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Sayan Sarkar is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the health supplement brand, InvigorateNOW Health Sciences. He is also the creator of Sark Media Direct, a direct marketing consultancy that specializes in helping entrepreneurs grow to seven figures and beyond in the health, e-commerce, and consulting agency industries. Sayan helps combine cutting edge online marketing strategies with traditional direct response marketing. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Martha Stewart, Organifi, Zenith Labs, and more.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [3:45] Jeremy introduces his guest, Sayan Sarkar.
  • [6:30] What is the Star Story Solution?
  • [8:40] Sayan talks about his early career.
  • [11:00] How learning to copy write helped turn things around for Sayan.
  • [15:50] Sayan talks about working with Martha Stewart.
  • [20:45] Why using the word, “Free” can help your message work.
  • [23:40] A common mistake that many direct mail advertisers make.
  • [28:45] Should you sell your product on Amazon? How Sayan’s sales funnels work.
  • [34:00] Addressing specific pain points.
  • [36:00] A great idea that Sayan hasn’t taken action on.
  • [39:45] Advice that Sayan has for agencies that are looking to scale.
  • [43:45] Sayan talks about a big mistake he made early on and how he fixed it.
  • [45:45] A reciprocal swap that Sayan created.
  • [53:10] Sayan talks about the lowest moment in his career.
  • [55:30] How losing 75 pounds helped Sayan gain self-confidence.
  • [59:00] When did Sayan end up quitting his finance job? What systems did he put in place in his business?

In this episode…

What is the marketing strategy for your organization? Have you used direct marketing efforts before? How can your business market in a way that stands out from the rest of the competition in your industry? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from business leader and entrepreneur, Sayan Sarkar. In his conversation with Jeremy, Sayan opens up about how he got started with direct marketing, what it was like working with Martha Stewart, lessons he has learned along the way, and much more. Don’t miss a minute of this fascinating episode featuring Sayan’s story!

Are you looking for ways to communicate the story and unique appeal of your product or service? Have you ever heard of the star story solution? According to Sayan Sarkar, some of the most successful ads of all time centres on a star or hero that people can relate to. Then the ad will proceed to tell the story of the hero as they confront an issue or challenge in their life. Ultimately, the ad ends with the hero discovering an answer to the problem they’ve been trying to solve. This whole formula is called the star story solution. Have you seen effective use of this formula?

Can you imagine blowing through $20,000 in your first year of a startup with nothing to show for it in terms of sales and revenue? Sounds like a nightmare, right? How in the world do you come back from such a rocky start? Thankfully, Sayan Sarkar was able to discover the one thing holding his business back, copywriting. As he looks back at his career, Sayan points to the moment when he learned how to write sales copy as the moment when things turned around for his business. No one came along to hold Sayan’s hand and walk him through the process; he had to learn on his own!

Did you know that by simply including the word, “Free” in your ad or offer you could see your conversion rates spike? It’s true! While there are no guarantees, after years of research and experience in the direct marketing industry, Sayan is convinced that this approach works. Including the word, “Free” is not a magic bullet! You have to use that word effectively, and you have to make your offer appealing. Don’t assume that if you can win customers over with an ad campaign alone, you’ve got to deliver on the goods!

Are the days of direct marketing through the mail over? One might be led to think so with the rise of Google Ads and various social media advertisement options, but they’d be wrong! The truth is, people still respond to direct marketing efforts through the mail today. Do you have to do things differently than you would for your online audience? Yes, but the results are worth it! Don’t assume that your audience won’t respond to direct marketing; too many businesses are doing that. For more insights on how to market your business, make sure to connect with Sayan by visiting the link to his site located in the resources section at the end of this post.

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