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Neil Thall has 30+ years of leading software and service organizations.

He was CEO and Founder of NTA group,CEO of Manhattan Associates- went public, CEO of Aldata- provider of Merchandise Planning software, EVP at LogFire – cloud based warehouse management software, and CEO of Acsis (AXIS) – puts serial numbers on products to track and improve inventory.

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What will you learn in this interview?
– What was a big influence for Neil growing up?
– How was his experience in business school at Wisconsin?
– What are the important things he learned about entrepreneurship?
– How did he adjust in starting up his own company?
– The difference between process people and project people
– What are the key factors that he implemented in being a CEO?
– What was the hardest part of being the COO of Manhattan Associates?
– What are the biggest mistakes he made in the past?
– How to get back after disappointing a client?
– What are the important things to look for in hiring a great team?
– What does a CEO need to pay attention to to run a successful company?
– What has been a painful moment in business for him?
– What was the best advice he received from his mentors?
– What is the important thing to practice being an entrepreneur?
– What does it take to be an effective CEO?

He went to cooking school in Italy.


Neil Thall was the CEO for Acsis responsible for Acsis corporate strategy and execution of the company’s goals. His approach to building a successful and sustaining organization is based on several tenets; customer service, employee satisfaction, and thought leadership. Mr. Thall brings more than 30 years of experience in the retail industries focused on distribution, technology, forecasting and executive management roles at leading software and service organizations.

Neil Thall was EVP, Strategy for LogFire, a software startup that consults in logistics operations and systems, and also provides its proprietary SaaS WMS. Mr. Thall has been an advisor to the founders and joined LogFire to assist in development and implementation of its growth strategy.

Neil was also the CEO of NT2, a supply chain consulting firm specializing in retail and suppliers to retail. He is widely recognized and respected in the retail industry, as well as speaking and writing frequently on supply chain issues.

Thall was previously CEO of Aldata Solution, Inc., with responsibility for North American operations. With more than 22 years of retail and supply chain management experience joining Aldata in January 2004, Thall served as executive vice president for five years at Manhattan Associates. For the last three years of his tenure, Thall was responsible for global operations, including the company’s consulting and implementation practices, which grew over 120% during a slump in the technology and services industries.

Prior to Manhattan Associates, Thall was president of Neil Thall Associates (NTA), a software and consulting firm he founded to develop advanced forecasting and replenishment software, using neural network and other sophisticated statistical techniques, to enable Supply Chain integration between manufacturers and retailers.

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