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Shannon Hansen is the Owner of Lightfoot Media, a business he founded in 1995. Lightfoot Media is a full-service internet marketing agency focused on providing innovative ways to keep clients ahead of the competition.

Shannon started his entrepreneurial journey at 21 while in college, where he created his first business that helped see him through college. Although Lightfoot Media is successful now, it has been a topsy turvy journey and was bankrupt for six years. After multiple iterations, Shannon’s figured it out, and his business has expanded rapidly, taking advantage of bigger and better opportunities.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Shannon Hansen shares a snapshot into his entrepreneurial journey to date
  • How Shannon discovered the problem when four top employees left his company at once
  • The CRMPPS system for hiring that can potentially take your retention rate from 30% to 80%
  • Coachable: why is coachability important in hiring, and how do you evaluate it?
  • Putting candidates and partnerships to the problem-solving test
  • Reliability: how to access and score
  • What is personability, and how do you test for it?
  • The superpower filter
  • Hiring for motive
  • The motives to look out for and those to avoid
  • How to score potential hires after an interview

In this episode…

The death or growth of any business depends on partnerships, employee recruitment, and retention. Without a system to continuously hire and retain A+ people in your company, you lose business and partnerships that could take you to the next level. The good news is that there’s a system that works to help you develop powerful partnerships and hire great people.

It’s the CRMPPS (coachable, reliable, motive, problem-solving, personability, and superpower) method for hiring A+ people. Using this system, Shannon Hansen of Lightfoot Media was able to increase their employee retention from 30% to 80% and is better able to crush their organizational goals and build better partnerships. Want to know what CRMPPS is and how to use it?

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz featuring Shannon Hansen, Owner of Lightfoot Media. They discuss Shannon’s 26-year-plus entrepreneurial journey and how he uses the CRMPPs method to develop excellent partnerships and hire and retain A+ team members.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz 0:17

This is a special interview. This is with Shannon Hansen and he breaks down his six steps to powerful partnerships and hiring. I’ve never heard it explained like this before. And this was supposed to be just a private conversation with him lending some advice on partnerships in hiring. It was too good not to share on the podcast. So here you go. And before we get to it, this episode is brought to you by Rise25 and Rise25 we help businesses give to and connect to their dream 100 relationships and how do we do that? We help you run your podcast over the past decade, I found no better way to give to my best relationships and profile them and have them on my podcast. And you know, I suggest anyone if you have a business, you should have a podcast period. So if you’ve thought about it, you should go to To learn more, you can email [email protected]. Here’s the episode. You know, this is going to be an impromptu conversation with myself and Shannon Hansen. And we said why not just flip on the record and let people be a fly on the wall. So if this does become an episode, this will be an episode of, and so you can check those out. But this is one of those conversations that and I’ll have Shannon explain a little bit more about his services and what they do. But you know, from co founder, the founder, just willing to share what’s working and what’s doing really, really well. And a lot of this stuff gets shared behind closed doors and doesn’t get shared openly. So Shannon is always kind enough to just want to pay it forward and pass it on. So before we dig into what’s been revolutionary for your business, and partnerships with what we’re going to talk about. Shannon just in case this does go live somewhere, give people an overview about your business and what you do.

Shannon Hansen 2:19

Yeah, so I mean, quick overview, lifetime entrepreneur started out at age 21 In college started my first business put myself through college with that way back to want to date myself too far. But back in good old 1995 went through, like a typical solopreneur went through many different businesses couldn’t even count them, if I tried, went bankrupt a number of times was bankrupt for an entire six year period, which was pretty crazy for, for my life and as married just all of the family life that goes along with that. But really in about, let’s see, 2012 started hitting stride of like, breaking into the digital, the digital arena and figuring out how to make money online. And at that time, it was we basically broke into mortgage lead generation, and we actually still generate mortgage leads to this day. But what happened was over the course of years, the enterprise expanded, we experienced all the growing pains that probably every business experiences, when you’re when you’re figuring things out, figuring out things out on your own, it had hit over the head, a lot of times you have periods of of great success and things blow up and then you have to regroup and start over I’ve been through all those sort of typical entrepreneur stories of losing money, getting it back again, and sort of finding a way and this what we’re talking about today really is the product of probably all that experience and and really getting to a point where I experienced a significant amount of success. You know, set the seven figure income range, which I think is fairly significant for a solopreneur but also experiencing that blowing up and really taking a look at the pieces that were left over and going What the heck what happened here, and I’ve had levels of success before thought I really hit was reaching a pinnacle and a place that I was going to really found a form a base of success to go into multiple seven figures and in and on from there and and it blew up in my face. And I think that’s a common story with a lot of entrepreneurs. It’s probably a pretty common story. And, and so really what I’ll share today it was the learnings from that because after after all blowing up your face Do you really take stock and look back on it and go, where did I go wrong? Like what happened here because I was on such an incredible track. And, you know, this is all after I’ve gone bankrupt a number of times. And then I reached this level of success. And I’m like, I got it figured out now. And then it blew up in my face again. And so this, what I’m going to share today really is like the culmination of that and picking up the pieces after that was all done and going, where, where did I go wrong when I thought I was on such a great path. And really what’s happened and what we, what we’ll talk about today is not only allowed me to just reach the sort of the next, the next phase, the next level, but it’s been a out of all my years, as an entrepreneur. Now it’s 26, seven years now. It’s been the, I want to say that the smoothest, most predictable and most enjoyable, most fulfilling portion of my career after sort of figuring these things out, and it’s it’s expanded faster, our internal business, into all the partnerships that that we have now, the partnerships just run so smoothly, the opportunities just keep getting bigger and bigger and life gets, life just really keeps getting better and better without sort of working more. I don’t know, risking more. Like, the difficulty level is like going down. It’s like this divergence of the difficulty level going down, and the results in the fulfillment going up. So how about that kid? If that captures everything for you, Jeremy?