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Ken Glickman is a highly sought after marketing consultant and business coach. He has given over 1200 presentations and trainings on marketing, stress, time management to such companies as GE, Federal Express, Rubbermaid. He has been on CNN, FOX, ABC with Barbara Walters and many more. 

He co-created I power, Time Management Magic, stress busters, and several others.






Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:24] Jeremy’s introduction of Ken Glickman.
  • [1:32] How Ken became interested in hypnosis and the subconscious mind.
  • [5:00] How stress eats away at your body and how you can do 3 things to relieve stress.
  • [9:30] The unhealthy way most people have learned how to breathe.
  • [12:00] How Ken uses memories of good times to teach people how to control their stress levels.
  • [13:42] Ken’s thoughts about using Facebook for marketing testing and targeting.
  • [22:10] How Ken got into martial arts and his advice about getting kids into the discipline.
  • [25:00] Ken’s role as an editor and how it came about.
  • [27:25] How Ken’s seminars came about.
  • [29:36] A big mistake Ken learned from when promoting a seminar.
  • [31:34] How Ken thinks about putting together an effective seminar.
  • [35:08] The easy way to remember the names of people you meet.
  • [36:44] Ken’s story about the power of asparagus (this is good).
  • [42:41] Big lessons Ken has learned from Joe Polish.
  • [48:55] Networking campaigns Ken has run and what he’s learned.
  • [1:00:00] The difficulty of making a pitch to non decision-makers.
  • [1:03:30] Big lessons from Ken’s work at Creative Targets.
  • [1:06:09] How to be firm with people in a nice way.
  • [1:10:40] Lessons learned from working with copywriters.
  • [1:16:40] Ken’s definitions of marketing VS sales.
  • [1:23:47] The biggest marketing mistakes people make.
  • [1:27:20] How do you break out of patterns of doing what you’ve always done.
  • [1:29:40] Time management advice from Ken.
  • [1:37:40] Why most people struggle to say “No” and how to ask the right questions to help you say it when you need to.
  • [1:35:00] One of Ken’s lowest moments in business and how he pushed through it.
  • [1:45:40] Ken’s proudest moments.
  • [1:50:03] How you can get connected with Ken.
  • [1:51:38] The biggest lessons Ken has learned from his wife.

In this episode…

What could happen in your business or current project if you were able to tap into the insights of the last 30 years of marketing expertise and were able to mine out the actionable things you could do to create tremendous success?

In this episode you’re going to get a slice of that kind of actionable expertise as Jeremy chats with Ken Glickman.

Among the positions Ken has held over the years are Managing Editor and Consumer Editor of Bottom Line Personal, the world’s largest circulation consumer newsletter; Vice President of Marketing and Sales for the parent company, Boardroom, Inc.; Executive Vice President of Creative Targets, Inc., a marketing and promotional firm specializing in the college market, where he managed accounts with IBM, Pontiac, Citibank and Zenith; and Director of Educational Services for the Greenwich Institute for American Education.

Ken co-created the I-Power, Time Management Magic, Stress Busters, and Secrets for Success seminars. He’s an in-demand speaker and has spoken in well over 1200 venues.

What Ken has to share on this episode is highly actionable.

Ken’s been doing marketing and business consulting for years in a variety of environments. The insights he shares one this episode of Inspired Insider are things you can apply right now in your everyday life and business.

For example: Ken shares that one of the primary things he focuses on when he’s creating a marketing campaign is to take creative ideas to the extreme and then dial it back step at a time until you get to what truly works. His illustration centers around the opening of a new restaurant and beating the Sh** out of somebody passing by. Yes, it’s pretty bizarre, but powerful at the same time. Be sure to listen to get an idea of what Ken’s talking about and to learn how you can apply the concept to your own marketing decisions.

That’s just one example of the many, many stories and examples Ken shares in this engaging conversation.

And Ken can also help you with the stress levels in your world…

One of the first things he shares has to do with the inner workings of the mind and how any person can learn to reduce the levels of stress that continually assault their world. In this episode Ken shares 3 simple techniques you can apply over time to make that happen. This is real stuff if you commit to the practice required to make it a personal discipline.

That’s the kind of actionable stuff Ken shares in this almost-2-hour conversation, woven into personal stories and business lessons he’s been in the midst of throughout the years. You won’t want to miss this conversation.

Ken’s resources and information

  • Ken’s website: (connect for speaking or coaching)
  • 917-306-3098 – call to learn more about Ken.
  • Ken_Glickman(at)msn(dot)com

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