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Tony Grebmeier is co-founder Ship Offers that he built with two of his Childhood friends, Doug Roberts and Gil Gerstein. Fifteen years later, ShipOffers is an eight-figure business that has been an INC 5000 Company for the past three years in a row. They ship out over 1 million orders per year. In 2008, Tony almost lost it all. He also runs the podcast the Tony G. Show — bringing together his love for business and self-improvement.   

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:10] Jeremy welcomes his guest Tony Grebmeier to the show.
  • [2:10] How does Tony start his day?
  • [4:00] Serving people and leading with Hope.
  • [6:20] Learning how to be present.
  • [8:30] The number one person you can change is yourself.
  • [9:40] What scares Tony?
  • [14:10] What did Tony use to be like before all the changes?
  • [18:40] Tony talks about struggling with alcohol.
  • [20:15] Tony talks about growing up looking up to his mom.
  • [25:40] What did Tony want to be when he was younger?
  • [30:00] Money doesn’t buy happiness.
  • [35:20] How has the business changed over the years?
  • [51:20] What is hot and trending in supplements right now?
  • [55:20] What are some of the mistakes you are seeing new entrepreneurs make?
  • [58:00] The division of labor between Tony and his partners.
  • [1:00:30] What piece of advice would you give?
  • [1:04:20] Tony talks about making decisions with his partners. The Tripod Philosophy.
  • [1:09:00] Future dreams and plans for ShipOffers.
  • [1:11:00] Success and growth.
  • [1:14:00] Tony talks about the unique products he worked with.
  • [1:16:00] Service and bringing value to others.
  • [1:18:00] Building a quality team.
  • [1:23:30] Goals that scare you.
  • [1:30:30] Parting words of wisdom from Tony.

In this episode…

Is there happiness beyond success? Our country was founded on the ideal we call the “Pursuit of happiness.” But many people have attached this ideal to the amount of success or wealth someone has or doesn’t’ have. On this episode of Inspired Insider, Jeremy sits down with innovator and entrepreneur, Tony Grebmeier. They discuss finding happiness beyond wealth and success, overcoming obstacles in life and business, and how to leave the world a better place. Tony’s experience in both success and failure brings a refreshingly honest and authentic approach. Don’t miss out on the lessons and insights he has to offer!

Success and fame can be powerful drugs. You’ve seen it play out on the headlines and on cable news. Sometimes the most powerful and successful people end up the most miserable because they’ve used and abused what they’ve earned. Tony Grebmeier has been there and seen the ugly underside of a life built purely on success and what you can get from other people. Today he speaks up in business and entrepreneurial circles about the danger of building your life and happiness on your success. Tony doesn’t just talk a good game, his life demonstrates it. He has turned his life around and is dedicated to serving others and bringing value to the world. Make sure to listen to this episode of Inspired Insider to hear more about Tony’s story.

Don’t waste your money. Learn from the mistakes of outspoken and successful business leaders like Tony Grebmeier. Tony has been through the ups and downs of starting his own business. He has made some terrible mistakes and he lives to tell the tale! He wants new business leaders to come and learn from the mistakes he has made along the way. He is open and honest so others don’t have to suffer the same setbacks he has endured. Learn from Tony’s wisdom and find out how you can save money and time on this episode of Inspired Insider.

What are you bringing to the table today? How are you making the world a better place? These are the questions that keep entrepreneur and business leader Tony Grebmeir up at night. Tony has built his life, especially in the last nine years, around helping others. He is an individual whose life has been changed and he is driven by a desire to help change other people’s lives for the better. Part of that passion is fueled by the awesome work and service he provides through his company ShipOffers and the quality supplements they sell. To learn more about what motivates Tony and his infectious enthusiasm, listen to this episode of Inspired Insider.

When you get a guy like Tony Grebmeir talking about his passions and the lessons he has learned in life and business, coming away with one key truth can be difficult. Tony had so many great stories and truths to share but the one thing that he wanted to leave people with is this; be your word. What does that mean? It’s basically a relentless commitment to honoring others and being accountable for your own actions. This truth has changed Tony’s life and has influenced him to share what he has learned with others. To hear more from Tony and the life lessons that he is eager to share, make sure to listen to this episode of Inspired Insider.  

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