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Ryan Tansom started his entrepreneurial career at his family business, where he was responsible for the operational and financial strategy of the $21 million company. He helped turn the company around and bring intentional focus to the right strategy, which enabled them to sell to a local competitor for eight figures.

Ryan is the Co-founder and Partner of Arkona, where they help entrepreneurs get clarity and control on how to grow the value of their company through Value Growth Education and Strategic CFO Services. He is the Host of the Intentional Growth podcast.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Ryan Tansom helped turn around his family’s business
  • The secret sauce for cold selling — and how Ryan started his entrepreneurial journey
  • Intentional Growth: the five principles
  • Do you have a team of advisors?
  • Replacing yourself in your business to make it more sellable
  • Why Ryan started Arkona after selling the family business
  • Coping with the dismantling of your business after a sale
  • Non-negotiables when selling your business
  • How Arkona helps companies get their financials in order
  • What is ESOP, and when should you consider it?

In this episode…

Has the growth of your business been stifled? Are you stuck with a broken system holding down your business, but you’re unsure how to turn it around? According to today’s guest, Ryan Tansom, the Intentional Growth framework is one way to help you figure out the issues and repair the broken system.

There are five principles you should be applying. The first is your drivers. What do you want from your business and why? The next is your financial targets, and there are three of them: one is your target annual income for you personally, regardless of whether you have that business. What are the other targets, and what do the other principles entail?

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz featuring the Co-founder and Partner of Arkona, Ryan Tansom. They discuss how Ryan transformed his family’s business to help them sell it for eight figures, the Intentional Growth framework, the five principles that drive it, and lots more.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz 0:19

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, Founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders and this is going to be a treat. We have Ryan Tansom of Arkona And Ryan, I always like to mention other episodes people should check out of the podcast. And you know, some of these people are John Warrillow, who wrote Built to Sell which was ranked on Forbes and other platforms, one of the top business books, you could actually check out his podcast. I interview him on his podcast on Built to Sell Intel, you know, once a month or two months talking about the previous month’s episode, so check it out. You should we do a webinar actually live webinars, you can come ask questions. If you sign up on Built to Sell. You’ll be invited to the webinar, and you can ask your questions live to John. So check it out. Joe Valley partner at Quiet Light Brokerage. He talked about the EXITPreneur’s Playbook. All this relates to Ryan Tansom’s. advice and expertise. So these are very relevant. And Todd Taskey talks about the most valuable advice when selling your agency. He also has the second bite podcast and of course a shout out to Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller, they run Amazing Exits podcast and Ryan Tansom was a guest on that one as well. And this episode is brought to you by Rise25 and arrived, Rise25 we help businesses give to and connect to their dream 100 relationships and partnerships. And we do that by helping you run your podcast. Ryan as a podcast, you got to check it out. It’s intentional growth. Ryan. And his great he’s on many episodes. And for me, right? You know, the number one thing in my life is relationships. I’m always looking at ways to give to my best relationships, I’ve found no better way over the past decade to profile the people and the companies I respect and admire and have them on my platform to you know, inform everyone else. So if you’ve thought about podcasting, you should. And if you have questions go to both John and I, my business partner have been doing it for over a decade now. So and thank you for Tom Vranas who over the past 15 years help companies grow and succeed. He introduced Ryan and I we have a lot of mutual connections. So check out with Thomas doing and without further ado, Ryan Tansom started his entrepreneurial career at his family business where he was responsible for the strategic operational and financial strategy of the $21 million company. And Ryan helped turn the company around and bring intentional focus to the right strategies, which actually enabled them to sell for eight figures to a local competitor. And Ryan started Arkona and created the intentional growth framework and the podcast. He has amazing guests like Tom Stewart and many more. And they help owners grow the value of their company with the end in mind through their training and the fractional CFO services. So Ryan, thanks for joining me.

Ryan Tansom 3:08

Thank you, Jeremy, this is gonna be fun.

Jeremy Weisz 3:11

You know, there’s so much to ask. And I wanted to start with when you went into the family business, you had to turn it around. And so I want to talk just give people a brief overview. I know you’ve told the story many times about the family business, but I want to hear what you when you went into the business. What did you do to turn it around?