t fit all!
  • Including a long copy isn’t helpful. It’s overwhelming. Less is more.
  • One call, voicemail, or email isn’t enough. Don’t give up. Keep trying!

Don’t miss more helpful insights and lessons from Jake on this episode of Inspired Insider!

Honing into a niche market is a HUGE contributor to the success many startups experience. What does that process look like? Entrepreneur Jake Atwood built a successful company with the aim of addressing a problem in the marketplace no one was solving. From Jake’s efforts, Buzzbuilder was born. The niche that Jake and his team have cornered is cold emailing. They don’t just compete with companies that focus on email marketing, they specialize and excel in helping salespeople contact and build upon prospects they received from a vendor list. To hear more about how Jake built Buzzbuilder and the lessons you can learn from his success, listen to this episode of Inspired Insider!

How can you get the most out of your efforts with sending cold emails? What are you missing? Jake Atwood and his team at Buzzbulider have spent over 10 years perfecting their approach to getting results from cold emailing. Here are some of their tips.

  • Stop selling in the email subject line! Save it for the pitch.
  • Make it simple. Subject: Company Name Results.
  • Make a LinkedIn introduction. If you connect with them on LinkedIn, follow up with an email.

This is just a taste of the insights and tools you will hear about on this episode of Inspired Insider. Make sure to listen in to get more tips from Jake!  

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