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Business as mission is one of the foundational compoments of what Peter Awad and the Mission Meats team are doing. Peter founded Import Auto Performance which he has grown to 7 figures. has been selling car parts online for over 15 years. He is also Co-Founder of Mission Meats that sells grass fed beef sticks and bars and they even donate a portion of the profits to organizations. If that was not enough he runs the Slow Hustle Podcast showcasing the massive roller coaster that is entrepreneurship. He manages to do all of this with 4 kids!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:52] Jeremy’s introduction to this episode with Peter Awad.
  • [1:48] A day in the life of Peter Awad, big rocks, and the power of chunking.
  • [6:20] How connections are fueling success and why business as mission matters.
  • [12:00] Why it’s important to Peter that his company is truly making a difference.
  • [15:10] Peter’s most memorable experiences in business.
  • [18:40] The biggest lessons Peter has learned from his Dad.
  • [21:50] How Mission Meats began.
  • [23:48] The challenges of building a food business oriented toward social causes.
  • [26:26] The logistics headaches any distribution business faces.
  • [28:50] How Peter uses internet marketing to launch new products.
  • [31:45] The two people who have given Peter the best business advice.
  • [38:41] Software and tools Peter’s company uses regularly.
  • [43:40] Will the company be moving into retail stores?
  • [45:11] The eCommerce landscape 15 years ago when Import Auto began.
  • [48:00] Peter’s college experience and his thoughts about whether it was worth it.
  • [49:11] Milestones for Import Auto Performance as a company.
  • [51:41] The best practices for Import Auto today: products that are tough to support.
  • [55:54] A low moment Peter had to push through: the real estate meltdown.
  • [59:27] The proudest business achievement so far.
  • [1:00:37] Fast hustle VS slow hustle.

In this episode…

Business as mission is a concept that is becoming a bigger topic of discussion these days in entrepreneurial circles. Peter Awad and the team at Mission Meats are at the center of many of those conversations because their company is poised to make money SO that they can support causes that bring truly benefit to real people.

Mission is anything that brings a blessing or benefit to people – from food projects, to clean water, to disaster relief – the point is that the business profits fuel helping people in disadvantaged or poor parts of the globe. Peter Awad and his company have been working that angle for years, supporting many causes that they believe in.

If you want to run a business but don’t want it all to be about you and the profits you’re making, business as mission is a concept you should consider. It’s a way to build the business for a bigger WHY than you may typically have, and you’ll be changing the world one dollar at a time.

Peter Awad also shares the story of Import Auto Performance, a company he began simply because he needed to make some money. He tells how he started out by sourcing his products from a friend and shipping them out of the back of his truck before Amazon was even on the scene. Today it’s ramped up to an unbelievably complex and specialized business.

On this episode of Inspired Insider you’re going to hear the heart of a true entrepreneur, a guy who knows what it means to hustle the traditional way and what it means to do what he calls a “slow hustle.” You can learn more about Peter Awad’s story and life in business on this episode.

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