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Marcia Dawood is an investor who has invested in over 200 early-stage private companies. She’s also a Venture Partner with Mindshift Capital. Mindshift Capital is a global, women-run venture firm investing in notable women-led companies solving big problems with sophisticated solutions.

Marcia is also part of the Investment Committee for the Next Wave Impact Fund, serves as a Board Member and Advisor to Zive and Misfits Bakehouse, and is an Activator for SheEO. Marcia currently serves as Chair of the Board of the Angel Capital Association.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Marcia Dawood got into investing
  • The journey so far as a female investor in a male-dominated industry
  • Why Marcia became one of the many angel investors for Cognition Therapeutics
  • How Marcia chooses a company to invest in
  • Don’t create a solution looking for a problem: here’s what to do instead
  • Asking customers can make all the difference for your startup
  • Mistakes to avoid when reaching out to angel investors
  • What Marcia learned from her business partner
  • Preventing scary diseases
  • What it means to activate your money
  • A lesson from Desert Angels

In this episode…

Angel investing is a risky asset class, and financial advisors often discourage putting in more than five to 10% of your net worth — and they are right. But many entrepreneurs either do not know this or do not factor it into their plan when contacting angel investors. So, these entrepreneurs see angel investors as always ready to write a check. After all, that’s what they do, right?

Nothing could be farther from the truth. From the invaluable experience and skills they bring to the vast network of willing helpers in their circle, there’s more to angel investing than writing checks. Beyond money and business, they also have access to tech, tools, and research to live a healthy life and advocate the same for others. All that and more make for smart and healthy angel investing. Want to learn more?

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz, featuring Marcia Dawood, Venture Partner with Mindshift Capital and Chair of the Board of the Angel Capital Association. They discuss Marcia’s journey as a female angel investor, her investment strategy, mistakes entrepreneurs should avoid when contacting angel investors, preventing scary diseases, and more.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz 0:19

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here founder of where I talk with inspiration entrepreneurs and leaders today is no different Marcia Dawood of Mindshift Capital and Chair of the Board of the Angel Capital Association. Marcia, before we get started I always like to mention other people that people’s check out on the podcast you know and so since this is in the spirit of top women leaders and Andrea Heuston she’s founder of and she runs The Lead Like a Woman Show actually Marcia you’ve been amazing guests on that so and she runs our Artitudes Design. Dame Stephanie Shirley incredible story book in she wrote the book, Let It Go. She was a child refugee at age five they sent her parents sent her off because of the Holocaust just to live with a random family that she that they did not know just to save her. She became she forged a path for not only women but the whole computing industry. She ended up giving away more than 67 million pounds she’s from you know the UK to charity in her you know, she’s still around and alive and kicking. Holly Lyman of Wild Tonic one of my favorite Ken Bucha brands and many more check it out on This episode is brought to you by Rise25 and at Rise25 we help businesses give to and connect to their dream 100 relationships. And how do we do that we help you run your podcast. You know, for me, Marcia, the number one thing in my life is relationships. I’m always looking at ways to give to my best relationships. And I found no better way to do that over the past decade to have the people and profile their company and their story on my podcast so that everyone else can learn from them and hear about it as well. So if you’ve thought about a podcast, you should and if you have questions, you’re going to Feel free to ask us anything. John and I have both been doing it for over a decade now. So happy to answer anything that you have. And Marcia has a podcast which we’ll talk about as well. And I am really excited to introduce Marcia Dawood has invested in over 200 early stage private companies in addition to her own investing she’s also a venture partner with Mindshift Capital Mindshift Capital is a global women run venture firm investing in amazing women led companies solving big problems with sophisticated solutions and she is part of the Investment Committee for the next wave Impact Fund. If that she wasn’t busy enough. She also serves as a Board Member and Advisor to Zive. Zive, Misfits Bakehouse. SheEO is an organization Marcia also actively supports and she currently serves as the Chair of the Board of the Angel Capital Association. Marcia, thanks for joining me.

Marcia Dawood 3:04

Oh, thanks for having me. Happy to be here.

Jeremy Weisz 3:06

And, you know, how did you get into investing? And it started with your husband?

Marcia Dawood 3:13

Right? Yeah. So it was one of those things that he came home one day and said, Hey, I got invited to this angel investing meeting by this friend of mine at work, and I’m like, What’s angel investing? And so we go to the meeting, and I find out a little bit about it. And I was just fascinated, I would was watching these entrepreneurs. And I was like, wow, I had been in corporate America for at that point, like, you know, 12 years. And I ended up staying for a couple more years even after that. And here I am watching these entrepreneurs talk about these amazing ideas that they were having. And I just thought, wow, I really, I like this. I think I need to see more of this and get more involved.