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Ramona Pierson cofounder of Declara, a learning technology that bridges artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and algorithms that are under lock and key. Her inspiration comes from having to relearn everything –from walking to talking to eating and even breathing. She is truly the perfect example of the phrase — triumph of the human spirit.




-raced tandem bikes in Russia
-over 50 surgeries and never take time off


Ramona Pierson has overcome tremendous challenges in life, and she’s turned those personal challenges into opportunities to help others learn to achieve great things.
At age 22, Ramona was hit by a drunk driver while running during training for the Marines. She spent 18 months in a coma and was blind for the next eleven years. Ramona had to relearn everything – from breathing and seeing, to walking and smiling. This tragic experience became a foundation for lifelong learning and relearning. Always persevering, she’s built companies that show individuals, organizations and enterprises how to tap into knowledge and self-motivation for continuous self-improvement.

Ramona’s career began as a neuroscientist at the Palo Alto Brain Center and VA hospitals, which led her to advocate for students with learning challenges in the public school system. In 2005, she created The Source, one of the first online social learning solutions for educators, students and parents. It was adopted throughout the Seattle Public School system and Ramona acted as district CIO for three years.

In 2007, Ramona founded SynapticMash, a company that developed educational solutions. SynapticMash was acquired by the British interactive learning company Promethean World, where Ramona became the Chief Science Officer helping to lead expansion into the global education marketplace.


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