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Brian Wilkin, cofounder of Dude Wipes, talks about how they are changing an industry one dude at a time with their A** wipes for guys.

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How did cold calling lead to distribution through Walgreens?
How did a Sam’s club trip by cofounder Sean Riley lead to a whole apartment of 5 guys using baby wipes?

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The first major achievement of Dude Wipes was they won the 2013 INDA Nonwovens Innovation Award, which is given to the most innovative product of the year in the Nonwovens industry.

A couple months later, they were one of 6 companies selected from a pool of hundreds to participate in a Consumer Packaged Goods accelerator called Incubation Station in Austin, TX.

They were also featured in a Times Article and CNBC Article (mentions Dude Wipes as being first to market) and ESPN radio.

Other interesting questions answered in this interview:

What did Brian and the team think would work but failed and what ended up working really well to get the company off the ground?

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