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Eytan Wiener is co-founder and COO of Quantum Networks, founded with Ari Zoldan and Jonathan Goldman. They grew from 0 to $30million in sales in just under 4 years.  They sell items such as wireless routers, signal boosters, hard drives and much more. It all started with Eytan and 2 friends in a cubicle.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:41] Jeremy’s welcome and introduction to this episode with guest Eytan Wiener, co-founder of Quantum Networks.
  • [1:22] Eytan’s background in dental school and his motivations for initially pursuing that career.
  • [2:47] Some tips you can implement to boost your business.
  • [4:43] The main channel people should be thinking about.
  • [6:12] What was working early on?
  • [9:54] What was working for you with SEO and online to gain customers?
  • [18:12] Some surprises for Eytan as far as conversion.
  • [22:30] Talk about the checkout process – what do you do to optimize that?
  • [33:57] What can you do without redoing your whole site to make it easier to use on a mobile device?
  • [39:40] Tips on pricing products.
  • [46:12] What are some things you look for in what to sell next?
  • [50:40] What else works as far as increasing the dollar value of a customer who is shopping for something else?
  • [52:12] Some examples of a value add that customers respond to.
  • [54:19] What’s your process for dialing in tech support in order to add value to the customer.
  • [58:47] Some things you can do outside of your website to improve quality and sales.
  • [01:13:22] Discussing the process of hiring and one of Eytan’s favorite hires for the company.
  • [01:24:41] What was the biggest gamble you’ve taken with products?
  • [01:28:32] What were some of the challenges early on compared with today?
  • [01:33:45] What’s your biggest challenge today?
  • [01:42:40] What makes a company decide to release numbers publicly?
  • [01:46:16] How to connect with Eytan.
  • [01:47:11] What do you see in the future for the company?

In this episode…

From the early days of being 3 friends in a cubicle to running a multi-million dollar company, Eytan and his partners have gained a lot of insight into what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to growing a business. Throughout this chat with Jeremy, Eytan shares tips and strategies, obstacles, wins, and much more. With an impressive evolution from idea born in a cubicle to planning for what will certainly be a hugely successful future, it’s clear Quantum Networks is here to stay.

Eytan discusses how the Quantum team decided which channels to focus on – and how that’s changed through the years. He also gives insight into why it’s essential to focus on checkout efficiency and offers a tip that can help your business gain the edge over the competition. Eytan goes on to discuss some of the early products Quantum offered and the evolution they’ve seen in terms of product offerings.

Eytan shares one of his key strategies for attracting customers: content. He discusses why posting quality content helped them in the early days to gain customers and grow as a business. Eytan also talks about the value of continuing to focus on content, even after you’ve found success.

In closing, Eytan and Jeremy discuss some early challenges for Quantum, as well as the biggest gamble they took in early on. Eytan also shares the biggest challenge they faced in the beginning, along with their biggest challenge today. Even with a few bumps in the road, there’s no doubt Quantum has found their niche and they continue stand above the rest.  Eytan shares actionable tips and valuable insight to help other ecommerce businesses gain the edge.

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