Nick Francis is the co-founder and CEO at Help Scout which is a simple, straightforward way to provide excellent customer support.

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-How did HelpScout get users and ultimately customers?
-Are you too proud to beg?

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What else will you learn in this interview?
-What was the biggest mistake that can cause a business relationship to fizzle?
-What is the product funnel that most of the marketing pros use?
-He is brutally honest about what works and what does not work as well.

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:
Tech Stars

A little background about HelpScout and Nick Francis:

Help Scout started in 2005, when the founding team started a small web design company. By working with 100+ companies large and small, along with building a couple products, they learned a lot about what small businesses need in order to make customers happy. First on the list was a simple way for teams to share an email inbox, which is where they started with Help Scout.

In early 2011, the team moved from Nashville to Boston to participate in the TechStars startup accelerator. Today several thousand people use Help Scout on a daily basis to deliver personalized customer support at scale.

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