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Joy Gendusa is founder & CEO of PostcardMania. In 1998, it was just Joy with a phone and a computer and now she has more than 200 employees and brings in more than $40 million in revenue annually.

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-What did she do that doubled their revenue?
-How does her no fail hiring system work?

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Listen to this interview with Joy as she talks about how her hustle allowed her to track down money that a client owed her. She also talks about what a fireable offense is in the company. Joy talks about what happened with her building when the recession hit and how she got rid of the naysayers in her life.

FUN FACT: Joy was a high school dropout.

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A little PostcardMania background:
PostcardMania® was founded in 1998 by Joy Gendusa—her only assets a computer and a phone. After being sorely disappointed by a printing company when using them to promote her business, Joy Rockwell Enterprises, she had the bright idea to specialize in postcards and give all her marketing experience away for free. With no start-up money or capital injections of any kind, Joy started PostcardMania as a pilot project. The company has more than 57,103 customers. For 3 chapters in Joys book free click here… PostcardMania Marketing (optin is asked for on that page)

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