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Pete Williams is a marketer, entrepreneur, advisor, and author who has several companies across different industries. Some of his current business ventures include Preneur Group, Simply Headsets, earHero, Infiniti Telecommunications, and SpringCom Telecommunications.

At age 21, Pete made a name for himself when he found a business opportunity in selling off pieces of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (Australia’s version of Yankee Stadium) after a remodel. Since then, he has continued to receive recognition. Forbes has described him as the “entrepreneur today that every marketer should be modeling,” and Inc. called him a “savvy marketing strategist.” Pete was a Southern Region Finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Program and has won numerous awards in business.

In addition to his entrepreneurial work, Pete is a Professor of Practice at his alma mater, Deakin University, where he received his Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management and Commercial Law. He is the author of several books, and his latest book, Cadence: A Tale of Fast Business Growth, uses a story-based approach to examine Pete’s seven levers of business framework.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Tough business lessons Pete Williams learned early in his entrepreneurial journey
  • What are the seven levers of business, and how can focusing on them double your profits?
  • Pete’s process for implementing and tracking 10 percent wins throughout a month
  • How Pete has improved his margins with what he calls “target rebates”
  • What are micro-commitments, and how can you use them to increase your sales?
  • How Pete sold Australia’s version of the Yankee Stadium
  • Pete recommends must-read business books

In this episode…

Your business can grow fast. And no, it doesn’t require some super high-level thinking to do so. You just need to focus 10 percent more energy on seven key areas of your company.

Today’s guest, Pete Williams, calls this approach the seven levers of business framework, and he uses it to double profits. What do these levers represent, and how can you execute Pete’s strategy to scale your business and increase your earnings?

Learn more about the levers of fast business growth on this episode of Dr. Jeremy Weisz’s Inspired Insider Podcast featuring Pete Williams, a serial entrepreneur and author. They talk about the hard lessons of Pete’s entrepreneurial journey, how he came up with the seven levers framework, what each lever represents, and how he implements them within his businesses.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz 0:19

Dr. Jeremy Weisz, here founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders and I’m going to introduce officially Pete Williams in a second before I do I’d like to point out Pete some past episodes people should check out you know, some interesting ones I love. I love not just the success stories, but the the trials and tribulations story the challenges right as you know, the entrepreneurship journey journey is ups and downs. I remember, people can check out the interview one of the cofounders of Pipedrive, if anyone’s heard Pipedrive, it’s like way you can, you know, basically have your pipeline in a very elegant way or Urmas actually talked about how he had brain surgery. He got married and moved from Estonia to the U.S all in the same year. And I remember when I interviewed them, I think they were around it 10,000 paying customers. Now they have over 100,000 customers and so they’ve grown tremendously check out that interview with Pipedrive. I remember also interviewing the Founder of P90X Tony Horton. And he talked about, you know, the song, who knows at this point Pete like hundreds of millions of dollars of P90X but, but the cool part is he drove cross country to California to fulfill his dream, and was doing personal training. And the way he made food and rent money was he put his hat on the street and he did street mine. That’s how he made us food and rent money did not the humble beginnings, right. And so, before I introduce today, Pete Williams, this episode is brought to you by Rise25, I co-founded it with my business partner, John Corcoran. We help businesses give to and connect to their dream 100 relationships. And we do that by helping them run their podcasts. And you know, for me, Pete, the number one thing in my life is relationships. I’m always looking at ways to give to my best relationships. And I’ve seen no better way than to profile the people I admire their thought leadership, their businesses on my podcast, and allowing other people to find out more about them. So if you are out there, and you’ve thought about starting a podcast, you should do it. Whether we work together now if you have questions, I’m happy to help you could email me anytime. You can go to and learn more, check out more. I’m excited. And also just a big shout out to Dean Dutro, Dean Dutro and Ryan O’Connor introduced me today’s guest and their Co-founders are Worth eCommerce, which is a Portland based email agency. So check them out. If you have an eCommerce store that does over 500,000 a year, they can help you grow it with email and we are connected through Bruce of Oh Crap. And Pete Williams is the founder of several companies. And several P is kind of an understatement. Like many companies, if you go to their website, you go to I love Pete on your website you say, you know propaganda, like about the That’s hilarious. It just shows your personality. But if you go to their projects, he’s got so many companies that he has started or is helping you know, Preneur Group, Infiniti Telecommunications, Simply Headsets SpringCom, he also has several books and we’re going to talk about that and Dean couldn’t say enough good things about you, Pete and about your seven lovers. So we’re going to dig deep bunnies, like everyone should read his book. I mean, you have multiple books by Cadence and 10% Wins. He’s like, he’s highly recommends going through and you know, basically implementing those seven lab levers in someone’s business. So, you know, like I said, telecom, ecommerce, consulting company, your southern region finalists in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year program, you made a name for yourself at age 21 when you sold Australia’s version of Yankee Stadium, the Melbourne Cricket Ground for under $500. So if we’re lucky, maybe you’ll tell that story in your latest book, Cadence: A Tale of Fast Business Growth is born from the seven levers framework which you develop inside the Preneur Group. So Pete, thanks for joining me.

Pete Williams 4:22

Looking forward to being here. Thank you so much for having me.

Jeremy Weisz 4:24

You know, that’s the part I don’t talk the rest of the interview and you do all the talking. But um, you know, I want to start with we’re going to talk about Cadence. We’re gonna talk about the seven levers but and I think it relates to your telecom company and how you started that and growing that.