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Kim Walsh Phillips 7:49
You mentioned how to get 10,000 fans and there’s some major strategy behind that, but I’d love to talk about for a second.

Jeremy Weisz 7:57
Go ahead. Yeah,

Kim Walsh Phillips 7:58
rock it out. So And it still works. By the way, if you don’t have followers on your page, you can get a free workshop at it’s actually cheaper now than ever, you can get fans in for half a cent apiece right now, because advertising is less expensive now than it ever has been before. But there’s a whole strategy behind that. So there is, um, I, I will tell you that my favorite thing in the world to talk about is not Facebook fans, yet. I talk about all the time. Why? Well, there’s two reasons. One is my audience needs many things. But the thing that they’re looking for right now is leads, they want leads and they want audience, that’s what they’re looking for. So that’s how I reach them. And that’s what I give them. It’s not a surprise that my two major evergreen funnels start with how to get Facebook followers and how to grow an email list. Those are my two major evergreen webinars that I run, because that’s what my audience wants. And so once they come in via that Concept right? Then I can help them with all sorts of things. But I can’t help them with anything else if I can’t get them to pay attention in the first place. So all of you are putting messages out there, pick one thing clear over clever one thing that your audience wants right now. And that’s what you focus on, not about you not about all the things you can do for them. But what’s one thing they want right now, second thing is the reason why these strategies work so well in my marketing is because they get a quick win right away, right away. And for many of them, it’s not even that, like they see that it works. They see that what I showed them how to do work, it’s that they can start believing in themselves, because for many of them, they tried lots of marketing things before, and it probably wasn’t their fault that it didn’t work. It probably was a terrible strategy that wasn’t totally proven out. Maybe it worked for some guru for a week or so they taught it and this no longer works anymore. And the person you The entrepreneur had no success with it. Well, they question themselves to say, can I ever make anything in marketing work? why our strategy works so well is because they get to see within an hour, something they tried produced a result. And now they think, okay, okay, I might be able to do this, I might be able to follow a blueprint and not just take action but have action that results in something. So I encourage everyone to think about what is a quick win your target market can get from the very beginning of working with you so that you can utilize in order to build trust with them give value to them before asking them to buy anything and also help them to believe in themselves a little bit. The book is chock full of strategies like this I am someone who am really like it’s impossible for me to just go on a show, be in a book or anything without giving a step by score strategy you’ll be able to pull from Immediately so guaranteed every single chapter has a strategy in it that you can take right now and put into practice inside your business. But one of my favorite ones are about Lewin Tammy Santini so they are travel agents and as you can imagine, it’s a challenging industry to be in right now. And but it always has been right because for a long time, people didn’t believe that they needed a travel agent in order to book travel. And so he travel agents were suffering. Well, Tammy uncovered a niche within travel that would not only not require her to worry about when the next job was coming in, but also would survive something like a pandemic. Okay, so she started specializing in destination weddings. Now destination weddings will be one of those few travels that they weren’t canceled. They were postponed all other travel agents whose role is another yo

Jeremy Weisz 11:58
unless you know quarantining with someone there like this is off too much as a person. But yes, I would agree with,

Kim Walsh Phillips 12:06
but also expect that there are some babies coming and we got some new

Unknown Speaker 12:11
plan. So there’s that going on.

Kim Walsh Phillips 12:15
Yeah, so he had that set up, they had that in place, and they started putting that in place in their business. Well, she grew her company to multiple six figures just with destination weddings, right? And because now you’re planning the wedding, guest travel and it’s much more profitable. And the Commission’s that these resorts pay is much better than other kinds of travel, you can book yourself. So she started coaching others on how they could start that so all she did was a weekly Facebook Live, that she could start sharing tips and strategies to other travel agents on how they can start to pivot to destination weddings. Then when everything happens in the world as of late She pivoted again to giving survival guide of how to get your brides to postpone instead of cancel, how to still get clients right now even with everything going on in the world, because she had established her audience already, she was able to communicate with them quickly, even within the chaos that was going on right now. Also because she had put aside in comments or business for coaching. When her tricks went down, she had other income coming in. So she’s also showed her folks how to do that too. So she leverages the free channel that we’re using right now with Facebook Live to reach her audience and uses it also to create new leads because people are tuning in to find out how they can do what she did inside her own business.

Jeremy Weisz 13:46
That’s really smart. Um, it’s funny because Kim I’ve gotten to postpones of destination weddings that I’ve been invited to in the past week. So yeah, um, how I mean, product market fit and Finding a niche that is really perfect that I mean that’s like a head slap wow that makes perfect sense when you say that How did she figure out that destination weddings was the the niche she should really go deep on

Kim Walsh Phillips 14:14
they had already had some success with sandals and some other resorts that are popular for that type of event. And they had unlocked she’d gotten some awards from them for being one of their higher sales people. And so or travel agents if they don’t call it sales with with the travel agents who basically just had a vacation for them. And so they realized that if they just spent more time focusing on that, how could they be more profitable and smartly they saw Okay, well how can we sell more than one vacation at one time and that would be through doing event vacations which would be your destination weddings.

Jeremy Weisz 14:51
I love it. Wow. And I want to just go back to the Facebook you know and you said something half a cent per fan. What was that?

Kim Walsh Phillips 15:02
Yeah. Yeah, it’s amazing because of the more eyes that are on Facebook right now. Um, according to Facebook, as of April 1, that Facebook usage was up 70% 70%, right. And we know that there was already 8 billion views of Facebook videos on Facebook a day as of October of 2019. And now we’re up 70% in viewership, like there’s so many people consuming content, they’re on there, they want more, but then there’s less businesses producing content. So there’s more eyes less competition, and there’s such a huge opportunity. So we’ve actually changed the 10,000 fans strategy over the years, you can now actually target more qualified fans from the very beginning, going to a more global audience and you’re able to reach them for one cent to half a cent each and I have this Running on my page right now. I’m doing I’ve got Snow Average schefren. He just launched his campaign a couple weeks ago. It’s working incredibly well. I’ve had multiple students email me in the last week, we’re getting our numbers in for less than a penny apiece per fam.

Jeremy Weisz 16:15
Wow, that’s amazing. And they can they can find out more at that website

Unknown Speaker 16:22
Yep. Okay.

Jeremy Weisz 16:22
You know, and I will personally attest to it, john, and I were like, Is this true? Can this really work? We are. We did it. And I think at this point, we have over 55,000 fans, and they’re real fans, real people. It’s not like fake fake people or anything. And and we’re at 10,000. I’m like, John, keep running it. They keep running it 20,000 Jeremy, can we keep running it keep running it so we should probably turn it back on. But it really works. It’s amazing.

Kim Walsh Phillips 16:54
Turn it back on. For sure. Yeah, I would actually make me switch it. Don’t just turn it back on. Watch the latest video, it’s about 10 minutes long, just do it the new way, because you’ll get even better results

Jeremy Weisz 17:06
within Yep, yeah, I can we buy all your stuff, we use all your stuff, and so appreciate it. We’ll definitely do that, um, any iOS things stick out, you know, back to the no BS guide to social media marketing. What some great advice you’ve gotten from Dan Kennedy or a favorite Dan Kennedy story. And if anyone No, it doesn’t know, Dan Kennedy, you know, check out his books and in the stuff that he’s done with Kim, but he when you track back a lot of people how they started in direct response marketing. The common source oftentimes is Dan Kennedy.

Kim Walsh Phillips 17:42
Yeah, for sure. Like the greatest people you’re learning from right now. I’ll come back to him. And that’s amazing. And there’s so many lessons that I got from him that are allowed us to grow our company and launch our other things and all the I mean, it’s really amazing one The things that I got from him That was one of my earliest lessons I learned that has helped me so well in social media and this is something that is good for everyone watching. He said the higher up the flagpole, you go and use a different word but I’m going to say touch the higher up the flagpole you build, the more your touches exposed. And I’m, I had somebody criticize me on social it was years ago. But once I started following them, I thought, ooh, I made it. And it’s a much different reaction that Oh, gosh, why did they think that about me and it actually helped me to disconnect from the naysayers. And he is such an amazing example of someone who stands for something and is willing to have people not agree with them, so that he can have raving fans who follow all that he says, and from the very beginning, I knew I’m going to stand for something I’m going to be controversial in some way. And I’m going to be okay with people not being okay with it. Because if you’ve tried it Everybody everything for everybody here nobody that everybody right and so that was one of the greatest lessons I got from the very beginning. It’s funny because he’s going to be a guest on our on the show launch day on a live party. And I still had a fax them.

Jeremy Weisz 19:15
I was gonna say he’s he’s going to be a guest through a fax machine. How’s that?

Kim Walsh Phillips 19:19
Right? I’m recording it, he’s just gonna be on audio and but he’s still doing it, which is great. He’ll be calling in instead of doing it on camera and which is all fine, but he still has stuck to who he is and his brand, no matter what. And he has. That in itself is such a huge lesson because, of course, it would have been easy for him to give men of course, it would have been easy for him to find other ways to do things but he has stuck true to who he is since the very beginning. And that’s been That’s amazing. And I love that he’s willing to stand for something at all times and how that has created a raving fan. I’ve been with him for decades.

Jeremy Weisz 20:03
You know, how do you feel he shaped the book itself, the no BS guide to social media marketing, there’s certain input that he gives or certain stories that he wanted to make sure were included

Kim Walsh Phillips 20:13
in his need for tracking ROI and measurement, I think makes it an even better story and even better book because when people think of social media, often they don’t think about it, right. It’s a free resource that you can anybody can get in front of, and you can start posting without worrying about the ads, then like you would if you did direct mail or television advertising, so there’s so terrible marketing on social, let’s be real, like 87% of businesses who are on there, have no trackable ROI, because there aren’t doing anything to be able to track it. And so his need for measurement and the stories that he tells within the book that don’t didn’t have any or required it are such a great thing. example of how businesses can do social completely wrong, and in other ways how they can get it done completely right. So one of the things he talks about his ford motor cars, how they for years did social marketing, but they didn’t track any ROI. Then they stopped advertising because they didn’t see the correlation. But they started to see their sales decline. So when they came back to social they started actually putting tracking in place which let them decide adspend based on data analysis versus just guessing and that way too many people guess when it comes to ad spend on social when they could truly be tracking it from the beginning. Hmm.

Jeremy Weisz 21:41
You know, Kim, so shout out to Andy Hassan was an amazing person individual. He said great stuff. I’d like to know the first steps to start leveraging Facebook pages for building a brand and if you have any advice around that

Kim Walsh Phillips 21:54
first step would be definitely for leverage Facebook Live. You have a free content a platform that will be distributed with organic traffic right now like never before we can net will never be able to go back to this time with a member when Facebook which there are content for free with others. Like it’s going to be a time where we both look at this like a daydream. And right now they’re doing it more than they ever had before. If you haven’t gone live before, go to a great website called That’s look up your topic. See the questions people are asking because what that website does is shows you the questions people are asking in Google right now about your topic area. Okay. You’re going to go there, find the questions people are asking and you’re going to start going live once a week, twice a week, three times a week as you just be consistent, okay? And then you will be able to retarget those people. That’s what’s so cool about this. Let me show you how it’s been go. You’re going to do your facebook live simply answering the questions people are asking already. Now If you’ve never been in before, you’ve simply been saying, Hey, I’m starting a Facebook Live series because now more than ever, it’s important that we stay connected. Bam, that’s your first reason why you get on they started doing it. What Facebook does is, every time you do a live, it creates this tiny invisible audience for you that you can then go back to. So if you’ve been doing this before this list is sitting there inside Facebook is waiting for you. You can do that right now you can go into your ads manager and create a custom audience made up of people who have viewed your videos. Now you can spend $5 a day just targeting people who’ve already shown Okay, they like your stuff. They’re interested in your topic. They see you as an expert. They’re much more likely to work with you give them then on that retargeting ad, some kind of free gift, join your list, some one page PDF, one quick video, one free funnel they can download whatever it is that you do. Give them something The value so that when you meet you, they’re like, hey, they actually offer valuable content. Now they’re on your list. Now you don’t have to pay Facebook anymore to reach them. And you could communicate with them on an ongoing basis. But I was just starting out, that’s how I would start, it’s free. Then when you’re spending money, it’s super tiny adspend. And you have the opportunity to grow even more from there. And on the flip side, I know a lot of people are like, really nervous about getting online. Never did it before. That’s typically the reason why people say like, I know I should, but I have it. Here’s the thing. Courage is when we move forward, even when we’re scared. And so what I’m asking you to do is to have courage, because the message that you could share with somebody else is more important than the worry you have of what they’re gonna think about you. None of us like how we sound or look online. Like none of us like But I know the words I have to say right now matter more because of the difference they can make to the people hearing it, then anyone who might criticize me for any other reason. So if you have something that can help somebody right now, and you have the platform in your hands that you can share it on, today is the day not like, okay, maybe I’ll start tomorrow. No, no, no, today is the day that you first go live and share that message with others. That’s all you have to do is the first time and over time it will continue to get easier over and over again. And for free. Facebook will make a list for you. So when you’re ready to start spending money on your business, you have that exact audience you can start targeting.

Jeremy Weisz 25:42
Boom, Mic drop. Thanks, Kim. That was awesome. Yeah, um, and you could fall in what I love about how you think is I’m looking forward to getting the book. When it comes. Wait, is it did it come out Tuesday or is it comes out and it comes out next? Tuesday? Okay. Yeah, cuz you You really, truly do a step by step you don’t leave gaps for question, you know, like, oh, how do I get from here to here? It’s really a step by step and you just laid it out essentially. Just now for Thanks, Andy for the question and I’ve never not heard of that site before. But that’s an amazing resource that we should all utilize. You know, it’s funny. So, Kim Dan Kennedy, you’ve also spoken to Kevin O’Leary’s group, I feel like very both have kind of similar personas. I wonder some of the things you were able to do with his group and some of his advice from and if you don’t know if you’ve not watched the hit TV show Shark Tank. That’s where Kevin O’Leary is is one of the sharks.

Kim Walsh Phillips 26:45
Yes, Mr. Wonderful. So this is an insider tip. So we, a group of us entrepreneurs, one an opportunity to get advice from Kevin O’Leary. And so we checked together and paid for him his speech Bates to come and hang out with us for the day. And so we chipped in it together, we had him for the day. And he went around the room to find out about our businesses. And I chimed in with all of my numbers of my company. And he said, What is that you do? And I said, social media. So wait, what your social media person who knows her numbers, that Yep. And we connected there. I ended up getting not only him as a client, but became a coach to all of his entrepreneurial investments, which was amazing. And what’s fantastic about him, just like Dan is that tracking and measurements important, he’s going to spend money on the things that will generate an ROI. And it was the ability to cut through all the clutter and actually get to the heart of scaling with trackable measurement. That was amazing. But on the flip side, which was also really cool as, as someone who’s in this space, I could get too much up in like the jargon things, or the complicated strategies or tips. And one of the things that I always try to do, because my target market are amazing business owners who own incredible companies who haven’t yet scaled their business online, digitally, that’s really my audience, right? They own a business, they don’t really know how to scale digitally. I’ve got to keep my content at a beginner level, like smart people who just don’t know how to do this stuff. And so I gotta keep it real all the time. And so that’s one of my, one of my missions. His folks, the folks that have successfully gotten investments on Shark tanks, no, most of them know nothing about social media and the opportunities that exists when it comes to advertising. And so it actually allowed me to go back to beginner and basic things to explain things like you can track a pixel and you can track ROI, you can scale accordingly. You can follow up with people because most of the marketing companies out there had sold these guys things that was just based on awareness that had no measurement in place. And so even even companies that are working with someone who gets the numbers, they don’t know what they don’t know. And so it’s one of those things that I find super helpful to stay in touch with the what? To go back in time before you knew all the things. What at that point of view, so you can keep your content much more level for your people that you’re trying to attract

Jeremy Weisz 29:29
with the Kevin O’Leary. Are there any specific favorite case stories or case studies that from working with him or his companies?

Kim Walsh Phillips 29:38
Yes, Snarky Tea is my favorite. Jane Lynn Williams. It’s hysterical tea also. So if you want to check her site out, they’re very funny. What is it called? What’s the website?, like her tea names is wake the f up like that’s hard to tease her name. And she was the first teat company everyone started I got an investment. She got it when she was on on the show and she was eight months pregnant. And she got an investment from Kevin O’Leary and Bethenny Frankel from New York housewives. So Real Housewives of New York City. So she, um, has leveraged so when we started working together, she had only use social from like a brand, not like a product promotion perspective. And when I was looking at our content on like, your content, so good, like your brand names, your engagement, let’s start bringing your personality more into the marketing. And so she started the first thing we did when we spent a day together is I had to sit on the floor of her closet and we were in a hotel sit on the floor of the closet, I took a picture of her with her laptop and said, Okay, guys, I’m coming out of the closet, I’m going to start sharing more content that’s real and legitimate. And it was like, more of what’s really in my life and it was just her laughing. And from that day on her engagement soared, because people thought I finally have somebody being real with me what it’s like to business and have kids and try to balance it all, and not try to make it to Instagram perfect. And so she started communicating with her audience immediately. And then within two months, I’m like you have raving fans connecting with you. There’s an opportunity here to launch something that they can buy. They want to buy more than just your team. She launched a subscription box program. And within 24 hours she sold out because she created this audience of raving fans that couldn’t wait to work with her. She just did it again. She bought a tea brewing like cold brew tapani. And she put a Kickstarter campaign up there and it was fully funded within 24 hours because she has created this raving fan audience who can’t wait to support her in her business.

Jeremy Weisz 31:47
That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing that. Kim. That’s, you know, a lot of times you have to find your groove I guess you have to put out content before you find out you just need to inject your personality into it, you know, and so you can have probably accelerated that for her, and shine that light on that, um, you know, I want to talk we’re talking about online, you are also a master of offline. Also, I gotten amazing packages from you, you’re just very thoughtful in in what you put out what’s been your favorite offline, like maybe lumpy mail package you’ve sent out

Unknown Speaker 32:23
or received.

Kim Walsh Phillips 32:25
And you’re gonna get one again this week we just shipped today. So we are for the party next week. I like to gift based on unique experiences and opportunities versus just like this thing thing that everybody gets is that you don’t remember about. And so being memorable and standing out, it’s also about making that other person feel special that they matter. So even if simple as a handwritten note, versus sending an email makes a huge difference. But just even start with the email. Like you have people on your show all the time. And I can imagine that there are a whole bunch of People who never even say thank you after you’re on via a simple email like we people just aren’t used to being to thanking others but I have done a lot of really fun gifts. One of the sites I like the best is Neiman Marcus because you can find really cool presence inside their inside their home category and when Neiman does is they give to rapid beautifully. And so it’s an experience even to unwrap the box. So it’s one of my favorite sites to get from. I’ll give you a specific one that I gave to a friend of mine. He’s a chef and he loves to cook for his family. He’s a big pasta nice and I’ve learned that it for him over time. So he gave me this incredible referral that turned into a really big speaking opportunity for me, and I sent him they have this pasta package on there. That’s Dolce and Gabbana pasta pasta package is like 100 bucks, but that’s not crazy. For a thank you gift, right? But it was gorgeous. And it was so different Who would have thought you’d get designer colander of some kind. And it came in an amazing package with a note that said like this, thank you so much for bringing so much joy to me my business, I want this to be joyful for your next family pasta night. And so it was a unique gift wasn’t an effort on my part because I could just go to their site and pick something out. But the way that it came as a gift seems very personable for him. I’ve also done a lot of quote, gifts, those are really good to give people because when you turn their knowledge into a momento for them, so not a quote by me, not my luck, you’ll never find my logo and a gift I give you. It’s always going to be something that is about them and helping them to know how special they were to me and how thankful I am for their time on that. They got it.

Jeremy Weisz 34:48
Hmm. Thanks, Kim. Thanks for sharing that. I know you’re a master at that as well. So I want to make sure we got some of that great info. Um, first of all, Kim, thank you. I have a couple of last questions. But I want to point people towards To check out what you have going on in anything you put out is just jam packed with amazing content so people can take action and get results. So check out the no BS guide to social media marketing with Kim Walsh Phillips and Dan Kennedy, any anywhere else we should point people towards they can also go to as well anywhere else we should point people towards.

Kim Walsh Phillips 35:28
I’m on every single social media channel. Okay, please find me with Kim Walsh Phillips on Facebook on multiple jobs and so if you just put that in on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, wherever you like to connect with people, that’s where you can find me I put out complimentary content all the time. I’m looking to earn your trust give you value and then if you want more, we can work together. But if you just want to hang out and get the free stuff, we love that too. So I would love to connect with all of you there.

Jeremy Weisz 35:59
You know I always ask Kim since inspired Insider, what has been a load moment you had to push through and a proud moment. I wanted to do you know, for you beside a hustle moment, not a you know, we’ll talk about the low mom proud mom as a hustle moment that I still remember from we talked, it was almost five years ago that we are talking about this topic, and I still remember the story. When you were young, and it was your parents anniversary, I wonder if you could quickly tell that story.

Kim Walsh Phillips 36:31
I was 13 and my parents had a big anniversary coming up. And I didn’t have the money to pay for a party because I had no money and have a job. But I thought of a way that I could pay for it by collecting cans and bringing them I lived in New York at the time and they have a deposit per bottle that you can get back and so I went around the neighborhood collecting cans long enough to bet get $95 which of course seemed like everything in the world to me at that time, which gave me enough money to pay for a nice Italian dinner to be catered. And I could take care of the party fees myself. And that’s really just one of many examples of the amazing entrepreneurs that are probably watching right now. Because we all know when you don’t have the resources, that doesn’t mean you say no, that means you get resourceful. And so I’ve definitely, throughout the years use opportunities in front of me to say, What do I want? And how am I going to get it? How can I make this work for me, based on what I have available and what I can put together myself?

Jeremy Weisz 37:31
You inspired the hustle moment, I think this is gonna be like a staple on the show now the Kim Walsh hustle moment, thanks. Um, low point that you push through in your career, like I mentioned the front of the interview, you know, you’ve had very, very successful agencies and products and all this and you make it look seamless and easy, but there has been a journey to that.

Kim Walsh Phillips 38:00
There’s definitely been I’ve had a lot of little moments. One of the worst was that before I knew about direct response, and I had not figured out so many of the things, I had to Hawk my engagement ring to make payroll. And so I’m in the town pawn shop, which I’ve never been in before. And as the guys asking me what I wanted for my rank, I didn’t know that you’re not supposed to give honest answers, right? So like this $10,000 ring that I got 1300 dollars for just so I can make payroll. I had that moment I had a time where I got a letter from my bank saying they weren’t going to cover my overdraft protection anymore while I was home with my newborn baby and I didn’t know how I was going to do it. Like there was been a lot of moments that we’ve held on for dear life. I’ve leaned into my faith and then pulled all of my resources together to get through it. I mean, I was able to grow my agents, literally from declaring bankruptcy at one point to selling it for a really good exit to then growing our coaching company in three years. From zero to making the Inc 5000 list so it These things are possible. It’s about bullheaded determination but not continuing to do things that aren’t working. When something isn’t working, it doesn’t mean working more is the answer more of the thing that wasn’t working before is not the answer. Instead, finding the strategies that have worked from others of people that you’re willing to trade places with, because they’ve had this success that you want, copy what they do find their blueprints, instead of trying to constantly reinvent the wheel so you can actually achieve what you’re trying to accomplish.

Jeremy Weisz 39:34
Kim, why what causes you did not give up in those moments, you know, like you could have given up in any of those points. Like Yep, throw your hands in the air. I had, you know, it’s thanks for sharing that I must have been like, just such I can’t even imagine how, what a tough moment that would be. What goes through your mind at that point, just to keep pushing forward. There’s nothing It doesn’t seem like that’s even an option, not an option for you.

Kim Walsh Phillips 40:00
One thing is that I’ve had in the very beginning, I’ve had people work for me and so I have definitely felt a an obligation to them that they believed enough for me to serve me. And so I’m going to make sure I can always serve them. I definitely got him without payroll myself for months and months and months, and have got deep into debt while I was still paying them never letting them know and that that’s just more of my personality, I think than anything I feel a deep connection obligation to my fellow human man. Whether or not that’s smart business probably isn’t and but I’m not going to change who I am like, I totally accept that about myself. But at the same time at when I sit mentioned my faith, that’s not an accident. I feel literally feel a calling to do what I do that I was put on this earth specifically. And when I got all emotional, I was put on this earth so that there are people out there that won’t go through what I went through. There are people on this earth that woke up today thinking I don’t know if I can do this anymore, but they have something that can change. The world gave a message that literally was the prayer request of somebody who woke up today. And if I don’t show them, how they can tell others their message, they never will. And so I know that that’s why I was put on this earth and so there isn’t an option for me to stop because I believe my Creator created me with that purpose. And so I am driven every single day to reach as many people as I can and tell them how to do it so that they can serve the world in the way that they were created to do it.

Jeremy Weisz 41:28
Thank you. Yeah, totally. On the flip side of proud moment from people actually listen to you and you changing the world and what’s been proud moment for you.

Kim Walsh Phillips 41:39
Opening up that Inc 5000 letter with my two daughters and seeing that I was named for 75 I didn’t live on Facebook because I didn’t know where I’d ranked when it happened, but, uh, getting them and not only were they beside me, but they were beside me right when they came off the bus, which is when I saw that package because I had changed my lifestyle in a way that I be with them every day, got rid of the nanny changed my company and I’m like, I’m going to my company grow, but in a way that allows me to still be there for my daughters and not miss them growing up. So they’re there with me. They’ve come off the bus, I’m present. And we’re opening up this package together and they get to see that their mama ranked 475. And that was one of the happiest, most proud moments in my career.

Jeremy Weisz 42:24
And then your daughter’s What do you feel like they’ve learned from you?

Kim Walsh Phillips 42:29
A lot of things. I mean, my Katie is, I think secretly plotting just make over my company. She’s a drawing on her computer with lots of money coming out of it and a mustache on me. So something’s happening there. But yes, she has learned she could tell you right now she knew that. Since she was five. She hears other people’s speech. She knows there are two things people are most focused on love and money and your messaging needs to tell people how they’re going to get one or the other. So she gets right to the heart right away. Other people Daughter Bella has seen how all the work that has to go involved with being an entrepreneur. She’s not a huge fan of that right now but so she but she gets it that it’s not like one thing or an easy button there’s the many little steps we take in order to have the success that we want. And so it’s been there they’re different right one loves to have like the the shine the spotlight on the other one is more process oriented and introverted. But they both had really fun moments, Lino coming up on stage and saying things and being part of that journey that’s been awesome.

Jeremy Weisz 43:33
You know, Kim, thank you. I want to vote next year. I want to read the book, The no BS guide to love or money with Kimora and Katie. Okay. So I want to read that book in the next year. But thank you everyone. Check out Kim. It’s always amazing to be with you. So thank you.

Kim Walsh Phillips 43:58
Oh, it’s been so great being Your friend and I loved watching your journey and thank you for having me on your show today.