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Jeremy Weisz  7:58  

So industries, you serve a lot of different types of industries. What industries do you help with, I want to start with with femtech Oh,

Monika Mikowska  8:05  

your friends, we are now we are getting into FEM tech. I’m not sure if you’re aware what FEM tech means because it’s a pretty much new new word. FEM Tech is a shortcut from feminine tech feminine technology, which means a niche in the market, which serves digital solution, not only digital solutions, but aimed on on on women, especially in the health segment. So you can also imagine that FEM Tech is a part of digital health segment, we we work with at least one of the Polish startups who want to change what do they do? Who wants a quantum to change the way of breast cancer diagnosis, right, so they are introducing they’re working on a new machine, which could be placed in a common area of public public places. So so you can know so women can think that the way of taking care of themselves is will be a lot more easier than making an assignment to the doctor waiting for the assignment. Imagine that that kind of that kind of that kind of solution can be placed in a in a in some kind of market or or shopping mall. So it’s really easy accessible so we can just when you when you buy a letter and have your own letter, the next 15 minutes you can stand in the let’s say short line to guess you’re not cancer diagnosis, but just just do it. Just do it as a just do it that easy when you go for a shopping mall,

Jeremy Weisz  9:51  

make it a seamless process for people to get this care or they just won’t get it or do you help

Monika Mikowska  9:56  

that? So that’s one thing making this process you Oh, more accessible, that’s one thing, but then, you know, reducing the, the stress around, you know, that and also how it’s conducted. Now normally, you know, because now you need to wait a couple of days or even a few weeks to get your results. Yeah, what they do what I always do as, as, as also reducing the time that you need to wait for, for your tests. And they also provide a different kind of service afterwards. Right. So, so yeah, so this is one of the examples of the startups which is aimed on helping women. But also, we used to work with a lot of banks, especially in Poland ball. So I remember a great project with arabic bank bank. So different See, we helped them design their mobile application. We also work with insurance company. I wouldn’t like to limit to the industry because because the truth is that we can help almost every everyone who who is aware of the significance of the user user experience design, you know, because this is our, our target group, people, managers, directors of innovative departments, who are aware how beneficial user experience, design and research is for for their projects, right? So, so mainly we work with corporations with UX departments, so we can add, add value to the team, or even outsource part of the team to their team to help them scale up their projects, right. So when they are, when they’re having lack of employees inside their internal team, they can reach out to us and say, Hey, Moby Dick, can you give us three more people to the team, let’s say two user, experience designers, one researcher, and we are always ready to help we can, we can really fast implement and invite or put our team to their team to start working together from day one, right? So so this is basically

Jeremy Weisz  12:22  

are your clients all over the world? Are they mostly in Eastern Europe? Where are your clients, mostly

Monika Mikowska  12:28

in Poland, mostly in Poland, but let me use this opportunity to say hello to two other countries because right now we are looking for especially for partners, all over the world, agencies like us, that are serving similar projects, similar customers, so we can partners with them and help them to serve their clients. Right. But as for now, we serve mostly Polish clients, but but we would love to go global. So So yeah, so I’m giving a shout out to everyone that could help it applies,

Jeremy Weisz  13:05  

you know, the principles that you do apply to any website anywhere in the world. And talk about for a second Monika the things you’ve done some things for in for the Ukraine situation.

Monika Mikowska  13:18  

That’s a that’s a great topic. Yeah. Because yeah, I’m a member of your Poland and your Poland has done a lot. For for for again, what have you seen? Well, yeah, for what I have seen, and we actually started to work not to work to help people to help refugees from day one, you know, because we had I would say that we have only two choices right? As just the Ukrainian start to flees into Poland, there were two options either we walk away, you know, pretend that we don’t see what’s happening or either we started helping them from day one, right. So few members from Poland just get rid of their their work, just past they are working from from from for their companies and started to organize help on site in Poland in many, many in many, many ways, you know, not only to transport Ukrainian refugees from Poland to further European countries, but also to provide them food products that they use on a daily basis like you know, a toothbrush place to sleep you know, like super super simple things just to help them to survive for a couple of first days after escaping from from you Korean so, so yeah, if I can share also some kind of more materials that you can add or how can you support because also you’re pulling this is having is organizing a fund. So if For you guys, you guys want to share we want to help. Oh, cool, thank you very much. Yeah, so if you if you want to support you can just you know, do it as easy as possible, you know, you can just click the link and

Jeremy Weisz  15:14  

where do people go for that? Where people don’t like a link is there a link? You mean to contribute?

Monika Mikowska  15:22  

Yeah, I mean I can give you the link I can give you the link for the website and on the website you can go buy a packages let’s say five packages for recruiting refugees 10 packages for recruiting refugees so you can know exactly specifically what are how are you helping what what how your money will be used you know what we will buy actually for your money right so this is super not only simple but super specific you know super and you’re really well well informed so we can know how really can you help Ukrainian refugees

Jeremy Weisz  15:55  

what have you seen or experience what sticks out to you with from personal experience from what’s going on there? Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Monika Mikowska  16:06  

You know, um, as a poll I would say I used I feel safe in my country that’s one super important thing because I also heard that many of my friends are afraid to travel to Poland because we are so so close to to the war but I can assure you guys that life is as normal as it used to be but definitely opponents the country will change my become a bilingual I think, because I’m living in Warsaw and I see that there are many more cars with the Ukrainian place on the streets, I can hear you Korean language in shops and malls, you know, every public places. Me personally, I’m looking for a new apartment new flats for renting and I’m having a really huge difficulties in finding one I have been searching for two months now. I have only three more weeks to go. But finding a flat in the worst though is super difficult. Right now. So yeah, so definitely life life has changed. But you know, I can only keep my fingers crossed for all this all these people who are trying to rebuild their lives here here in Poland right. And I’m super proud of Polish people who really are helping them to make that happen. You know, I cannot imagine how they are feeling how stressful they are, you know how I have a couple of conversation with with Ukrainian people and they are really real terrified, you know, and really anxious of what’s going on. So I cannot even imagine myself being in their shoes. So what I can only do I can spread the word that your opponent is helping you know your opponent has the fun if you want to support just just just do it. And they are your polling members who actually are personally engaged personally involved and the cane can offer some specific help to the refugees.

Jeremy Weisz  18:13  

Well thank you for all you’re doing in your company and also for Ukraine, where what’s your website? Where can people learn more and check out you on on the web?

Monika Mikowska  18:23  

My website is How do you spell

Jeremy Weisz  18:35  

Check it out. Thank you Monika. Thanks everyone.