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Travis Lee coFounded 3D Mail Results with his dad Keith Lee in 2007. 3D Mail has helped over 10,000 business owners increase the response and profit using direct mail. They help direct mail marketers increase their return using clutter busting 3D mail products and grabbers. They have a selection of over  600,000 promotional products you can use to make sure customers or prospects never forget about YOU!  

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:24] Jeremy’s introduction of Travis Lee and his company, 3D Mail Results.
  • [1:20] How Bill Glazer got started using Travis Less’ service.
  • [3:58] How his mastermind group encouraged him to create the business.
  • [5:30] How Jeremy first began working with his father.
  • [7:01] What Travis wanted to do when he was young.
  • [8:47] Things Travis’ son wanted to do in order to make money.
  • [9:50] Getting new ideas from walking through toy stores.
  • [16:40] The benefits of getting on the phone with your clients.
  • [17:55] The type of people who Travis’ company sells to.
  • [19:33] How big name marketers use 3D mail for great results.
  • [25:13] How 3D marketing plays on the human bent toward curiosity.
  • [26:30] Why people don’t use 3D Marketing.
  • [34:59] Campaigns that work for dentists, etc.
  • [38:50] Timeframes for doing follow up in varying niches.
  • [45:20] Ideas for choosing the right 3D mail piece.
  • [48:25] Follow ups for new residents to the area.
  • [56:40] The most successful campaigns Travis has seen.
  • [1:04:00] The biggest mistakes people make using 3D mail.
  • [1:07:00] One of the “foul ball” experiences Travis went through.
  • [1:10:00] One of the “home runs” Travis’ company did for a client.
  • [1:14:05] How you can connect with Travis and 3D Mail Results.

In this episode…

Travis Lee has grown up seeing the power of marketing, literally. His father was involved in mastermind groups with the likes of Bill Glazer and Frank Kern and Travis learned early on how effective a professional and consistent direct mail campaign could be. After he graduated from college his father insisted that he listen to a set of tapes that set him on his way to becoming a direct response marketer in his own right.

Teaming up together, Lee and his Dad have created, a direct mail company that does things a bit out of the ordinary along the lines of what Travis saw from his Dad’s friends in the past. 3D Mail Results sends out what was once called “lumpy mail” – envelopes with small sized items inside that attract attention and spark curiosity. On this episode of Inspired Insider you’re going to hear a wealth of success stories and ideas for how these kinds of creative mailings can increase business in incredible ways.

The allure of “lumpy mailers.”

Imagine pulling up to the mailbox and grabbing the pile of envelopes that are typically there. As you do, you feel something hard and, well, lumpy in the stack. Your mind immediately begins to wonder what was sent to you that feels to big and unusual. That’s the power of 3D Mail Results’ marketing methods. The unusual shape and feel of the items they send out start their magic by piquing curiosity, increasing the open rate of their marketing messages dramatically.

Receiving a 3D Marketing Results package goes beyond curiosity… it also lodges in your memory because of the creative angle of the marketing message coupled with the small item that goes along with it – a boomerang for a “we’d like you to come back” appeal, a pill bottle for accompanying a “aren’t you sick of high insurance rates” advertisement. You get the idea? This creative brand of marketing can increase your business significantly, so make sure you listen to the ways Travis Lee’s company could make it happen for you.

If you need a boost to your bottom line this creative method of direct mail marketing could get you more return clients and new customers than any other, the stats prove it. Be sure to take the time to listen to the is great conversation that features Travis Lee of 3D Mail Results. It’s on this episode of Inspired Insider.

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