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Ryan Levesque is one of the Legends of Copywriting and Marketing. He is a master at setting up marketing funnels that converts cold traffic into customers. Listen when he talks about his near death awakening and how his child fueled him.

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What Inspires Ryan Levesque? Near Death Awakening…

Ryan is the founder of the Survey Funnel Formula. He used this exact formula to generate 2.8 million leads, 175K customers, in 17 markets, in the last 23 months alone.

Quick Story: I went to the event called Titans of Direct Response and when I asked several successful entrepreneurs what was working for them in their business they leaned forward and whispered..”We hired Ryan Levesque to implement his survey funnel formula to increase our customers and revenue. It is phenomenal creating tons of leads and revenue for our business.”

Watch below for one portion of our full 1 hour and 34min conversation where he talks about his inspiration, a near death experience, how his son fuels him, and the decision he made before he turned 30.

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Ryan Levesque is the founder of the Survey Funnel Formula. He has authored three books and has created over 30 information and software products including the RocketMemory course system and the Best-Selling SurveyFunnel Software. Ryan is also a marketing and business coach and has generated more than $37 million in revenue for his private clients in the last 6 years.

If you’re already selling products or is thinking of launching one, then you should definitely listen to this episode.

Ryan Levesque, has been cited as a marketing expert in countless media including CNBC, Yahoo Finance, The Miami Herald, The San Francisco Chronicle, Mass Market Retailer, and many others. He is author of 3 books, and creator of 34 information and software products – most famously the award-winning RocketMemory™ course system, and the Best-Selling SurveyFunnel™ Software (since sold). As marketing & business coach, Ryan has generated over $37 million in additional revenue for his private clients since 2008.

His sequel to his best selling book ASK is called CHOOSE and get it here –>

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