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Joshua Boswell is a top direct response marketer and is a secret weapon that technology companies turn to for their marketing success. He has worked with organizations such as Google, Agora Publishing, Perry Marshall, Microsoft,Verizon, and many more. His copy has brought in tens of millions of dollars for his clients.




Joshua and his wife met and were engaged 96 hours later. They married 2.5 months later. They have 11 children. In the mean time, they’ve lived in 6 states and they live in their 16th home.


Joshua Boswell is the secret weapon that technology companies turn to for their marketing success when it comes to breaking into new industries and launching new technologies. Companies like Corel, Sony, Toshiba, and Microsoft have called on Joshua’s copywriting and marketing skills to orchestrate worldwide campaigns.

It’s not just technology companies that rely on Joshua. Currently he has four direct-mail controls in the nonprofit world that continue to mail and produce top results for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Iowa Right to Life, and the Children’s Christian Fund. His proudest moment was working pro bono for a private Christian school. His efforts helped save the school from bankruptcy, and increased enrollments by 300%.

In the changing economic climate, Joshua has begun working almost exclusively with smaller, online companies. Within four months of making this change, he’s increased his own client base and revenues by 300% … without increasing his time commitment. In the end, his copywriting success allows him to spend more time with his wife Margie and their 11 children.

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