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Dr. Jonathan Carp Founded  MiracleNoodle after visiting a friend in Japan. The miracle noodles have zero calories and zero net carbs. The company has sold millions of packs of noodles worldwide and have been featured on Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray and all over the news and media.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

Pre-show banter (this is interesting stuff!)

  • [0:01] What Jonathan’s business does at trade shows.
  • [0:08] What’s in the pipeline for Jonathan and Miracle Noodle.
  • [0:31] Some products Miracle Noodle creates.
  • [1:03] The hardest products to source and produce.
  • [1:45] Keeping quality high for all products.
  • [2:41] This highlight of his last trip to Japan.
  • [3:37] Protecting your ideas in the industry.

Outline of the interview

  • [4:42] Jeremy’s welcome and introduction to this episode with guest Dr. Jonathan Carp.
  • [5:20] Who is Dr. Jonathan Carp? Here’s Jeremy’s introduction…
  • [5:49] How is it possible to create noodles with zero calories and zero net carbs.
  • [6:15] The target market for MiracleNoodle.
  • [7:06] What really works with boosting sales for MiracleNoodle?
  • [7:56] A fun split test they did for MiracleNoodle.
  • [9:35] Analyzing incoming traffic and adjusting targeting accordingly.
  • [10:27] Understanding analytics and how to focus your time where it will make the biggest impact.
  • [11:02] The challenge of segmentation and how to tackle it.
  • [11:53] The MiracleNoodle newsletter and how to create focused, effective content.
  • [14:01] The value of offering educational content in the newsletter.
  • [15:33] The role of retail distribution in MiracleNoodle’s success.
  • [16:54] Networking at tradeshows and how it helps you figure out what works.
  • [20:42] How did Jonathan know MiracleNoodle was ready for retail?
  • [21:20] The biggest challenges Jonathan faced as the business grew.
  • [23:35] Working with family in the business.
  • [25:18] The goals when they attend a tradeshow.
  • [26:42] How to attract attention and gain clients at a tradeshow.
  • [31:49] Mistakes Jonathan wished he had avoided.
  • [33:30] The why behind starting MiracleNoodle and the other businesses Jonathan created in the past.
  • [36:39] The advice Jonathan has received from friends in marketing.
  • [37:56] What did Jonathan want to be when he was young?
  • [41:44] The start of the journey for MiracleNoodle.
  • [46:52] Managing his time when starting the business and still running a busy practice.
  • [48:05] The decision to stop working full time in his medical practice.
  • [48:45] The process of sourcing his own product as the company grew.
  • [49:47] The very first MiracleNoodle product and the evolution of the company from there.
  • [50:17] The milestones of MiracleNoodle.
  • [52:06] Preparing for huge milestones, like being mentioned on Dr. Oz.
  • [55:20] How to set up a call center to support customer service needs.
  • [56:20] Tips for managing virtual staff.
  • [57:54] Finding the right fulfillment company for your needs.
  • [58:45] Other important milestones for the company.
  • [59:28] The evolution of MiracleNoodle products.
  • [1:00:29] The process of launching products.
  • [1:02:15] Other big challenges to look out for.
  • [1:04:22] Tools and technology they use to streamline systems and communication.
  • [1:06:57] Why they decided to switch to Shopify for their shopping cart.
  • [1:07:55] Tips on converting a customer into a subscription customer.
  • [1:09:48] The lowest point in the business for Jonathan and the proudest moment in the business.

In this episode…

Some people were born to bring ideas to life. Dr. Jonathan Carp is such a person. He’s been creating products for much of his life, so it only seems natural that he has created a product that has taken the world by storm. As a physician, Jonathan is passionate about including nutrition as a treatment to autoimmune diseases. So, when he discovered Shirataki noodles, an idea was born. By marrying basic marketing principles with a passion for offering natural, high quality, healthy foods, Jonathan has created a revolutionary product that has reached millions worldwide.

Today’s conversation centers around Jonathan’s ability to understand the market and allow the products to evolve accordingly. He shares the value of analyzing the audience in order to effectively capture the target market and grow the business. The Miracle Noodle line of products is all about healthy, delicious foods that can be enjoyed by anyone – including those with special dietary needs.

The company mission is all about traditional ingredients paired with educational content. The value of this comes from an understanding of the Miracle Noodle audience and customer base. Jonathan shares why you must devote time to understanding your audience and segmenting in order to deliver relevant content.

From retail distribution to fulfillment, Miracle Noodle faced its share of challenges along the way. The important thing in the journey, according to Jonathan, is to always focus on continuous improvements in all areas. It’s this focus on quality in all areas that created the opportunity for such high accolades from Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, and many others.  

This interview with Dr. Jonathan Carp is filled with insight into challenges, key learnings, and major milestones a small business faces as it grows. From the start of the journey through the incredible success Miracle Noodle enjoys today, Jonathan maintains perspective and an understanding of what matters most – happy customers.

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