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Rudy Mawer is the CEO and Founder of ROI Machines. ROI Machines is a digital marketing agency that helps companies get tens of thousands of leads with paid ads by setting up everything that a company needs from funnel design, development, copywriting much more. They help multiple 7 to 8 figure businesses generate over $150 million per year.

Before founding ROI Machines, Rudy was an elite sports nutritionist and trainer. He worked with Hollywood celebrities, elite athletes, NBA players, WWE, gold medalists, and more.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Rudy Mawer talks about the mentality he has towards training and working with elite clients and what sets him apart from others in his field
  • What Rudy learned from his Olympic Gold Medalists parents and what it was like to be a nutritionist for NBA players
  • Rudy talks about the top entrepreneurs he learned from early in his career and what it’s like to now do business with them
  • How Rudy started working with Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr 
  • How to drive growth and rebuild a big but declining brand 
  • Rudy shares the metrics that matters when building up and growing a big brand
  • Marketing tricks that Rudy has been applying to older brands to revamp their marketing strategy 
  • What makes an ad or an email convert?
  • Rudy shares an example of a hook and offer that converted well 
  • How Rudy built a 60-persons digital agency and how he was able to systemize it to be able to run on its own

In this episode…

How do you rebuild a brand that has made a billion dollars in revenue and went bankrupt? How do you rebuild the trust with partners and vendors with backlogs of unpaid invoices? That’s the scary and chaotic state Pier1 was in before Rudy Mawer took over its operations after Retail E-commerce Ventures acquired it.

Rudy has since gone on to put Pier1 and brands like RadioShack and Linens ‘N Things on a steady growth trajectory while still running his own digital marketing agency that generates over 150 million $ per year for top businesses. Impressive, isn’t it?

In this episode of Inspired Insider Dr. Jeremy Weisz interviews the CEO and Founder of ROI Machines, Rudy Mawer, to discuss how he rebuilds and grows big brands that have gone bankrupt. Rudy also talks about the mindset behind his success with elite clients, the metrics that matters when growing and rebuilding a big brand, what makes an ad convert, and how he built a 60-person digital agency that’s capable of running on its own. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, Founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders. You know, Rudy, I love learning about how people helped build household name brands. Okay, and I’ve heard that. I’m gonna, I’m gonna introduce you in a second but, you know, I’ve had Nolan Bushnell he talked about Atari and Chuck E Cheese Tony Horton of P90x Rick Cesari, who helped grow companies like George Foreman Grill, Juice Man, Juicer OxiClean, SonicCare a check those episodes out. Before I introduce today’s guest, who I’ve known for a while Rudy, this episode is brought to you by Rise25, which I co founded my business partner John Corcoran, at Rise25 we help businesses really give to their best relationships connect to their best relationships by running your podcast so we help people launch and run podcast since 2008. I’ve been podcasting and working with other podcasters. And really, for me, relationships are the number one thing in my life and I always look at ways to give to my best relationship and you know, profiling my favorite people, their thought leadership and what they’re working on is always something that’s top of mind for me. So if you want to learn more, go to and check that out. Without further ado, we have Rudy Mawer and he is the CEO of Pier1. He’s Investor, Advisor for Retail E-commerce Ventures which is run by Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr, and their holdings include Pier1, RadioShack, Dressbarn, Stein Mart, Franklin Mint, Linens ‘n Things and many more and growing, And he’s also founded ROI Machines, because he’s not busy enough, which is a digital agency that helps companies in some cases get Rudy 10s of 1000s of leads, with paid ads, setting up everything needed for a funnel from design, development, copywriting, and much more. In his past life he was an Elite Sports Nutritionist and Trainer, working with Hollywood celebrities, elite athletes, NBA players, WWE, gold medalists, and so many more. Rudy, thanks for joining me.

Rudy Mawer

It’s great to be here.

Jeremy Weisz

Um, you know, I want to

Jeremy Weisz

No, I was just on masterclass the other day watching Garry Kasparov masterclass on chess.

Rudy Mawer

Okay, cool. Yeah,

Jeremy Weisz

because it applies the business right applies

Rudy Mawer

to the chess board is an ecosystem and it’s about understanding what’s happening there, what can happen and if you make one move, what cascade of effects does that cause right? And I think business is extremely similar and my ability to be able to understand that whole ecosystem from a bird’s eye view and most people are in the weeds is what allowed me to be good in sports, nutrition, sports science, good in business good in marketing.

Jeremy Weisz

So with chess, was it something that was natural for you? Or did you really have to practice?

Rudy Mawer

No, it was Yeah, I mean, my brain you know, everyone’s brains different right? Like everyone’s body. Some people are born jumpers. Some people are sprinter. Some people are marathon runners. Some people are wrestlers rise kind of brains the same. Some people are creative, some people logical strategic number data driven. So yeah, I just started playing it as a kid at school in chess club started winning chess club when I was like, you know, like a really young kid. I beat like the oldest in the hall school, annual chess tournament. And I think, you know, it just suited my brain how my brain functions.

Jeremy Weisz

So Rudy, I want to talk about rebuilding a brand. But, you know, there’s also another piece of this, which is I’m wondering what some of the lessons you learned from your parents? Because I don’t know most people know, but they are all Olympic athletes. gold medalists. Yeah, what did you see with them?