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Matt Geddie is coFounder of Skinny and Company. They sell Coconut Oil products that have its origins in the jungles of Vietnam. They bootstrapped the company to over 800K in revenue per year and have a special patent pending technology on how they extract the coconut oil.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:11] Jeremy’s introduction of today’s guest, Matt Geddie.
  • [1:28] The lowest moment Matt has experienced as an E-commerce vendor.
  • [3:27] The proudest moment Matt has experienced.
  • [4:19] How Matt got attention at their most successful trade show.
  • [5:41] The power of a unique product story.
  • [6:09] Why “Skinny and Company” as a brand name.
  • [7:10] Final advice for E-commerce businesses.

In this episode…

What would you do if you had your biggest day of product sales ever – 11000 orders – and the next day discovered that you couldn’t fulfill those orders?

That is exactly what happened to today’s guest, Matt Geddies, founder of Skinny and Company,  a manufacturer of coconut oil products that are taking the market by storm. On this episode you were going to hear that story, how they overcame that crushing news, and how they’ve moved forward to dominate their space in the industry.

Crushing it at a trade show and the power of a compelling product story.

It’s easy to create a product. It’s easy to sell it. But it’s not easy to create a compelling story behind the product that motivates people to purchase it and remain loyal customers. Matt and his team experienced their greatest success at a recent trade show where their product became one of the most in-demand items in the convention hall. He says that the secret was simply telling the story of the product and standing back to take the orders as they came in.

Does your product have a compelling story? If not, how can you position it in a way that the story behind it rises to the surface? These are the things today’s guest, Matt Geddie recommends to E-commerce businesses that want to take the next step toward making their company shine. You can hear Matt’s story and his advice on this episode.

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